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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Методическая разработка урока английского языка к учебнику О.В Афанасьевой, И.В. Михеевой, 7 класс, на тему "My Day"

Методическая разработка урока английского языка к учебнику О.В Афанасьевой, И.В. Михеевой, 7 класс, на тему "My Day"

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Урок в 7 классе «My Day»

УМК авторов О.В.Афанасьевой и И.В. Михеевой VII класс;

Учебная цель:

  • Активизация лексики по теме “My Day”.

  • Совершенствование грамматических навыков: употребление в речи Present and Future Indefinite Tense.

  • Развитие навыков устной речи: монологических, диалогических навыков.

  • Формирование орфографических навыков.

  • Развитие навыков аудирования.

Развивающая цель:

  • Развитие умения логически мыслить.

  • Развитие аналитических способностей.

  • Развитие абстрактного мышления.

Воспитательная цель

  • Воспитание умения организовать свой день.

  • Привитие интереса к окружающему миру.

  • Воспитание коллективизма.


  • Доска;

  • Магнитофон, аудиозаписи

  • Набор карточек для повторения Present Simple;

  • Набор карточек для аудирования;

  • УМК авторов О.В.Афанасьевой и И.В. Михеевой VII класс;

  • Книга для учителя;

I.Организационный момент.

1. Приветствие

T: Good morning, children! Im glad to see you. I hope you are fine and ready to work, aren’t you? Look at each other and smile; we are glad to see our guests. In the morning we are very active and have to do a lot of things, let’s start.

2. Today you have to guess the theme of our lesson yourself that’s why we’ll begin our lesson with the crossword. Let’s do it. Look at the blackboard.


So, what’s the theme of our lesson? What themes we’ve already reviewed?

3. Сообщение целей урока

T: Today we’ll continue to work on the topic “Daily Life”. You’ll present your projects on this topic. We are going to practice Present and Future Indefinite tenses, by the end of the lesson you’ll have to be able to talk on the topic “Daily Life” and use Present and Future tense properly.

II. Фонетическая разминка

T: Now we warm up our tongues. You can see some words on the blackboard.


Find and read only the verbs.

III. Речевая разминка.

T: Answer my questions.

When do you usually get up?
Do you clean your teeth?
What have you got for breakfast?
When do you go to school?
What do you do after school?
Do you help your mother to clean the room?


Аnd now pretend that you are a bear, try to guess what you do in the morning.

V. Проверка домашнего задания

T: So we check up your homework, it was different for all of you. Some of you in groups made projects. And now they will present them. All he others have to listen to them and ask questions. Now Nick, Sonya, you are welcome.

VI. Физкультминутка

T: Now it’s time to do some exercises. Let’s remember the grammar chant “Future with will” and do some exercises.

He will, he’ll
She will, she’ll
Future with will.

He will, he’ll
She will, she’ll
Future with will.

VII. Развитие грамматических навыков. Повторение Future Indefinite Tense.

a) Look at the blackboard,

What auxiliary verbs we use in Future Simple?

b) Make up sentences, use the right verb in Future Simple.

He (+) clean his teeth tomorrow.

They (-) get up at 7 o’clock next Monday.

She (+) play computer games next Sunday.

You (-) go to bed at 10 tomorrow.

Next month we (+) visit our granny.

c) Open your textbooks p.41, ex.2. Next Saturday your friend will go to the Zoo. Ask him/her questions and make up short dialogues.

d) Derek is going to visit different countries. When will Derek be in the following places?

img3.jpg (27142 bytes)

IX. Зарядка для глаз

T: Your eyes are tired. It’s time to do some exercises for your eyes.

Eyes up
Eyes down
Eyes to the left
Eyes to the right (2-3 times)
Shut your eyes
Open your eyes widely (2-3 times)

X. Развитие навыков аудирования

T: Today we’ll listen to a song. You have special cards with the words of this song but some of them are missing, listen to the song carefully and write down the missing words.

Now read the words of the song, let’s sing this song.

XI. Развитие навыков просмотрового чтения, монологической речи

  1. T: Open your books p.43, ex. 7, Look through the text about our future life. Try to understand the main idea.

  2. Kirill asked me to let him make a project on this theme. He is interested in our future life. Let’s listen to him and ask him questions.

XII. Итоги урока

1.Объяснение домашнего задания

T: Our lesson is coming to the end. Most of you have worked hard today. I’m proud of you. Your marks are …At home do exercises 3, 4; p.46

2. Рефлексия на урок

T: - Did you like our today’s lesson? What was the most interesting part of the lesson?

What was the most difficult for you?

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