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Методические разработки по теме " Театр и кино"

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Учебно-методические разработки к теме « Театр и кино».

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопрос

What is this text about?

a) a beautiful young woman, Scarlett O`Hara;

b) the American Civil War;

c) making a film of «Gone with the Wind»

Прочитайте текст и выполните послетекстовые задания.

In 1926 Margaret Mitchell, a journalist and housewife from Atlanta, Georgia, started to write a book. She finished it ten years later. It was called «Gone with the Wind». It became the most popular American novel of the time.

It is a long, romantic and exciting novel. It is about a beautiful young woman, Scarlett O' Hara and twelve years in her life just before, during and after the American Civil War(1862-1864).In the book Scarlett marries Rhet Butler, the tall, dark and handsome hero, but she doesn't love him, all the time she loves someone else. But the man she loves is married.

David O`Selznick, Hollywood film producer, decided to make a film of «Gone with the Wind». He chose a famous film star of the time, Clark Gable, for the part of Rhet Butler, but he couldn't find anyone for the part of Scarlett. He searched for two and half years. No one was quite right. In the end there was no more time. Plans for the film were ready. On the night of December,10, 1938, all the cameras were ready to film an important scene in the film-the burning of the city Atlanta. Selznick still did not have an actress for Scarlett.

At the time, Vivien Leigh, a young British actress, was in Hollywood with her fiancé, Laurence Oliver. Selznick's brother, Myron, knew the couple and asked them to come and watch the fire scene. He took them to the studios, found his brother, David, and tapped him on the shoulder. David O`Selznick turned round. There, in the light of the fire, he saw the beautiful face of Vivien Leigh. «David, here’s your Scarlett», Myron said. Vivien Leigh won the most famous part in the history of the cinema-Scarlett O'Hara, the heroine of «Gone with the Wind».

It was a long and difficult film to make, but on December, 11, 1939 O`Selznick sent this telegram to a colleague: «'Have just finished «Gone with the Wind» God bless us all. Screening at two tomorrow Tuesday for 750 journalists».

The film was nearly four hours long. At the end the journalists sat quietly for a moment and then they cheered and cheered.

On the day of the premiere the Mayor of Atlanta closed all the schools and public buildings. «Gone with the Wind» become a famous film and it made a lot of money. They called it «the greatest motion picture of all time». «Gone with the Wind» won eight awards, including an award for the best actress of the year and for the best direction.

Read the text and find facts about each of these people:

Margaret Mitchell

Vivien Leigh

David o.Selznick

Clark Gable

Scarlett O’Hara

Read the text again and write down what events happened in these dates:

1926, 1936, 1938, 1939.

Write down all the words associated with «cinematography»

Answer the questions.

1.Who is the author of the novel «Gone with the Wind»?

2. What is the novel about?

3.Who decided to make a film of «Gone with the Wind»?

4.Did he find an actress for the part of Scarlett at once?

5. How did he meet Vivien Leigh?

6. When was the first screening of the film?

7.What did the Mayor of Atlanta do on the day of the premiere?

8. How many awards did the film win?

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопрос:

Where did Roger and Mary go?

A Visit to the Theatre

On the evening before Roger Brown left England he took his girlfriend Mary Summers to the theatre. There are over thirty theatres in London, each offering a different play, musical revue or variety show. Roger studied the entertainment section in the newspaper for a long time before deciding which theatre to go to. Eventually he chose something gay and amusing-the stage production of My Fair Lady at the Drury Lane Theatre. This musical play, based on George Bernard Show's famous play, Pygmalion, had been on for almost five years. It had been one of the greatest successes in the history of the theatre. During the first few years of it`s «run» it had been very difficult to get tickets but by the time Roger wanted to buy two the show was playing to half-empty houses.

Roger had booked his tickets through a theatre ticket agency in Shaftesbury Avenue, a long street in the West of London, famous because most of London's theatres are located on the street itself or in the neighborhood.

The show began at eight o'clock and Roger and Mary decided to have a quick snack in a coffee-bar before the show and dinner in a restaurant afterwards.

At 7.30. They took a taxi to Drury Lane Theatre. They were shown to good seats in the front stalls and from there they could see every part of the stage. At five minutes to eight members of the orchestra came into the orchestra pit and began tuning their instruments. Then at 8 o'clock the orchestra began playing the overture-a piece of music that was to follow.

Although the cast of the play had acted their parts every night for several years, they had not lost any interest in the play and everyone gave an excellent performance. Mary was particularly delighted by the costumes and Roger who takes technical interest in all things commented on the clever lighting and construction of the seats.

Mary and Roger enjoyed the performance very much and applauded enthusiastically at the end when the cast lined up on the stage to take their curtain calls. Outside the theatre Roger took a taxi and told the driver to take them to the «Black Cat» night club.

Прочитайте текст внимательно и выполните следующие упражнения.

1) Right, Wrong or Don’t Know?

a) There are over twenty theatres in London.

b) Roger chose the stage production of My Fair Lady at the Drury Lane Theatre.

c) It was very difficult to get tickets because the show was playing to full houses.

d) Shaftesbury Avenue is famous because most of London's banks are located there.

e) They went to the theatre by bus.

f) Mary met some of her friends at the theatre.

g) The cast of the play gave an excellent performance.

h) Roger didn’t enjoy the performance very much.

2) Answer the following questions:

a) Where did Roger Brown take Mary Summers before he left England?

b) What play did he choose?

c) Was the play popular with the public?

d) What did Roger and Mary do before the play began?

e) What was the performance like?

f) Did they enjoy it?

g) Where did Roger and Mary go after the performance?

3) Find all the words in the story connected with «theatre»:

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