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Методическая разработка урока по английскому языку на тему " Table layout."

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Тақырып Тема: Table layout.

Мақсат Цели

Білімділік Дидактическая  to give an idea of general rules of table layout;

ДамытушылықРазвивающая to develop the ability of table layout, observe basic etiquette skills;

Тәрбиелік Воспитывающая to educate the positive attitudes to the rules of table layout and bring up interest in the study of English.

Сабақтын типі (тұрпаты)Тип урока: Combined method. Lesson formation of writing skills.

Сабақтын әдісі Метод обучения: Practical method. Collage.Insert.

Корнекілік Оснащение: Text,words,tasks.

Сабақтың тақырыбын шығу, жазу Выход на тему, запись темы урока

Good morning, children. How are you? Do you like today's weather?

Look at (these letters) the blackboard and collect the theme of our lesson.

в T a l a u le y o t.

Білім жаңғыртуы Актуализация знаний Table lay out.

What do you think it is easy to lay the table?

To lay the table absolutely not so difficult as it seems…

Жана материалды мазмұндау (баяндау) Изложение нового материала

Read the text and translate:

Table lay out.

To lay the table not so difficult as it seems. In the center of each device, there is a serving plate or the usual plate replacing it. The serving plate can be and from other material, than all service, for example, gilded or silvered, glass or from dark porcelain, but surely has to be combined with it. By rules of table layout on a serving plate put a plate with snack or soup. For cream soups, give a soup plate, for transparent soups and broths - a cup. To snack or soup at the left above put a small plate for bread, a toast and oils, and nearby a cup for rinsing of fingers. It is required to you if you want to give to guests of oysters, crayfish, an asparagus or fruit. This cup is filled with warm water, adding a slice of a lemon or the sheet of mint.

Near a serving plate and display all forks, a rye, spoon which can be necessary during food above. Forks put at the left, and knives to the right of a plate. The last from a plate the device which is required to the first lies. The soupspoon in case in the menu isn't present a dessert, lies from above from a serving plate if in the menu the dessert is planned, - near the first knife. Glasses settle down on the right and top from a serving plate. There is the same order, as with devices: the first use a distant glass. After each dish, clear the used wares, glasses and devices the table. Only the glass for water isn't cleaned during all feast.

Laying for the menu with transparent soup, snack, a fish dish, a meat dish and a dessert.

There is a set of the rules connected with table layout, for different cases the table is laid in a special way, for example, on evening coffee less devices, than on a formal dinner party or lunch are required. Such set of rules can bring housewives into the deadlock as observance takes away them a lot of time. We will give the basic rules, which allow to lay the table correctly.

The first stage of table layout – preparatory

Both the theater begins with a hanger, and table layout begins with arrangement of chairs for guests. It is desirable to place chairs so that guests, sitting at a table, felt comfortable. The distance between chairs approximately has to make 50-80 cm.

The cloth for a table has to correspond to the size of a table and not to be too small or narrow. It has to hang down below the table edge approximately on 20-30 cm. White color of a cloth will emphasize solemnity of your reception. The cloth has to be linen and carefully ironed. If you suddenly didn't have a cloth, it is possible to use big linen napkins, on them also put dishes and devices.

At table layout, it is also recommended to use small paper or woven napkins. They should be put to the left of a plate or on its bottom. The woven napkin can be put in the form of a cone, a fan, a tulip, etc. and is put on a plate bottom. The woven napkin can be put in the form of a cone, a fan, a tulip, etc. and is put on a plate bottom. The napkin put by one of such ways looks beautifully and unconventionally.

The second stage of table layout – plates and tableware.

There are four types of plates:

- the soup – a soup plate,

- the serving - a big superficial plate,

- a plate for a hot dish – an average superficial plate

- a pirozhkovy plate – the smallest plate.

At first, opposite to each estimated place for the guest, put a serving plate. On it place or a plate for hot, or a soup plate for soup. To the left of a serving plate put a pirozhkovy plate. The Pirozhkovy plate is intended to put on it bread, rolls, etc. During all meal of a plate change, but the serving plate remains always.

Tableware also demands a certain arrangement. Rules of table layout say that the soup spoon and knives settle down to the right of a plate an edge to it, forks – at the left. Both spoons, and a fork it is correct to dispose the concave party to a table. We will consider an arrangement order from right to left. The soup spoon holds the most extreme position to the right of a plate, then put knives from right to left in such sequence: a fish knife or other snack (salads, cold appetizers), a knife for the following dish (if that is supposed in the menu) and, at last, at the edge of a plate – a knife for the main hot dish. You have to know, a knife for a hot dish (as however, and the fork) the biggest by the size, the knives following it is less by the size.

On the left side from a plate forks similarly give all the best. That is the plate has to have a fork for the main hot dish and further in process of removal from a plate the small fork for the following (after fish or other snack) dishes and extreme left situation by rules of table layout for a fork under fish is put. The table fork as it was already told, the biggest by the size and has 4 teeth, fish – it is less by the size and has – also 4 teeth, the snack bar is even less and has 3 (or sometimes 4) a tooth. Behind a plate parallel to the table edge the dessert knife, a fork and a spoon are put. In addition, that it was more convenient to use dessert devices, the fork by rules of laying is put the handle to the left, and a knife (besides an edge to a plate) and a spoon under a dessert – the handle to the left.

Rules of table layout for a big banquet are that. If you plan to organize a holiday table of the house, Mirsovetov as option, suggests being limited to a soupspoon, one knife for a hot dish, to the left of a plate to put one table fork.

Glasses and shot glasses can settle down as a semicircle, well leveled in a row. It is logical that the glass intended for mineral water or other soft drinks will settle down more to the right of all others, after all and it is used first of all. Further, a wine glass for champagne, then – a wine glass for wine follow it (at first for red, then for white) and the shot glass has to stand the last.

Table layout stage – finishing.We will consider, what distance has to be between devices on a holiday table. Plates have to settle down opposite to each chair. The distance from the table edge to a plate has to be 1,5-2 cm, no more. The distance between a plate and tableware has to be about a half-centimeter. It is desirable to sustain the same distance and between devices. Even without knowing rules of table layout it is easy to guess that all tableware will look beautifully and accurately if them to dispose in parallel each other and at right angle to the table edge.

Disposable napkins in the special device - "the holder for napkins", salt and pepper in saltcellars and pepperboxes settle down on all table so that guests hadn't to rise and last.

At table layout, it is recommended to use all ware and tableware from one service as it will emphasize unity of style.

Dishes should be given on a table beautifully issued and properly warmed or, on the contrary, cooled. Cold appetizers and salads need to be put on a table prior to the beginning of a meal. Hot dishes have to be given in warmed, whenever possible closed, ware just before their use. It is recommended to clear every time the table dirty ware and devices, and to put pure ware for giving of a new dish.

Laying of a holiday table is finished. There was a small detail – how to place guests. You can think of it in advance and prepare beautiful cards with the indication of a name of each guest. Cards usually have about glasses. Placing cards, to you will be to seat much more simply and quicker a large number of guests. In such simple way you can seat guests so that it is interesting to neighbors in a table to talk with each other.

Білімдерін бекіту Закрепление знаний : Insert



already knew


new for me

not understood


have questions

Нәтижелерді жинақтап, қортындылау Обобщение результатов, подведение итогов Conclusion of the lesson.

Рефлексия Collage

Үй тапсырмасы Домашнее задание to learn and know the table lay out

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