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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Методическая разработка. Тренировочные упражнения на тему: "Части тела"
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  • Иностранные языки

Методическая разработка. Тренировочные упражнения на тему: "Части тела"


Методическая разработка

Тренировочные упражнения


Части тела


Body bits

Act the dialogues.


Grandmother lay back on her pillow, a comfortable look on her face.
"I feel much better today," she said. "I don't think my appendix will have to be removed." She beamed happily. "But it was nice of the minister to call and see me."
"Grandma, that wasn't the minister. That was a doctor from the city who examined you."
"Oh," granny replied. "I thought he was a little familiar for a minister."

* * *

Professor: "What kept you out of class yesterday — acute indigestion?" 
Student: "No, a cute engineer."

Exercise 1

Give names for the indicated parts of the head.

1. hello_html_6b223528.gif
2. hello_html_1c4a0c47.gif
3. hello_html_m41f6da4d.gif
4. hello_html_454a7672.gif
5. hello_html_7aad37a1.gif
6. hello_html_232959ce.gif
7. hello_html_m9b1b9fd.gif
8. hello_html_m3d9c7ff3.gif
9. hello_html_m78c54c73.gif
10. hello_html_129a9248.gif
11. hello_html_m77d9fa00.gif
12 hello_html_dafa4fd.gif


Exercise 2

Match each of the following parts of the body with the correct number in the picture below.

1. abdomen -
2. biceps -
3. elbow -
4. hip -
5. palm -
6. thumb -
7. Adam's apple -
8. bottom -
9. forearm -
10. knee -
11. shoulder -
12. toe -
13. ankle -
14. breast -
15. groin -
16. navel -
17. thigh -
18. waist -
19. armpit -
20. calf -
21. heel -
22. nipple -
23. throat -
24. wrist -


Exercise 3

Choose the correct answer.
1. The PUPIL is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif ear 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif stomach 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif eye 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif hand 

2. The SOLE is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hand 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif foot 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif eye 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ear 

3. The CALF is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif leg 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif arm 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif chest 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif head 

4. The WRIST is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hand 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif foot 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif eye 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ear 

5. The IRIS is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hand 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif foot 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif eye 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ear 

6. The HEEL is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hand 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif foot 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif eye 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif breast 

7. The PALM is part of the ....... 

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hand 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif foot 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ear 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif breast 

8. The NIPPLE is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hand 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif foot 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ear 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif breast 

9. The THUMB is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif hand 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif foot 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif head 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif chest 

10. The SHIN is part of the ....... .

hello_html_m391bf301.gif arm 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif leg 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif head 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif breast 

Exercise 4

Give names of the bodily organs indicated in the picture below.

1. hello_html_57262710.gif, 
2. hello_html_57262710.gif, 
3. hello_html_57262710.gif, 
4. hello_html_57262710.gif, 
5. hello_html_57262710.gif, 
6. hello_html_57262710.gif.

Exercise 5

Match the following parts of the body with the Jumbled definitions on the right.

1. kidney -
2. lung -
3. liver -
4. heart -
5. brain -
6. intestine -
7. appendix -
8. tonsils -
9. rib -
10. stomach -
11. jaw -
12. throat -

a. organ in the head which controls thought and feeling
b. long pipe leading from the stomach which takes waste matter from the body
c. two small, fleshy organs in the throat
d. baglike organ in which food is broken down for use by the body
e. one of twenty-four bones protecting the chest
f. one of a pair of organs which separate waste liquid from the blood
g. one of two bony parts of the face in which teeth are set
h. large organ which cleans the blood
i. one of a pair of breathing organs in the chest
j. passage from the back of the mouth down inside the neck
k. short organ of little use which leads off the large intestine
l. organ in the chest which controls the flow of blood by pushing it round the body

Exercise 6

Choose one of the four possibilities that best completes the sentence.

1. He must be terribly strong! Look at his ....... .
hello_html_m391bf301.gif skin 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif limbs 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif muscles 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif nerves 
2. He stood with his hands on his ....... daring me to go past him.
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ankles 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif knees 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif shoulders 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif hips 
3. Every tooth in my upper ....... seemed to be aching.
hello_html_m391bf301.gif chin 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif cheek 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif jaw 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif forehead 

4. When Mary twisted her ankle, John carried her home on his ....... .
hello_html_m391bf301.gif shoulders 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif knees 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif hands 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif arms 
5. His shoes were so old that his ....... were sticking out of them.
hello_html_m391bf301.gif fingers 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif thumbs 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif tips 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif toes 
6. The blind man ran the ....... of his fingers over the box.
hello_html_m391bf301.gif points 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif edges 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif tips 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ends 
7. When people sweat, the liquid comes out through the ....... of the skin.
hello_html_m391bf301.gif veins 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif vents 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif pores 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif holes 
8. The ....... is the main air passage of the body.
hello_html_m391bf301.gif intestine 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif ear 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif windpipe 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif kidney 
9. The main function of the heart is to ....... blood round the body.
hello_html_m391bf301.gif push 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif propel 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif pump 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif walk 
10. Arnold Schwartzeneger has an enormous chest ....... .
hello_html_m391bf301.gif growth 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif swelling 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif expansion 
hello_html_m391bf301.gif inflation

Everyday English. Body Language Awareness.

Exercise 7 a) Match the examples of body language A-J with the messages 1-10.

  1. rubbing your nose

  2. shaking your head

  3. looking at your watch

  4. frowning

  5. making eye contact

  6. nodding your head

  7. yawning

  8. fidgeting

  9. staring

  10. crossing your arms

  1. I don’t understand.

  2. suggests nervousness

  3. I’m being defensive

  4. suggests evasiveness

  5. I’m paying attention

  6. hurry up

  7. I’m bored or tired

  8. shows you disagree

  9. shows you agree

  10. is considered rude

b) Study Dictionary and check your answers. Write them down.

Exercise 8 a) Study Dictionary and check your answers. Write them down.

Positive Body Language to adopt

shaking hands firmly

making eye contact

sitting up straight

paying attention

sitting with both feet on the floor

relaxed posture

keeping hands out of pockets

looking at your interlocutor


nodding in agreement

Negative Body Language to avoid

hiding your hands and palms


slouching in your seat


crossing your arms and legs


looking at your watch

learning towards the door

rubbing your nose

avoiding your interlocutor’s gaze

b) Work in pairs – student A shows examples of body language, student B defines his messages.

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