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Методическая разработка урока "My Family"

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по теме:




«My Family »

(6 класс  М.З. Биболетова)






Учитель английского языка

МАОУ «СОШ №14» г. Перми

Пичугина Ирина Михайловна










Пермь 2016 г.


Задача: создать условия, приближенные к реальной жизненной ситуации для развития коммуникативных навыков по теме СЕМЬЯ

Метапредметный результат: формирование коммуникативных и регулятивных  универсальных учебных действий:

-  умение осознанно использовать речевые средства в соответствии с коммуникативной задачей;

- умение самостоятельно планировать свои действия

- умение выполнять совместную деятельность

- умение устанавливать причинно-следственные связи

Цель: составить советы родителям и детям для дружной семьи.

Тип урока: применение знаний и умений. Использование деятельностного подхода позволяет включить всех учащихся в работу, развивает такие коммуникативные умения как умение слушать и понимать партнёра, планировать и согласованно выполнять совместную деятельность, распределять роли, договариваться в группах  и как следствие формировать речевые умения.

Good afternoon! Glad to see you in Sochi in our Russian House! Today you can see a lot of friends here. And there are two families- The Smirnovs and the Ivanovs and their captains. First some questions.

–Where are you from?                                       - Where are you from?

- Do you like watching Olympic Games?          - What competitions do you

- What are your favourite sports?                         Watch?

                                                                                 - How many gold medals  has

                                                                                  our team?              

- Do you know any Olympic champions?         What sport do you like doing?

Did you watch the Opening Ceremony of the Games? Would you like to see the Closing Ceremony? You have a chance! We are going to have intellectual Olympic games now and the winner will get tickets to this ceremony. Our jury will referee you and tell the results.( Besides there are 2 coaches. They will help you if you ask)Let’s start the games. During the games Russian people are a great friendly family.


1. As you know, The family is a unit of relatives.   Here you can see some.  What are the relations? Match the people with the descriptions.


         Mother         a male parent

         Father           a male relative with the same parents

         Sister             a wife of an uncle

         Brother         the daughter of a brother or sister

         Aunt              the son of a brother or a sister

         Cousin           a female relative with the same parents

         Niece             the son or daughter of an aunt

         Nephew        a female parent


2.     But  what families are you? Look at the board. You can see different characteristics. Describe your family. Each Family should say as many sentences about the family as they can.  Every correct sentence is 1point.

-         E.g.  Our family is friendly because…



       helpful    conservative    caring

  hospitable   conservative   kind

  close    loving     friendly     warm helpful   athletic     responsible 


3.     The 2nd contest is the contest of Captains. Take cards and complete the sentences. (капитаны вытягивают карточки и заканчивают предложения)

4.     The next contest. Do you know any proverbs about the family and friendship?

Here are some. Make up them and match with the Russian proverbs.


1. Family begins   at home.  

2. There is no place like home.                 

3. One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

4. Every family has its black sheep.



      Семья начинается с дома.

       Нет места лучше дома.

       В семье не без урода.

       Один верный друг стоит

 10000 родственников


1. My family is my wealth.                                    

2. Blood is thicker than water.  

3. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

4.Where there are friends there is wealth.



      Моя семья - моё богатство.

       Кровь не водица.

       Друг познаётся в беде.

           Где друзья, там богатство



5.     In Sochi there are a lot of people from all over the world. Listen to the interview with one fan and tick the correct answers.(аудирование)


Listen to the interview and choose the correct answer:

 1. George lives in

         Los Angeles

         New York


2.George goes to the studios by.

a. bus

b. car

c. taxi

3. In the Actor’s Club he

         plays computer games

         plays basketball

         goes swimming

4. George usually goes on holiday

         in summer

         in February

         in winter

5. George’s favorite sport is

a. jogging

b. skiing

c. swimming


6.     George has a friendly family. He has a brother and a sister. He tells us about them in his e-mails. But there are some problems with the Net.

Look at the stories and fill in the gaps necessary expressions.  One is extra.

 My elder sister has got different hobbies. She’s got a good camera and……………… of animals. She loves sport. She……………                                                                           and basketball and she often goes swimming. At home she is……………… tiding up her room. She likes  watering flowers  and feeding our cat. At the weekend she………………cooking  tasty salads and sandwiches. I think she is a good sister.

 Fill in the gaps(one is extra):

-  responsible for

-  plays tennis           

-  is fond of 

-  takes photos  

-  can’t stand



7.     The next competition. Let’s check up how you know English grammar.  Every team has 5 broken sentences. Make up correct sentences.  


(past simple/present perfect)

         I /already/ have/ some/ cooked/cakes.

         mum /my/yesterday/flowers /the/watered.

         he/walked/yet/ has/his/ dog ?

         we / last/ went/ to/the cinema//Sunday.

         you /have/ ever/ hoovering /done/the?


         we/my/ washed /has/ mum/ just/ the floor.

          shopping /went //last/Friday.

         you/ did/the furniture/dust/ yesterday?

         drunk/ you/have/ever/cola?

  My/never/ brother/ has/ cooked/ dinner.


8.     The competitions of boasters. Which team are the best helpers about the house? (  учащиеся составляют предложения о том как помогают дома)

9.     I see that your families are friendly. What piece of advice can you give other families to be as friendly as you. На предыдущих уроках мы прошли 2 слова с помощью которых можем давать советы (Must и Should) Make up tips for children and their parents how to be a friendly family. ( учащиеся составляют советы, используя Must/Should)

-         Well done. We have done everything. At the next lesson we speak about family dinners. So your homework will be ex. 30 p. 132, ex. 34 p.133

10.Рефлексия. Подведение итогов урока. Перед тем как жюри объявит результаты. Давайте сами подведём итоги урока.  Этот урок отличался от обычных уроков? А как легче работать в команде или одному. А научиться чему- нибудь?


Слово жюри







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