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Мини-олимпиада по английскому языку

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Choose the correct variant:

1. - Are they good friends?

- No, they don’t like … .

a). them;

b). each other;

c). him;

d). themselves.

2. The harder you study, the … mark you get.

a). more good;

b). best;

c). better;

d). goodest;

3. My friend is good … foreign languages.

a). in;

b). at;

c) for;

d). with:

4). The national holiday which takes place each year on the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II marked by a military parade and march-past is called … .

a). Rememberence Day;

b). St Patrick’s Day;

c). Halloween;

d). Trooping of the colour.

5. The Queen gives a speech about the state of the British nation every year on … .

a). Christmas;

b). New Year’s Day;

c). St. Patrick’s Day;

d). Easter.

6. Sasha is not going to have a party … birthday this year.

a). on;

b). in;

c). at;

d). for.

7. She gave him … water to wash his face and hands.

a). many;

b). few;

c) a little;

d). a few.

8. I have never worked so … in my life!

a). hard;

b). hardly;

c) harder;

d). the hardest.

9). The money … to him.

a). belong;

b). belongs;

c). do not belong;

d). not belong.

10). Wales is a part of the UK, so one can’t call it … country.

a).a dependent;

b). independently;

c). an independent;

d). depending.

11. She advised us to visit her … .

a). father-in-law’s library;

b). father’s - in – law library;

c). father- in – laws’ library;

d). farther – in - law- library’s.


A.: «Could you show me the way to the nearest hotel ?»
B.: «__________________».

a). I’m afraid, I can’t.

b). I don’t know.

c). That’s OK.

d). No, I can’t.

13. The capital of Nothern Irland is …. .

a). Belfast;

b). Dublin;

c). Cardiff;

d). Edinburgh.

14. Customer: «Show me this lipstick, please. Does it suit me?»

Shop-assistant: «_______________».

a). Yes. It suits you perfectly.

b). Why should I tell you?

c). Not at all.

d). I don’t know.

15). Прочитай Шотландскую легенду и заполни пропуски недостающими словами, данными после текста.


Loch Ness is a large lake in Scotland. It is the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. People think that a huge monster, called Nessie, in the lake. The water is very . The weather is often cloudy, so it is difficult to see under water. There is a lot of dark water in which Nessie can .

Some people say that Nessie is a plesiosaurus, a creature from the age of dinosaurs. The says that Nessie has a long neck, a small and a big body, and can swim very fast.

Many People want of Nessie. They come to Loch Ness to find the monster. But we don’t know if Nessie really lives in Loch Ness.

1. to take а photo; 2. cold and deep; 3. famous for; 4. legend; 5. hide; 6. lives;

7. head.

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