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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Методическая разработка занятия по теме "Города России"

Методическая разработка занятия по теме "Города России"

  • Иностранные языки

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МАУ школа-интернат лицей интернат

План-конспект урока английского языка

для 8 класса


« Города России»

Учитель: Николаева Л.В.



  • Общеобразовательные:

-побуждать учащихся к активному участию в познании окружающего мира;

-развивать память, внимание, логическое мышление;

-учить учащихся формировать собственную точку зрения, выражать собственное мнение, чувства;

  • Развивающие:

-способствовать интеллектуальному и культурному росту учащихся;

  • Практические:

- практиковать учащихся в умении вести беседу по темам «Путешествие», «Моя страна», «Москва», «Санкт - Петербург», «Калининград»;

-совершенствовать навыки монологической и диалогической речи;

-совершенствовать грамматические умения и навыки;

-тренировать класс в чтении текста с извлечением основной информации;

-совершенствовать артикуляцию английских звуков;

  • Воспитательные:

-обучать вежливому и доброжелательному общению друг с другом с соблюдением этикетных норм;

-воспитывать чувство уважения друг к другу;

-воспитывать чувство уважения к культуре, традициям и обычаям других народов.

План урока:

  1. Организационный момент. Цели и задачи урока.

  2. Речевая зарядка по теме «Путешествие».

  3. Составление диалогов «Приобретение билетов», «В гостинице».

  4. Виртуальная экскурсия «Москва-столица нашей Родины».

  5. Представление проекта группы учащихся «Москва».

  6. Выполнение упражнений «Путешествие в Россию» (по материалам учебного пособия).

7. Виртуальная экскурсия по Санкт - Петербургу.

8. Выполнение упражнений (по материалам учебного пособия).

9.Представление проекта группы учащихся «Санкт – Петербург».

10. Беседа по теме «Мой город» (с использованием опорной схемы).

11.Составление диалогов по теме «Достопримечательности Калининграда».

12. Музыкальный фрагмент фильма о Калининграде.

13.Подведение итогов урока.

Ход урока:

1. Организационный момент

Good morning, dear friends! I am very glad to see you again. How are you? I hope you are fine. What are we going to do today? We are going to speak about cities and towns of Russia, about our native town Kaliningrad. Let’s get started.

2. Речевая зарядка. Беседа по теме «Путешествие»

Примерные аспекты для обсуждения:

  • Modern life is impossible without travelling.

  • Thousands of people travel every day either on business or for pleasure.

  • They can travel by air, by rail, by sea or by road.

  • Of course, travelling by air is the fastest and the most convenient way, but it is the most expensive too.

  • Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages. You can see much more interesting places of the country you are travelling through. Modern trains have very comfortable seats.

  • Speed, comfort and safty are the main advantages of trains and planes.

  • Travelling by sea is popular too. On board large ships and small river boats people can visit different countries and cities.

  • As for me I prefer travelling by …………. .

3. Составление диалогов «Приобретение билетов»

- I’d like a ticket to ……, please.

- When are you going to fly?

- Today or tomorrow, I think.

- Just a minute. I think Flight 67 is the best for you.

- When is the flight?

- 7.40.

- Excellent. How much is the ticket?

- Business or tourist class?

- Tourist class, please. Business class is too expensive.

- Single or return?

- Return, please.

- That’ll be 140 pounds.

- Here you are.

- Thank you.

Составление диалогов «В гостинице»

- Good evening! How can I help you?

- I'd like to check in.

- Have you made a reservation with us in advance?

- Yes, I have. I've booked a single room for 5 nights at your hotel. I made a reservation yesterday online.

- One moment, sir. I'll have a look. Yes, here it is. We've received your request. Can I have your full name, please?

- My name is …

- Thank you. I will also need your address and phone number for filling in the check-in form.

- My address is: …. My mobile phone number is: ….

- Thank you. Are you planning to pay by a credit card or by cash?

- I'm going to pay by cash.

- All right. Can you sign here, please?

- Yes, sure. Here you are.

- Thank you. Here is your key, sir. Your room number is 451. It's on the 4th floor on the right from the elevator. Do you need any help with your luggage?

- No, thanks. I'm fine.

- Enjoy your stay.

- Thank you.

5. Представление проекта «Москва»

Примерное содержание проектной работы

  • Moscow is the capital of Russia, its political, economic, commercial and cultural centre. It was founded 8 centuries ago by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. Gradually the city became more and more powerful. Now Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe. Its total area is about nine hundred square kilometres (ancient Moscow occupied the territory of the present-day Kremlin). The population of the city is over 9 million people.

  • Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The heart of Moscow is Red Square. The Kremlin and St Basil's Cathedral (Vasily Blazheny) are masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture. The main Kremlin tower, the Spasskaya Tower, has become the symbol of the country. There are a lot of beautiful palaces, cathedrals, churches and monuments in Moscow. Now Moscow is being reconstructed and we all hope that in a few years the city will become even more beautiful.

10. Беседа по опоре об истории и достопримечательностях Калининграда

Примерны аспекты для обсуждения по теме «Калининград»

  • I’d like to tell you about my town. In September 1255 the knights founded a castle on the bank of the Pregel River. But only in 1724 the history of Kеnigsberg began. It was an ancient city of a highly developed culture with a lot of churches, castles and architectural monuments. 

  • Now it is called Kaliningrad. The population of it is about four hundred thousand people. Kaliningrad is one of the most beautiful towns in Russia, a big political, industrial and cultural centre, a sea-port. The heart of it is Victory Square. There are many large parks, wide streets with beau­tiful buildings, cinemas, theatres and shops in Kaliningrad.

  • Every year hundreds of tourists come to Kaliningrad. They want to visit historical places of the town and other places of in­terest. We are proud of our museums. Kaliningrad Art Gallery has 8 exhibition halls. It cooperates with Russian and European museums. Our Amber Museum is interesting too. It is located in the former “Dona” tower.  In 1988 the Museum of World Ocean was opened in Kaliningrad. One more place of interest in Kaliningrad is the Zoo. The guests of the town like it very much.

  • My native town becomes espe­cially beautiful in early spring when everything is in blos­som.

  • As for me, I like Kaliningrad, it's so lovely. 

15. Подведение итогов

Thank you very much! It was a real pleasure to listen to you. I wish you good luck. Good bye!

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