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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Мини рассказ по английскому языку "The Head of State's childhood"
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Мини рассказ по английскому языку "The Head of State's childhood"



Ел басының

балалық шағы


Главы Государства

The head of states



«The biggest success in man’s life

is the happiest childhood»,

Nursultan Nazarbayev


On July 6, 1940 at Ushkonyr zhailau of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the family of Abish and Alzhan Nazarbayev was born a long-awaited boy and parents named him Nursultan.

There befallen a great story with a choice of baby’s name. Relatives gathered at the celebration in eager rivalry offered a variety of names. Finally newly-born child’s grandmother Myrzabala suggested: "Let my beloved grandson have two names at the same time - Nur and Sultan, let him be Nursultan".

Lhello_html_10627317.jpgike most grandmothers in the world, Myrzabala played a significant role in molding of a personality of grandson. Nursultan’s mother Alzhan reminisced how Myrzabala gave advices and guidance to children, daughter in law, told about the primordial national traditions and superstitions, actively participated in upbringing of grandson Nursultan.

Myrzabala’s son, the father of Nursultan Nazarbayev

Abish was born in 1903 at the foot of the Alatau mountains

in the family of Nazarbay bi (judge).

Abish Nazarbayev was cheerful and respectable man.

He was fluent not only in Kazakh, but Russian and

Balkar languages. Abish cordially singing Kazakh and

Russian songs, was able to listen to the interlocutor,

to give good advice. Abish Nazarbayev died in 1971.

Nhello_html_m237ee377.jpgazarbayev's mother - Alzhan - was born in 1910

in the family of mullah from Kasyk village in Kurday district of Dzhambul region.

Alzhan came to Ushkonyr with her father in exile, where he met Abish. No one in the village sings and improvises better than she. Cheerful Alzhan fostered in

the son respect and deference to adults, cultivated in a love to national traditions, songs and customs. Alzhan Nazarbayeva died in 1977.

Childhood of Sultan, as he was called in the family fell on hard and difficult war and postwar years.

Thello_html_7f9c9418.jpghe victory in the war was achieved due to incredible efforts of the huge state, at cost of millions of human lives. Half-crippled country has just climbed out of the ruins and rebuilt. A few years after the Victory the USSR was involved in a new grueling race, now in the "cold war", and its hardships newly formed heavy burden on the shoulders of ordinary people.

Times were hard, half-starved. But in the memory

of a young Nursultan preserved not only the hardships

and trials of that time, but warm and loving arms of

mother, and father’s caring attention. Close-knit family,

brothers and sisters, sincere songs of parents. The beauty

of the brilliant peaks of Alatau and exciting boys' game.

That was the childhood of all of his peers.

Family of Abish Nazarbayev:

spouse: Alzhan, sons: Nursultan, Satybaldy, Bolat,

daughter: Nazira, relative: Zeigul, 1956

Nursultan saw that his father never sits idle, and therefore tried to help him in everything. At home, in the garden and apple orchard, where he helped his father grow potatoes and apples. Nursultan caring for the cattle, along with his father mowed the hay in the mountains.

One day his father Abish brought home Balkar family of special deported immigrants. Nazarbayev’s family sheltered them and helped to find the work. And Abish Nazarbayev during this time became friends with Balkars and quickly learned their language.

Everybody did in this way in a multinational Chemolgan. No one was divided according to nationality. Nursultan Nazarbayev, later wrote in one of his books, that among the boys, no one remembers who you are - Kazakh, Ukrainian, Chechen or German: "But how to divide them, if the house of the Kazakh family neighbored with home of Meskhetian Turks, and in the following houses lived Bogdan, Richard and Oleg ...". Boyish gangs were separated only according to streets where they lived. Sometimes they fought street to street. But friendship and mutual help have been a way of life.


Despite all the difficulties, boys and girls drawn into the magical world of knowledge, joyful and bright future, full of sense and reason.

Nursultan studied diligently and with great interest, being one of the first disciples, not only in class but also at the school. He intensively read all the books, which only managed to get it, which brought him relatives, knowing the insatiable curiosity of a young Nursultan.

Khello_html_7a3d67d.jpgaskelen school head teacher Seythan Issayev, where Nursultan finished high school, noted at once curiosity and analytical mind of adolescent: "He was very grateful to the students. He listened attentively, asking questions, not only on the program, caught every word the teacher. Never parted with the book, read something all the time".

Childhood and adolescence of a young Nursultan were short. Already to eighteen years and the end of high school, Nursultan markedly stood out among his peers by good knowledge and spacious mind. Permanent work and regular sport exercises made him physically strong, he looked much older than his peers. But the main thing that distinguished him - it is independence of judgment and actions, as well as ongoing commitment to leadership. He knew how to build relationships with his peers from the first minute of communication, he was a "ringleader" and good organizer. He liked to joke, sing well, possessed people to him and quickly became the soul of the company.

At the same time revealed one of his inherent traits - pragmatism. Learning about Komsomol set for big construction site of steel plant in Temirtau, Nursultan decided to become a metallurgist.

Persistence and perseverance enabled him to master all the academic subjects in his chosen specialty with "excellent" marks. Also young Nazarbayev passed final qualifying exams with "excellent" marks and received a certificate of the "the eighth level second furnace men of the blast furnace".

 Now Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev is the President of Kazakhstan. He has been the country's leader since 1989, when he was named First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Kazakh SSR, and was elected the nation's first president following its independence from the Soviet Union in December 1991. In April 2015, Nazarbayev was re-elected with almost 98% of the vote.


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