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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Mid Test в 9 классе по английскому языку к УМК О.В. Афанасьевой Английский язык

Mid Test в 9 классе по английскому языку к УМК О.В. Афанасьевой Английский язык

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2015-2016 учебный год

Автор-составитель: Анисимова Анна Александровна

учитель английского языка

Административный промежуточный мониторинг по английскому языку (декабрь)

9 ВГ классы

Промежуточный мониторинг

по английскому языку (Mid Test)

9 ВГ классы

(базовый уровень)

Choose the right answer.

1. In the future new TV stations … in Russia.

a) are being built b) will be built c) built

2. The BBC … as the best non-commercial television system.

a) has been known b) is known c) knew

3) When I … John up, he said my article was not being translated.

a) rang b) ring c) rung

4) The BBC is probably the best known … radio and television system.

a) major b) non-commercial c) equal

5) Jack was given a gold watch after 25 years of … .

a) service b) serve c) services

6) The letters BBC … The British Broadcasting Corporation.

a) present b) stand for c) broadcast

7) This novel … read at the moment.

a) is reading b) is being read c) has been read

8) The new island … discovered.

a) is b) has been c) has

9) My little brother … the TV as soon as he gets in.

a) turns off b) turns down c) turns on

10) If can’t hear the music well, turn it … .

a) down b) up c) over

11) The school … all pupils.

a) fails b) caters for c) depresses

12) Yesterday we had a test … English.

a) in b) at c) on

13) I have a friend, Denis by name, who is quite … to television.

a) asleep b) addicted c) dependent

14) He can’t … his life without television.

a) spread b) cater c) imagine

15) … the problem … by two o’clock?

a) has…been discussed b) has … discussed c) had…been discussed

(повышенный уровень)

16) John worried himself into a state of … .

a) depression b) depressed c) depressive

17) I was sorry the work … yet.

a) hasn’t answered b) hadn’t answered c) hadn’t been answered

18) We all enjoyed … at the movies.

a) themselves b) ourselves c) yourselves

19) She said … a whisper so I couldn’t hear.

a) in b) at c) on

20) James has been very … since his wife died.

a) alone b) lonely c) one

21) We were … all day in the beach.

a) alone b) lonely c) one

22) The film … a very popular book by E. Nesbit.

a) is based at b) is based on c) is based

23) Yesterday Nick … to hospital. Poor kid!

a) is taken b) had been taken c) was taken

24) Just imagine! The room … painted pink!

a) is being b) has been c) is

25) He is a very … student! He failed his exams.

a) responsible b) irresponsible c) unpleasant


3’ = 11-16

4’= 17-21

5’= 22-25


    1. b

    2. b

    3. a

    4. b

    5. a

    6. b

    7. b

    8. b

    9. c

    10. b

    11. b

    12. c

    13. b

    14. c

    15. c

    16. a

    17. c

    18. b

    19. a

    20. b

    21. a

    22. b

    23. c

    24. b

    25. b

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