Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыМетодическая разработка урока на тему "Preservation of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Preposition of place and time ".

Методическая разработка урока на тему "Preservation of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Preposition of place and time ".

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Theme:     Preservation of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Preposition of place and time     

Type of the lesson: combined lesson


a) educational: to train speaking habits, understand the main points of the text with a lot of support

b) developing: develop intercultural awareness through reading and discussion

c) up-bringing: to educate feeling of love towards English,

Visual aids: worksheets, pictures, textbook.

1. Organization moment.

T: Good morning students. Sit down! How are you? Who is on duty today?

Are you ready for this lesson? Today we are going to speak about Preservation of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Preposition of place and time

Procedure of the lesson:

1.       Organization moment.

2.       Checking up home task

3.       Brainstorming

4.       New theme

5.       Home task

6.       Conclusion of the lesson

7.       Marks


2. Checking up home task.

T: Let’s check up your home task. What was the home task for today? Thank you for your answers!

3 Brain storming.

1. Who is the Head of Kazakhstan?

2. When does Kazakhstan celebrate the Independence Day?

3. How often you use network?

4. What are  you know about Preservation of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan?

4 New theme

Cultural heritage is the object of careful attention in Kazakhstan. The year 2003 was significant in the development of culture. In his Address to the people of Kazakhstan the president of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev ordered to elaborate and start realization of the special State program “Cultural heritage”.

The realization of the program was started in 2004 and supposed for two years. Later there were worked out another two stages of the program: 2007- 2009 and 2009- 2011.

The State program “Cultural heritage” elaborated under the initiative of President Nazarbaev became the basic document in the sphere of development of spiritual and educational activity, providing of preservation and effective use of cultural heritage of the state. Kazakhstan was the first of the CIS-countries to start realization of such scaled project. The aims of the “Cultural heritage” are studying, restoration and preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the state, revival of historical and cultural traditions and propaganda of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. The State program “Cultural heritage” became the strategic national project that determined the state approach to culture.

Prepositions of time and place

Types of Preposition:      

1. Preposition for Time
       2. Preposition for Place 
       3. Preposition for Direction
       4. Preposition for Agent
       5. Preposition for Instrument
       6. Prepositional Phrase


Prepositions for Time. (in, on, at)

Prepositions used for time of different natures are in, on at etc.

          He was born in 1945.
          She will go to New York on 25th of March.
          The concert will begin at 7 O’clock.
          He gets up early in the morning.
          We enjoyed a lot in the summer.
          The president will deliver speech   

                    to public on Independence Day.
          She received a lot gifts on her birthday. 
          Where were you at the lunchtime?
          I will call you at 12 A.M

Preposition for Place. (in, on, at)

Prepositions “in, on or at” are usually used for different places.

“In” is usually used for place which have some boundary (boundary may physical or virtual).

“On” is  used for surface

“At” is used for specific place.

   She lives in New York.
          Students study in library.
          The wedding ceremony will be held in the hall.
          There are some books on the table.
          The teacher wrote a sentence on blackboard.
          He was flying kite on the roof.
          Her parents were waiting for her at the entrance of  school.
          There was a huge gathering at bus stop.
          His house is at the end of street.

Ex 1

For each question, write in the box either 'in', 'at', 'on' or "X" if there is no preposition is needed.

Начало формы

1. I'll see you  … next week.

2. He was born …. 1991.

3. Did you see her … today.

4. It starts …. tomorrow.

5. It was sunny  … my birthday.

6. It will be ready …. eight months.

7. What's on the TV … midnight.

8. The factory closed … June.

9.   winter, it usually  snows.

10.  Friday, she spoke … me.

11. What are you doing … the weekend.

12. I'll see you   … a moment.

13. The anniversary is  …. May 10th.

14. Where did you go  … last summer.

15. The movie starts  … 20 minutes.

16. …. the moment, I'm busy.

17. They were very popular  … the 1980s.

18. My appointment is  …. Thursday morning.

19. We had the meeting  … last week.

20. Are you staying at home …  Christmas Day.

21. I have to speak to the boss  …. lunchtime.

22.  … 8 o'clock, I must leave.

Конец формы

Ex2p.109,117 ex.138,139,147                                                                                               5 Home work

Translate the text  and find prepositions


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