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Методическая разработка "Сценарий сказки на английском языке "Три Медведя"

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(A fairy-tale)


AUTHOR: Once upon a time there lived in the forest three bears. They lived in a small nice house. They were Father Bear, Mother Bear and a little Baby Bear. Every day they had dinner. They liked porridge and milk.

Three Bears are sitting at the table. They are going to have dinner.

MOTHER BEAR: Let’s have dinner. Take your plate, Father.

FATHER BEAR: Thank you, darling.

MOTHER BEAR: Take your little cup, Baby. Here is some honey.

BABY BEAR: Thank you, Mummy dear. Mother, it is too hot!

FATHER BEAR: Then let us go for a walk.

(Three bears go out of the room.)

AUTHOR: And three bears went out for a walk. They liked to go for a walk to the forest. At that time a little girl named Goldilocks was gathering mushrooms in the forest. She came to the bears` house.


Goldilocks comes in and looks around.

GOLDILOCKS: Whose room is this? I am hungry. I want to eat. Oh, this porridge is too hot for me. Oh, this milk is too cold for me. Oh, this porridge is sweet and tasty. I want to sleep now. What a large bed! It is too hard for me. Oh, this bed is too large for me. Oh! What a lovely small bed! It is the best! I shall sleep here.

AUTHOR: And the girl slept on the nice small bed. It was Baby Bear’s bed.


AUTHOR: The three bears came home. They had a good rest and were very hungry. They wanted to have dinner

(The bears enter the room and take their places at the table.)

FATHER BEAR: My plate is not full! Where is my porridge? Who has eaten from my plate?

MOTHER BEAR: And my cup is not full! Where is my milk? Who has drunk my milk?

AUTHOR: Little Baby Bear looked into his plate and his plate was empty. There was no porridge in his small plate .There was no milk in his cup.

BABY BEAR: My cup is empty. Whо has eaten my porridge?

AUTOR: The three hungry bears wanted to sleep. They went to the bedroom.

(The bears go to the bedroom.)


FATHER BEAR: Oh, look! Dear, my bed! It is in the mess! I can’t find my pillow.

MOTHER BEAR: Oh, God! My lovely bed is broken! Who has done that?

BABY BEAR: Oh, Mummy! What is this? It’s a little Girl. She is sleeping on my bed.

MOTHER BEAR: She has done all that mess!

FATHER BEAR: Let’s eat her up! Catch her!

GOLDILOCKS: No, you won’t eat me up!

(Goldilocks runs away! The Bears try to catch her, but fall down.)

AUTOR: Goldilocks has run away.

MOTHER BEAR: It is your fall, Father. You fell and I fell too.

BABY BEAR: And I fell because you fell. And the little girl has run away

ALL TOGETHER (shaking their heads): Oh! Oh! Oh!

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