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Методическая разработка урока по иностранному языку (3 курс специальности 38.02.04 Коммерция (по отраслям))

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урока по дисциплине Иностранный язык - Язык делового общения

для студентов специальности 38.02.04 Коммерция (по отраслям)
на тему: Телефонный разговор (Going abroad on business).

Цели урока:

Совершенствование навыков диалогической и монологической речи.

Совершенствование навыков аудирования с использованием визуальных опор.

Формирование навыков правильного реагирования в речевой ситуации.

Форма урока: ролевая игра

Внеклассное задание: ознакомление с некоторыми достопримечательностями Лондона.

Оборудование урока: телевизор; компьютер, презентация по Лондону (Приложение 1), фото самолета (Приложение 2); карта Великобритании (Приложение 3); визитная карточка (Приложение 5), стандартная формула (Приложение 6)/

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент.

Teacher: Good morning dear friends! Sit down, please. I am glad to see you all here. Listen attentively my questions and answer them. What day is it today? What date is it today? Are all students present at the lesson? (Who is absent?)

Do you know what is the topic of our lesson today? Well, it is “Going to the Great Britain on business”. It will be a role play. We shall play different roles during the lesson. So, let’s set your imagination free!

  1. Основная часть.

Teacher: Let’s look at the map of the Great Britain. (Приложение 3) It’ s a great country. There ’s a lot to see there. There are many museums, monuments and other beautiful places there. But we are going to travel there not for pleasure but on business. Imagine yourselves to be the representatives of the Russian firm called “Fifth Element”.

Suppose that you have long-term commercial contacts with an English firm called “Apple”and now you are to meet with your English partners and sign a new contract with the firm. So, get your business cards and fill in your names and positions.

And now, let s have a look at the business card of our foreign partners. Here it is: (Приложение 5)


Jane White

Executive Director

10 Park Avenue London Great Britain,

Tel. (0945) 8591443, Fax. (0945) 8892514

Teacher: Answer my questions, please!

1. Whose visit card is it?

2. What is Jane White?

3. What city is the firm from?

4. What is the address of the company?

5. What is the telephone number of the firm?

6. What is the fax number of the company?

Teacher: But before going abroad we should make a phone call to the Great Britain. This standard formula will help you to make a call to a firm. Listen and translate! (Приложение 6)

Your name and company + the person you are calling+ why are you calling

Teacher: Standard formulas in language invade many aspects of our lives, including the telephone, which seems to be the most challenging skills for the foreign speaker. Many people despite years of English study are terrified at the idea of making a simple call to an English-speaking person. You don’t know what to say; you are afraid you may not be understood or that you might not understand. Fortunately, making phone calls is a learnable skill. Once you have mastered the formulas used for speaking on the telephone, a call will no longer be a frightening experience, but rather an enjoyable one.

Teacher: Now listen to a telephone conversation. Miss Fhilimonzeva the Financial Director of Fifth Element is speaking to a secretary of Jane White Executive Director of Apple firm.

Secretary: Apple firm, may I help you?

Fhilimonzeva: Yes, I’m Dasha Fhilimonzeva , Financial Director of Fifth Element Company Rostov-on-Don Russia calling for Jane White.

Secretary: Would you spell your name please?

Fhilimonzeva: Yes, it is F- h –i- l- i- m- o- n- z- e- v- a.

Secretary: Thank you. One moment, please. I am ringing. Oh, sorry, it looks like she is busy. Would you like to leave a message?

Fhilimonzeva: Of course. Please have her call me at the Fifth Element Company Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

Secretary: Would you like to leave your telephone number?

Fhilimonzeva: That’s OK. It's 8-2-5-6-1-4-3-9-9.

Secretary: Thank you. I’ll give him the message. Bye now.

Fhilimonzeva: Good-bye.

Teacher: Now, imagine, that in a quarter of an hour the Executive Director of the Apple Miss White is calling herself. Let’s listen to the conversation.

Fhilimonzeva: Hello?

Miss White: Hello. This is Jane White from Apple Firm. May I speak to Miss Fhilimonzeva?

Fhilimonzeva: Yes, Fhilimonzeva speaking.

Miss White: Did you want to speak to me?

Fhilimonzeva: Yes, Miss White. I’m the new financial director of Fifth Element. I have a pleasure in informing you that we carefully studied your materials and decided to accept your proposal.

Miss White: Thank you, Miss Fhilimonzeva.

Fhilimonzeva: I'm planning to come to London and discuss with you the main points of our agreement in detail.

Miss White: When are going to come?

Fhilimonzeva: On Monday next week.

Miss White: That’s fine. Are you going to travel by air?

Fhilimonzeva: Of course. Which hotel in London do you recommend?

Miss White: I'd recommended the Northern Star Hotel. It’s not very expensive. Shall we reserve a room for you?

Fhilimonzeva: Yes, it isn‘t too much trouble. I’d like to book a single room with private bathroom for three nights.

Miss White: OK.

Fhilimonzeva: Thank you very much.

Miss White: Good-bye, Miss Fhilimonzeva. Have a good trip.

Fhilimonzeva: Good-bye, Miss White. See you next week.

Teacher: After a while Miss Angolina the secretary of Miss White is calling to the Hotel. So, listen to the dialogue “Reservation a room at the hotel”.

Receptionist: Hello. Northern Star Hotel. Can I help you?

Secretary: Yes, I’d like to reserve a single room with a bathroom, for three nights, from Monday, the 22-th of February, to Thursday the 24-th of February, inclusive.

Reseptionist: Let me see. Yes, miss. A single room for three nights with breakfast, is that right?

Secretary: Yes, that’s right.

Reseptionist: What is your name, please?

Secretary: It’s for Miss Philimonzeva.

Reseptionist: Could you spell it, please?

Secretary: Yes, P-h-i-l-i-m-o-n-z-e-v-a.

Reseptionist: Thank you, miss.

Teacher: Now, Miss Philimonzeva is at the Booking Office, buying a ticket.

Cashier: Good morning, what can I do for you?

Philimonzeva: I want to fly to London. Are there any seats available on Monday next week?

Cashier: Are you flying alone miss?

Philimonzeva: Yes.

Cashier: What class?

Philimonzeva: Economy.

Cashier: Just a moment, miss. I’ll check. There are a few seats left.

Philimonzeva: Fine.

Cashier: What is your name, miss?

Philimonzeva: Dasha Philimonzeva.

Cashier: OK, you can buy an open return.

Philimonzeva: How much is it?

Cashier: It is one thousand, five hundred $, including airport taxes.

Philimonzeva: May I pay in cash?

Cashier: Certainly, miss. Here you are. Flight PS 501.

Philimonzeva - What time is the flight due to depart?

Cashier: It leaves at 6 p.m., but you must check in one hour prior to departure, miss.

Philimonzeva - And what time does it arrive in London?

Cashier: 10.30 local time. There’s four hours time difference, you know.

Philimonzeva - Thank you very much.

Teacher: Now, it’s the day of departure. Miss Philimonzeva is at airport now. She has to fly to London where she will be met by a manager of Apple. So, she is at the Airport.

Philimonzeva: Excuse me, could you tell me where the Russian International Airlines Counter is?

At the airport: Certainly. Just go on your right and you’ll see it. Here is your ticket. Your flight is now boarding at gate 50. Go down concourse D, it’s to your left.

Philimonzeva: Thanks.

Teacher: Now, Miss Philimonzeva is at the passport and customs desk.

Customs officer: Your passport, please. How long are you planning to stay in the country?

Philimonzeva: Three days.

Customs officer: Fill in this form, please. Have you anything to declare? Do you have any food with you?

Philimonzeva: No, I don’t.

Customs officer: Open your suitcase, please.

Philimonzeva: Here you are.

Customs officer: Have a good time in London.

Philimonzeva: Thank you!

Customs officer: Not at all.

Teacher: So, Miss Philimonzeva has bought a ticket, passed the customs, got into the airplane, met the stewardess and is trying to find his seat. Right next to her she hears the following conversation between a young lady and a stewardess. Please, listen to the conversation!

young lady: Hello!

Stewardess: How are you doing?

young lady: Could you please help me?

Stewardess: What’s up?

young lady: Not much, but I can't find my seat.

Stewardess: Oh, it s not a problem at all! Let me see your ticket, please.

young lady: Here it is.

Stewardess: Thanks, your seat is 15A. It’s on the right in the non –smoking section.

young lady: Well, thank you.

Teacher: Now, look at the screen of the TV set. This is our plane. We shall fly to the Great Britain by it. (Приложение 2)

Stewardess: Now, we are on board a plane. Take the blanks, please. Don’t forget to fill them in before the plane lands. I’m sure, that you’ll enjoy your flight. You will have a chance to listen to the radio, some good music for relaxation, to watch through transmission from London about travel agencies, speak about traveling. Travelling is extremely important nowadays. Two hundred years ago most people never travelled further than a few kilometers. Nowadays millions of people travel long distances abroad. There are words of wisdom: “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page”.

Stewardess: Fasten your seatbelts, please. The pilot is preparing for take off. Once we are in the air, you will be serving a light snack and something to drink you will watch the interesting presentation.

Philimonzeva: Excuse me. Please could you tell me what presentation is today?

Stewardess: Yes. The presentation about London.

Philimonzeva: Oh, great. Thank you.

Passenger: And could you please tell me where the restroom is?

Stewardess: Yes. It’s in the back of the plane. You’ll see a sign “Lavatory.” If the lavatory door says “vacant”, you can go in, if it says “occupied”, you need to wait, because someone is in there.

Passengers: Thank you very much.

Stewardess: You are welcome.

Stewardess: Our flight is going to be at the altitude almost 12, 000, 000 km and our speed is about 900 km. Now watch the presentation about the places of interest of London.

(просмотр презентации о достопримечательностях Лондона Приложение 1)

(просмотр фото Лондона, ответы на вопросы: What is this? What do you know about …?)

Teacher: Thank you! So, we saw the presentation about London, we repeated the places of interest and now you must solve the crossword puzzle about sights of London. There are crosswords puzzle on your tables. (Приложение 8) Look at the screen of the TV set and listen to the questions.

(разгадывание кроссворда)

Teacher: Now check out your crosswords puzzle!

(проверка кроссворда)

Stewardess: How time flies! In some minutes our plane will land.

Our plane has landed in International Airport. London welcomes you! Please pass your blanks to your group leader and be ready to go through customs.

Teacher: Miss White is meeting Miss Philimonzeva.

Philimonzeva: Excuse me. Are you Miss White?

Miss White: Yes.

Philimonzeva: I’m Miss Philimonzeva from Fifth Element.

Miss White: How do you do?

Philimonzeva: How do you do?

Miss White: Have I kept you waiting?

Philimonzeva: Oh, no, the plane has just arrived. Thank you for coming to meet me.

Miss White: Not at all. Did you have a good trip?

Philimonzeva: Yes, thank you. I was a bit airsick, but now I’m OK.

Miss White: My car is just outside the airport. My driver will take your suitcase.

Philimonzeva: Thank you.

Teacher: Our Business Trip is over! We’ve done a lot! We’ve learned a lot! We’ve made friends, have not we? Thank you very much for the lesson. You will receive good and excellent marks.

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