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Методическое пособие по теме"The name of oil is black gold "

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Методическое пособие по теме :



Разработала: Кадырова М.Н.

Сургут 2016

What do you associate with the word «black gold»?

Black gold


Answer the following questions

  1. What is oil?

  2. What’s happen with oil, if it is dripped in the water?

  3. Why the oil is not disappeared in the water?

  4. From what depend it?

  5. What can you say about color of petroleum?

  6. What can you say about odour of petroleum?


Play the Dialog about petroleum


  • What is petroleum?

  • Petroleum is a valuable raw material. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

  • What elements does it contain?

  • It consist of carbon and hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and inorganic matter.

  • What oils have greater value?

  • The lighter oils have the greater value.

  • What are the main uses of natural hydrocarbons?

  • Natural hydrocarbons are widely used as fuels for domestic and industrial needs.



Read and remember following word combinations

Drilling is resolution process of the rock with the help of special equipment- drilling equipment

Бурение- это процесс разрушения горных пород с помощью специальной техники- бурового оборудования

The well is cylindrical excavation, which diameter is much less than the length. It is constructed without human access.

Cкважина- это цилиндрическая горная выработка, имеющая диаметр намного меньше длины, сооружаемая без доступа человека на забой.

The mouth is the beginning of the well at the surface

Устье- это начало скважины на поверхности земли

The downhole is the well bottom

Забой- это дно скважины

The borehole is the wall of the well

Ствол- это стенки скважины

The hole length is the distance from the mouth to the bottom on the axis of the borehole

Длина скважины- это расстояние от устья до забоя по оси ствола

The well drilling is complex process of borehole’s construction.

Бурение скважины – это сложный технологический процесс строительства ствола буровых скважин

Set according between following words

(to set according- устанавливать соответствие)

The well drilling has the following stages:

Depression (The rocks are destroyed by the special tool)

a) Проведение комплекса геологических работ по исследованию горных пород

  1. Removal the drilled rock from the well

b)Удаление выбуренной породы из скважины

  1. Conducting the complex of geological works to study of rocks

c)Спуск и цементирование колонны

  1. Launching and cementing of the string

d)Углубление (буровым инструментом разрушают горные породы)


Sketch out the well and the process of drilling

Stages of the well’s life

Natural gas is the main resource for the future of energy. Its development must be carried safely and responsibly. Natural gas occurs in the rock of the earth.

In this video I will explain how to drill oil well, to conduct exploration and to exploit it. It is important to consider geology and specifics of environment. It includes collection of seismic data, information about the air, wild nature and similar water bodies.

Then a drilling site is built. During the work it is possible to drill one or several wells. While drilling they takes care about environment protection and the groundwater.

Several layers of steel pipes are established, which are called casing pipes, and then they cement the space around every pipe layer. It is done, in order to isolate gas from layers, which contain fresh water.

Usually they drill several kilometers down, in order to reach the layer, where there are hydrocarbons, then they drill horizontally in shall formations. If the layer is compacted, it is drilled vertically or obliquely.

The full drilling cycle of well takes from several weeks till several months. During the drilling special sensors continuously transmit the information. Once achieved down hole of the well, drill pipes are removed and strong steel pipes are installed on the desired depth, according to the well project, which was developed by engineers.

This stage takes from several days and includes a lot of security tests to ensure in reliability of cementation and impermeability of the well and pipes.

This advanced drilling technology is one of the main factors which provides access to a large volume of gas in layers and shales deep within the earth.

After drilling well, the drilling rig removed and prepared to inject and process of hydraulic fracturing. This is the second factory.

Hydroulic fracturing is carefully controlled process. In such process hyrocorbons exempt from tiny pockets. Fracturing is not carried till they receive positive test results on well impermeability with pressure.

The toll wich is called drill, is lowered in the well till the target range. A special devise lets to know precise location of the tool.

When the drill is desired range, the shot occurs, it creates openings in casing pipe and link the well with layers of sandstones and shales.

Then the mixture is pumped into the well it, where there are water and sand with chemical substances, so cracks in sandstones or shales are happen.

Sand helps to hold the cracks open and natural gas enters into the well.

Possibly it is used repeatedly liquid for hydraulic fracturing to minimize used the volume of water.

Hydraulic fracturing is phased. After every stage is installed temporary plug for separation segment of hydraulic and prevention premature inflow of gas and oil.

The number of stages depends of local geological conditions.

The process is repeated until the cracks do not appear in the target range long.

Hydraulic fracturing and injecting each well takes from several days, to several weeks depending from number of intervals.

When everything is done, the plugs is drilled out and natural gas is moved into the well.

On the site, the inflow is separated into gas and liquids. The liquid includes water or condensate, which was deep in the depths. Water is collected for it recycling or recovery according to the law.

Gas is directed into the pipe and used for power supply. If there is no pipeline nearby gas is burred.

If the section is developed, it drilled a lot of wells at one field in different direction deep in the depths, in order to use all the surface.

All of wells fit to government regulations and standards of security by and environment protection. When drilling and injection is completed most of the equipment removed and reduce the size if the oil field.

The well can produce needed energy for decades.

Oil fields are regularly checked and performed maintenance during all lifetime.

When operational phase is over, the well is eliminated by cementation, the well is tested for leaks, equipment and structures is cleaned and recultivated the land which was used for construction wellsite, returning the original appearance.



  1. Stages of the life of the well – этапы жизни скважины

  2. the future of energy- будущее энергетики

  3. safely and responsibly – безопасно и отвественно

  4. in the rock of the earth – в горных породах земли

  5. to drill oil well – бурить скважину

  6. to conduct exploration – проводить разведку

  7. to exploit - эксплуатировать

  8. to consider geology and specifics of environment – учитывать геологию и специфику окружающей среды

  9. collection of seismic data – сбор сейсмических данных

  10. similar water bodies- близлежащие водные объекты

  11. drilling site – буровая площадка

  12. environment protection and the groundwater- защита окружающей среды и подводных вод

  13. Several layers of steel pipes- несколько слоев стальных труб

  14. casing pipes- обсадные трубы

  15. to cement - цементировать

  16. to isolate gas from layers – изолировать газ от пластов

  17. drill horizontally, vertically or obliquely- бурить горизонтально, вертикально или наклонно

  18. shall formations- сланцевые породы

  19. the full drilling cycle of well – полный цикл бурения скважины

  20. special sensors – специальные датчики

  21. transmit the information- передавать информацию

  22. achieved down- достигать

  23. strong steel pipes – прочные стальные трубы

  24. installed on the desired depth- устанавливать на нужную глубину

  25. the well project – проект скважины

  26. security tests- проверка безопасности

  27. reliability of cementation and impermeability of the well and pipes- надежность цементирования и герметичность скважин и труб

  1. large volume of gas in layers and shales- большой объем газа в пластах и сланцах

  2. to remove the drilling rig – убирать буровую установку

  3. process of hydraulic fracturing- процесс гидроразрыва пласта

  4. the toll which is called drill- инструмент, называющийся перфоратор

  1. target range- целевой интервал

  2. the shot- выстрел

  3. openings in casing pipe- отверстия в обсадной трубе

  4. temporary plug- временная пробка

  5. local geological conditions- местные геологические условия

  6. according to the law- согласно закону

  7. for decades- десятилетиями

  8. to perform maintenance- проводить тех.обслуживание

  9. to eliminate by cementation- ликвидировать цементированием

  10. to recultivate- рекультивировать

  11. the original appearance- первозданный вид


Answer the following questions:

  1. What is natural gas?

  2. What does geology include?

  3. What does it take care about while drilling?

  4. What are called casing pipes?

  5. What for it is cemented the pipe layers?

  6. How is it drilled down?

  7. How much time is the full drilling cycle of well take?

  8. What does the information transmit ?

  9. Who does the well project developed?

  10. Which factor of drilling is the first and which is the second?

  11. What is the toll?

  12. When there is a shot?

  13. What are the shorts creating?

  14. What does the number of stages depend?

  15. How much time does hydraulic fracturing and injecting well take?

  16. How is the inflow separated?

  17. Gas is directed into the pipe and used for power supply. What is done if there is no pipeline nearby.

  18. How much time can the well produce needed energy?

  19. Are oil fields regularly checked and performed maintenance during all lifetime?

  20. How is the original appearance returned?


Call the stages of the life of the well










Set according between following words

(to set according- устанавливать соответствие)

Give a brief description of each stage of the well’s life

(brief description-краткая характеристика)

  • Choice of location

  • Collection of environmental date

  • Construction of wellsite

  • Drilling of the well

  • Gradual fracturing

  • Separation of gas and liquid

  • Reduction of wellsite

  • Eliminating of the well

  • Recultivating of the field (lot)

Listen to the text and describe the images


Рисунок 1

On the first picture I can see……………

This stage is called……………

It is done on the stage……


Рисунок 2


Рисунок 3


Рисунок 4


Рисунок 5


Рисунок 6


Рисунок 7


Рисунок 8

Translate following words and word combinations

from Russian into English language

  1. бурить горизонтально, вертикально или наклонно

  2. сланцевые породы

  3. полный цикл бурения скважины

  4. специальные датчики

  5. передавать информацию

  6. достигать

  7. прочные стальные трубы

  8. устанавливать на нужную глубину

  9. проект скважины

  10. проверка безопасности

  11. надежность цементирования и герметичность скважин и труб

Translate following words and word combinations

from English into Russian language

  1. The main resource for the future of energy-

  2. In the rock of the earth-

  3. to drill oil well, to conduct exploration and to exploit it-

  4. Collection of seismic data-

  5. Environment protection-

  6. Several layers of steel pipes-

  7. to cement the space around every pipe layer-

  8. to isolate gas from layers-

  9. to drill horizontally in shall formations-

  10. The full drilling cycle of well-

  11. in reliability of cementation and impermeability of the well and pipes-

  12. hydraulic fracturing-

  13. to exempt from tiny pockets-

  14. water and sand with chemical substances-

  15. the original appearance-

Retell the text “Stages of the well’s life”


Write essays about “BLACK GOLD”

(мини сочинение с определенной структурой, в котором вы должны высказать свою точку зрения)

  1. Заголовок- название эссе, отражающее тему повествования

  2. Введение- 2-4 коротких предложения, раскрывающих тему эссе

  3. Основная часть, 2-3 абзаца, в которых заключается суть сочинения

  4. Заключение- 2-4 предложения, подводящих итог (вывод) написанному



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