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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / 15-минутные срезы знаний по грамматике английского языка для НПО (1 курс)

15-минутные срезы знаний по грамматике английского языка для НПО (1 курс)

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Test # 1. (The ABC. Phonetics)

  1. Write down the transcription of the following letters.

Kk, Gg, Qq, Ww, Mm, Jj, Ff, Ii, Uu.

  1. Write the letter that has the following sound.

[ӕ], [w], [p], [ǝu], [Ʌ], [u:].

3. According the transcription write word in letters.





  1. Write the transcription of the following words.

Waitress, cake, mam, notice

TEST #2 (The Noun)

I. Theory

  1. Образование единственного и множественного числа существительных. Исключения.

  2. Притяжательный падеж существительных.

  3. 3.1. Отсутствие артикля.

    1. Употребление артикля с некоторыми именами собственными.

    2. Употребление определенного артикля с существительными.

II. Practice.

  1. Make the nouns plural.

A tooth –

A postman –

A child –

A box –

A roof –

A person –

  1. Fill in the articles where it is necessary

  1. ____ Earth moves round ___ Sun.

  2. ____ Mary is ___ best student in ___ group.

  3. During ___ break I usually go to ____ canteen and have ___ cup of orange juice and _____ roll.

  4. My mother is cooking ____ breakfast in ____ kitchen.

  1. Read and translate into Russian.

Mother’s bag

The teacher’s register

My friends’ book

The children’s toys

TEST #3 (The Adjectives. The Degrees of Comparison)

  1. Form the comparative and the superlative degrees of the adjectives.

Good Cold Bad Heavy Little Expensive

  1. Use the adjectives given in brackets in the comparative or superlative form.

  1. Two heads are ____ than one. (good)

  2. This is ____ book I have ever read. (interesting)

  3. Concord is ___ plane in the world. (fast)

  4. Mike is ____ than Nick. (tall)

  5. Harrods is _____ shop in London. (expensive)

  6. This is _____ hotel in our city. (cheap)

  7. We discuss ____ news. (late)

  8. My _____ brother is five years my senior. (old)

  9. The first exercise is _____ than the second. (difficult)

  10. The weather has become _____. It looks like raining. (bad)

TEST #4 (Pronouns. Adverbs. Prepositions.)

  1. Fill the blanks with the appropriate pronouns.

  1. In the morning I go to the bathroom and wash _____.

  2. We have ____ new friends in the college.

  3. Do you have _____ to tell me? – There is ____ news.

  4. I want to invite _____ friends ____ you know very well.

  1. Form the degrees of comparison from the following adverbs.







  1. Fill in the blanks with prepositions.

  1. He stood ____ his father.

  2. They decided to meet ___ five o’clock ____ the station.

  3. The school year begins ____ September and ends ____ May.

  4. She is fond ___ reading.

When my friend came ____ room, there was nobody _



  1. Write the numerals

Twenty-five, sixteen, one thousand three hundred and eighty four, six hundred and seventy three, nine hundred and twenty one, four hundred and thirteen.

  1. Writer the order numerals

The thirteenth, the eighth, the four thousand eight hundred and seventy fifth, the two hundred and thirty third.

  1. Write the dates

The twenty second of March, the twenty-third of August, the ninth of December, the first of November.

  1. Write the year.

Fourteen thirty six, eighteen ninety one, sixteen one, twenty ten



  1. Translate the Participles.

Giving, taken, translating, seen, written, sung, finishing.

  1. Make Participle I, II from the following verbs.

Watch, try, laugh, boil, make, resemble, receive, introduce.

  1. Join sentences using the right form of the Participles.

  1. Mike looked into the fridge. He found out that he had nothing to eat.

  2. She fed her family. She ate dinner herself.



  1. Translate into Russian.

  1. After leaving the house they decided to go to a cafe.

  2. They thanked me for buying the cake.

  3. They will forget me for talking too much.

  1. Translate into English.

  1. Придя домой, Ник сразу начал работать.

  2. Студенты продолжили писать.

  3. Она не любит водить машину.

TEST # 8

(Indefinite Personal Sentences/ Impersonal Sentences)

  1. Translate into Russian

  1. One could see the mountains from the window.

  2. One cannot know everything.

  3. They say no news is good news.

  4. It is getting dark.

  5. It is very late.

  6. It is pleasant to see that you are happy.

  1. Translate into English

  1. Говорят, что твоя мама хорошо готовит.

  2. Нельзя забывать о старых друзьях.

  3. Холодно.

  4. Кажется, что мы опаздываем на занятия.

  5. Отсюда далеко до парка.

TEST # 9

Passive Voice

  1. Give Participle II of the following words.

Say, know, complete, build, answer, decorate, develop

  1. Open the brackets: use the Active or Passive Voice.

  1. Vlad (invite) many friends to his birthday party.

  2. Vlad (invite) to a birthday party by his friends yesterday.

  3. Exercises (write) in class every day.

  4. Where the bedroom (locate) in your flat?

  1. Translate into English.

  1. Письмо написано студентом.

  2. Об этой книги будут много говорить.

  3. Ремонт производиться рабочими.

  4. Салат уже готов.

TEST #10


  1. Translate into Russian

  1. If we have a test today, I will get an excellent mark.

  2. If you call us at six o’clock, we won’t be late.

  3. If he were with us, he would find the way out.

  4. You would like her, if you saw her.

  5. If he hadn’t called me, I shouldn’t have come.

  6. If he had been here, he would have solved the problem at once.

  1. Translate into English

  1. Если у вас есть время, напишите письмо друзьям.

  2. Если ты поедешь поездом, тебе лучше купить билеты заранее.

  3. Мы поехали бы на машине, если бы продумали маршрут заранее.

TEST #11


  1. Translate into Russian

  1. Translate this text from Russian into English.

  2. Don’t open the window.

  3. Let her translate this difficult sentence.

  4. Will you write me a letter?

  1. Translate into English.

  1. Пусть он сходит к врачу.

  2. Давайте посмотрим этот фильм.

  3. Сделай домашнее задание!

  4. Не простудись!

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