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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Методическая разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Мои любимые питомцы" (2 класс)
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Методическая разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Мои любимые питомцы" (2 класс)



Lesson Plan. Aim: By the end of the lesson the pupils of the 2nd form will be able to describe the pet. The course book- Spotlight by Marina Pospelova, Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Nadezhda Bykova. Unit 7A “My Animals”

5 min


To revise the animals

Says an animal: cat, dog,bird, fish, horse, frog, chimp.

In small groups, pupils stand in lines behind pictures with different animals. As they hear an animal, pupils raise the cards with the correct animal

Pupils can make the cards with animals at home (and besides pupils can draw the pictures of their favourite pets or animals at home

10 min


To introduce the topic

Shows a picture of an animal and asks: What colour is it? Is it a head? Is it a tail? What’s this? Has it got big or small ears, eyes? Asks who has got a pet at home

Say what they know about animals and tell about their own pet (describe a dog, a guinea pig, a cat, a parrot)

Bring a with the picture of their pet with its short description ( parrot, dog, cat, turtle)

To predict the story

Says: You will listen a story about different animals

Children have to guess the main idea of the text

To give the instruction

Explains the activity: Listen and colour the animal.

Gives out the crayons and blank drawings of the animal

Pupils follow the teacher’s instructions

Instead of crayons the pupils can use felt pens

10 min


To develop listening skills:

for gist

for detail

Tells first part of the story with actions and pictures for learners to understand the plot

Continues story with instructions for colouring

Listen to understand the main idea

Listen to the second part for detail and colour the animals following the teacher’s instructions

Teacher should be sure if the pupils understand the task

15 min


To check understanding

Says: compare your pictures in pairs

Check if they were right

Check if the pupils have drawn correctly

To develop speaking

Asks: Describe your animal in a model ( I’ve got a …..It is…It has got….It likes to…. It usually eats…..

Describe a pet or an animal (who doesn’t have a pet)to each other

May organize new pairs

To personalise

Asks if the pupils like the story…….Then they listen to the song (p.68)

Give their opinions

And now let’s give marks to each other

Pupils estimate their work and raise cards with their marks


New friends

Once upon a time there lived a princess. She had everything she wanted, but she was very-very sad. A magician who lived in that kingdom wanted to help her.

You should have a pet, who will be a good friend to you”

I have many slaves “

But they are only slaves and not friends. Find a pet, and it will love you and be a good friend of yours”

Where can I find it?”

Let’s fly to the magic country!”

Ok, that’s great”

And so they started their travelling. The first animal they saw was a green frog.

Do you like it?”

No, I don’t”. The frog jumped away.

Then they saw a beautiful bird. It was a parrot with the red wings and a green tail.

Do you like it?”

Yes I do. But how can I talk to him?”

Oh, this parrot can talk”

Wow, that’s lovely”

Then they saw a big brown cat with a white tail, sleeping under the big tree and a small white dog with black spots”

Oh, I adore them”

Ok, let’s count to three and we’ll come back home”

The princess counted and when she opened her eyes she found herself in her room and next to her there were that magic cat, a dog and a parrot”

They made friends quickly and the girl was happy.

Post-lesson reflection note

The class where I wanted to show this lesson consisted of twelve 8-9 -year -old pupils of the second form. The course- book was according to the school program Spotlight by Marina Pospelova, Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Nadezhda Bykova.

The story which was attached in Appendix was written by the teacher (me). It was used to introduce the topic “Animals”, new vocabulary and structures. Besides I wanted my pupils to get the main idea from the text.

In the lesson I introduced new vocabulary and I tried to present it in a context which was familiar to the children. That’s why I’ve written a story using the words which we have already learnt in the lessons. Also the pupils liked their favourite enjoyable activity- to practice colours. Visual support helped me much, because the flashcards helped my pupils understand the meaning of the new words and make them more memorable.

The pupils enjoyed the lesson!!!!

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