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Modern lesson of English


Modern English lesson. How does it look?

In the 60th of 20 century Russian academic D.Likhachev in his speech to the teachers of country said: “In teacher’s hands our 20th century”. Here it is the 20th century, new century, and we are, the teachers are also new one, it means we are indifferent, but the problem to us is very old: how to make our lessons really interesting, how to motivate pupils to study language, how to teach it?

I am, as the teacher of the new formation, teacher of 20th century, also think on this theme: why do not all the lessons interesting? What do interfere with children to use their knowledge on practice? And how to do all your lessons as holiday?

Of course, every lesson of English is unique. Lessons in their content may be different. If one lesson is grammar lesson, the other may have lexical theme, on one lesson we work at listening and reading, on the other speaking and writing, on one lesson we study new material, on the other we repeat the old one. It depends on the aim of the lesson.

But there are some laws to every lesson independently of its aim and content.

It is known, that the pupils, which are interested in the theme of the lesson, are active and enjoy studying, they succeeded greatly in a short period of time, than those who are made to study. How to conduct the lesson which will be good methodologically, but also interesting and cognitive to my students? The famous British Methodist Jeremy Harmer considers that there are three terms of successful lesson: Engage, Study, Activate. So I try to follow these terms, organizing my lesson, because the essence of modern lesson is that the student must be actively involved in the process of studying and he must like it.

Modern lesson is active interaction among teacher and student, and between the other students, it is the lesson, which creates something new: the new turns into the project, the project flows smoothly to reality, the results of which must be innovations.

The other important and difficult question is: how to maintain the interest of students during the lesson? School is some kind of small country where students spend their time, this time they are sitting at the lessons and for me is very important to make my lessons interesting and unforgettable. In order to maintain the interest of students during the lesson I use, firstly, different exercises, materials and forms of interaction of students. If a child does a routine work every lesson, the interest to the lesson will drop. Secondly, the teacher is planning his lesson according to students’ need. Even during the lesson teacher can correct his plan, if he sees the necessity of it. I don’t afraid to change my plan of the lesson if I see that something is difficult for understanding, I can explain it the other way, more easily, I even can give examples from personal experience, if it helps to understand the material.

Of course, modern lesson must have a good shape, I mean the modern techniques. Our school has several multimedia classrooms, interactive boards, that’s why it is easy for me to use information and communication techniques, Active Board, to make flip charts and to use the Internet – all of these stimulate my students and help me to use the wide choice of material, widen the outlook and increases motivation for learning language.

And, of course, modern lesson must have inductive methods, they help students to make conclusions themselves, learn to think and make analysis. Among inductive tasks there are some directed to the development of imaginative perception, exercises, which develop critical thinking – all these are typical for senior students.

We cannot forget about methodic of critical thinking through reading and writing, because of this methodic, the role of a teacher is the least, and the role of a student increases. Modern lesson should look like this, shouldn’t it? When the students conduct their actions, control the course of the lesson and even mark each other.

Summing up I may say that what forms and methods will use the teacher; how he will try to diversify his lesson – the aim is the one - quality education, steady knowledge and as a result, people of new formation, the future of our country.

In our time it is necessary to keep pace with time, that’s why I make my modern lesson progressive, interesting, cognitive and creative. And for this you need a great desire, creativity, knowledge of new forms and methods, belief in yourself and in your clever and curiosity students.

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