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Модель ответа к презентации №4. Подготовка к устной части ЕГЭ - английский язык.


Last autumn holidays were wonderful, I took a lot of photos and now I’d like to show you one of the photos. It’s great! hello_html_m454368c5.png

Well, I took this photo when I was on holidays in a nice Russian town not far from Moscow. My granny lives there and I usually spend my autumn holidays there.

The weather was excellent that day, and I went for a walk. Suddenly I saw a group of children laughing, spreading their arms wide. Indeed, they were very happy on this beautiful autumn day.

They were playing an interesting game with an older boy. The boy asked them funny questions. Every time they guessed the answer, they started laughing and jumping. They were enjoying themselves.

So you see why I took this photo. Though the day wasn’t wonderful, it was cold but the children liked their game and didn’t notice anything or anybody. They were extremely happy, spread their arms wide and laughed. I also wanted to smile. Everything was getting even better.

I decided to give this picture to you as I am sure you will share this positive moment with me. I know that you are having some problems now, so maybe this picture will improve your mood. Cheer up and enjoy your life, it’s wonderful.

Well, that’s all for now. I am looking forward to your reaction. See you!


1. In the first picture I can see a farmer in his garden. He is very happy that this year he will gather a lot of beautiful vegetables. The second picture shows a politician making his speech at the conference. He is concentrated on his speech, there must be a lot of people listening to him.

2. On the one hand, the pictures have a lot in common. The pictures show two jobs people can do to earn their living. Both a farmer and a politician have to be hard-working in order to succeed. They work long hours, and we can’t see the results of their work immediately. It takes time for them to become successful.

3. On the other hand, in some ways the photos are really different. A politician travels a lot, he has to be communicative and persuasive as he meets a lot of different people; he needs to bring people round to his point of view. His job is well-paid. A farmer doesn’t travel much, but he doesn’t have a lot of free time either. He works with nature, he needs to be experienced to understand the laws of nature. His job is not well-paid and it’s tiring.

4. I’d prefer to be a politician. This job really attracts me in various aspects.

5. First of all, I think politicians earn lots of money and their job is very exciting. What’s more, they get to meet many interesting people. Finally, politicians have a chance to improve others’ lives.

Well, that’s all for now. I have tried to show the similarities and the differences of these two pictures.

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