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Методическая разработка урока по английскому языку для специальности 19.02.10«Технология продукции общественного питания»


British National Cuisine

National cuisine in Britain has changed in recent decades. It is caused by the fact that people come there from all over the world and bring with them their culinary secrets, their new recipes, their food and sauces. So in all supermarkets in Great Britain one can find vegetables, fruit and spices from all corners of the world.

Do you know what the British have for breakfast? Every morning they have a light breakfast after a first cup of tea. This light breakfast is prepared very early . English light breakfast consists of toasts with marmalade, tea or coffee, plus scrambled eggs with bacon, sausages, cereals with orange juice.

Next meal is between 12 and 14 o’clock. It’s time for a substantial meal – lunch. At this time they have a cup of tea and some tasty cookies which are sold in on London streets in small kiosks. As a rule lunch consists of sandwiches. That’s why at this time of the day the British go to fast-food restaurants where they have hot-dogs or fish and chips , and French fries and pickles as a garnish. Between 15.00 and 18.00 they have tea, which is an English tradition. They drink Traditional English tea in offices, at home, in cafe confectioner’s shops, and they always drink it with scones and muffins. Scones are small round biscuits that are usually cut in halves and eaten with butter or cream. Muffins are small cake in paper wrappings.

Dinner in Britain may be taken at 19.00 (then it is called dinner) or at 23.00 (then it is called supper) and the time depends on the plans for the evening, weather people would stay at home after work or go out to relax. For dinner the British prefer to have something like chicken soup with onion, soup with mutton with vegetables , soup with meat. For a garnish the British have traditional Yorkshire pudding. All Englishmen consider Yorkshire cuisine the best in the country and are really proud of it.

And what is national cuisine in other countries? Let’s compare some! French cuisine is elegant and festive. The Chinese is exotic, the Russian is tasty and healthy, it is easy to cook and you don’t need to have much skills and specific ingredients.

Let’s look into Russian national cuisine. Appetizers look and smell tasty and stimulate appetite for the main course. Many dishes are very spicy, because they add different spices there: horseraddish, garlic, mayonnaise, pepper and so on. In Britain appetizers are called snacks and they presuppose butter and cold water. For dinner or supper in Russia they eat soup as the main course. Soup in Russian tradition is broth with much of meat, vegetables, greenery and spices, which is considered as nonsence by the British. In Britain soup is a smashed vegetable substance or broth with toasts and vegetables, so seeing Russian borsch or schi soups the British can’t help being shocked. Besides, the Russians have cold soups like okroshka or kholodnik.

So, to my mind Russian cuisine is more diverse and simple than the British one.

Match the different words with their definitions.

  1. milk

  2. an apple

  3. a dinning room

  4. a lunch

  5. an English tea

  1. a second breakfast

  2. where pupils go during break to eat

  3. it grows on the apple -tree

  4. it gives a cow

  5. a tea with lemon

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