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Модульный контроль №1 (9 класс) к учебнику Спотлайт 9

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Модульный контроль № 1 (9 класс)

1.Fill in missing word: raises, return, experience, display, street, make, strong, contest, spare. Be careful, there are 2 words you don’t need to use.

1 Please …sure the doors are locked before you leave.

2 Many festivals have colourful… parades.

3 People dress up for the festival as a way to … life in medieval times.

4 Ann was sure that she would win the cooking … with her delicious dish.

5 Take a… change of clothes with you on your journey because it will be raining weather soon.

6 It is a … tradition for Russian people to celebrate Maslenitsa with pancakes.

7 This organization always … money for different local charities.

2. Complete the sentences with the correct present forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 The milk (smell ) sour. Do you keep it on the table?

2 You always (lose) things. Can’t you be more careful?

3 She (work) hard all day long so she is too tired to go to the party.

4 Bob’s wife (lose) just her work and she is really upset.

3. Choose the correct participle.

1 After hearing the frightening/ frightened tale, the frightening/ frightened children wouldn’t go to sleep.

2 It was an exciting/ excited incident.

3 A crowd of exciting/ excited people were watching the firemen trying to save the house.

4 During my holidays I came across several interesting/ interested books.

4. Complete the sentences with the correct propositions : of, for, with, in.

1 They are interested … learning German.

2 Mother is pleased… my success in English.

3 I’m tired… work. I want a holiday.

4 Italy is famous… its antiquities and ice-cream.

5.Fill in: when, who, which, where, whose.

1 We didn’t know… things they were.

2 Alice is the person… speaks Chinese well.

3 December 25th,…Christmas takes place, is also my sister’s birthday.

4 The costume…I’ve chosen for the party is very nice.

5 Brussels…march of the scarecrows is held, is in Belgium.

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