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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Модульно-развивающее занятие по английскому языку на тему "Праздники" (6 класс)
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  • Иностранные языки

Модульно-развивающее занятие по английскому языку на тему "Праздники" (6 класс)

Выберите документ из архива для просмотра:

Выбранный для просмотра документ AT 3x30.docx


AT 3x30

Holidays. Mark’s Birthday Party.


  • to foкm the students’ being ready to realize common actions and projects;

  • to practise in speaking (dialogues and monologues);

  • to practise in using ordinal numerals, Present and Past Continuous; and Past Simple;

  • to practise in listening and writing;

  • to develop communication culture;

  • to teach the ability to help the partners in complicated situations.


  • records with authentic texts, background and functional music;

  • tables for training grammar and vocabulary;

  • special tasks for writing;

  • mini-book pages;

  • a number of pictures on the subject, paper apples of different colours for self-assessment.

Notes: The pupils are united in the groups of 4 before the lesson.

The desks are arranged accordingly.

Lesson 1.

  1. Introduction.

Teacher: Good morning children! Glad to see you. How are you?

Children: Glad to see you. We are fine! And you?

T: I’m fine, thank you. You look wonderful today!

Ch: Thank you, so do you.

T: Thank you, We are fine today and I hope our lesson will also be fine.

  1. Telling the topic of the lesson and its objectives.

T: Children, look at these pictures on the board, look at your mini-books. What are we going to speak about?

Ch: Holidays and Birthday.

T: You are right. Today we are going to speak about holidays, parties, presents.

We are also going to learn how to make a birthday invitation.

We will practise in listening and writing.

Traditionally you will use the apples of different colours for self-assessment. Do you remember? A red apple means 3 points, a yellow apple means two points and a green apple is one point.

  1. Phonetic Exercise.

T: I suggest starting our work with “Holiday Chant”

Exercise 1 in your mini-books. Look, listen and read.

(The students read the chant together).

  1. Practice in speaking.

    1. Making up dialogues.

T: Children, do you know much about British and Ukrainian holidays?

Use Cross - Cultural Map and talk about holidays in Ukraine and Great Britain. Work in pairs.

(The students do exercise 2 with the help of tables A and B. Three or four pairs present their dialogues).

    1. Checking up homework.

T: As far as I remember your homework was to prepare short stories about your favourite holidays. Let’s listen to your stories.

(The students present their stories to the group).

    1. Making up dialogues.

T: Children, do you like playing? Let’s play the game “What is it?” “Who is he?” Work in pairs and do exercise 3A and 3B (3-4 pairs present their dialogues to the group)

T: Do you agree with me that most of children like their birthday?

Do exercise 3C and speak about your birthday.

  1. Summarizing the first lesson.

T: Children, what have we already done?

P1 We have already spoken about holidays

P2 We have already revised numerals

We have already played a game

We have already spoken about our birthdays.

T: You are right, kids.

  1. Self-assessment.

Please, take two apples of a definite colour for self-assessment of your speaking and doing homework.

Lesson 2.

  1. Practice in reading.

T. Well, let’s continue our work .

We have already spoken much about holidays.

While you were working I got an e-mail letter from Mark and some pictures of his relatives Let’s read it.

(The students read ex.4. The teacher asks a few questions to control understanding).

  1. Practice in Grammar (Past Continuous).

  • So, look at these pictures and speak about Mark’s relatives doing ex.5

(The teacher shows the pictures to the pupils and the students ask and answer the questions to each other using Past Continuous (see ex.5 of mini-book))

  1. Project Work.

T: Children, I hope, you were very attentive when you were reading Mark’s e-mail.

Do you remember what problem Mark has?

Ch: He can’t make an invitation.

T: Yes, you are right. Let’s help him. I will give you special envelopes with all necessary things for each group and with Instructions. Make a birthday invitation and present it. Work in groups. I can give you 5 minutes. (See Supplement).

(While children are working the teacher asks questions and the students answer using Present Continuous.

e.g. – Vlada, that are your doing?

I am cutting the picture.

(After that the students present their invitations)

  1. Self assessment

T: Well, I think, you have worked very well. Evaluate your work by choosing an apple for reading and grammar.

Lesson 3.

  1. Practice in listening.

T: Well, I have a surprise for you, children.

It is a Skype-connection with Mark and his family.

Listen carefully and be ready to do the tasks .

(The students listen to dialogues 1 (See Supplements) and do the test (Exercise 6). After that they check up their answers with the help of a teacher)).

T: - Listen to dialogue 2 and pay attention to Mark’s presents.

(The students listen to dialogue 2 (See Supplement) and do ex.7, 8).

- Listen to the dialogue again and pay attention to Mark’s guests and their presents.

(The students do exercise 8 and read the Sentences).

  1. Practice in writing.

T: - I see you understood the texts very well. And now let’s imagine that Mark’s birthday party was yesterday. Let’s complete the story using the word bank and Past Simple. Work in groups. You have 7 minutes for it.

(The students do Exercise 9 and read their stories).

  1. Evaluate your work at the lesson: choose an apple for listening and writing.

  2. Summarizing the results of the lesson. Reflexion.

T: - What have we done at the lesson today?

Ch: - We have spoken about holidays

We have made invitations

We have listened to the texts

We have written the exercises

We have read the e-mail.

T: - What do you like most of all?

Ch: …..

  1. And now, kids, Let’s count your score. Write your score in your mini-book.

  2. I suggest finishing our work with our favourite song. (All children sing “If you are happy…”)

Выбранный для просмотра документ Mini Book.docx



Birthday Party

C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\1304855537_ic001109.jpg

Mini Book

Holidays. Birthday

Lesson1. Holidays in Britain and Ukraine.

Exercise 1. Listen and Read.

Holiday Chant.

  1. January’s here! Hooray!

Happy, Happy New Year Day.

C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\68422876_1293461357_newyear_22.jpg

  1. February’s here! Hooray!

Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day.

C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\51128.jpg

  1. March is here! Hooray!

Have a nice St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. April’s here! Hooray!

The Easter Bunny’s coming!

Have a wonderful day.

C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\i.jpg

  1. May is here! Hooray!

Happy, Happy Mother’s Day.

  1. June is here! Hooray!

Happy, Happy Father’s Day.

  1. July is here! Hooray!

The Fourth of July

Have a wonderful day.

  1. August is here. Hooray!

Have a wonderful holiday!

  1. September’s here! Hooray!

Back to school!

Have a wonderful day.


  1. October’s here! Hooray!

Halloween’s coming!

Have a wonderful day.

  1. November’s here! Hooray!

Have a nice Thanksgiving Day

  1. December’s here! Hooray!

Santa Claus is coming

Have a wonderful day.

Exercise 2. Read and Talk.

Cross-Cultural Map. Holidays in Ukraine and Britain.



Great Britain



The seventh of January

The twenty-fifth of December


New Year’s Day

The first of January

The first of January


St. Valentine’s Day

The fourteenth of February

The fourteenth of February


Mother’s Day

In May


Women’s Day

The eighth of March



In April or May

In March or April


Father’s Day


In June


May Day

The first of May



Victory Day

The ninth of May




In May or June

In May or June


Independence Day

On the twenty-fourth of August




On the thirty-first of October


St. Nickolas day

On the nineteenth of December

On the sixth of December

  1. What holiday do the British celebrate on ……?

the Ukrainians in……..

  • They celebrate………

  • When do the Ukrainians celebrate……?

the British

  • On the …. of …… (In …….)

  1. The Ukrainians celebrate……

The British

don’t celebrate ….....

Exercise 3. What holiday is it? When is your birthday?


1 7



6 19



14 23


Sam Kate Tom






1-2 9


Robert Betty


6 28




14 24

Jane Julia Jack


1 10





Nick Mary


This holiday is

on the first of January

on the seventh of January

on the fourteenth of February

on the twenty-third of February

on the eighth of March

on the first and second of May

on the ninth of May

in April or in May

on the twenty-eighth of June

on the twenty-fourth of August

on the first of September

on the thirty-first of October

What is it?


1. His birthday is on the twenty-second of January

2. His birthday is on the tenth of September

3. Her birthday is on the thirtieth of May

4. His birthday is on the third of April

5. His birthday is on the fourteenth of August

6. Her birthday is on the sixth of June

7. Her birthday is on the eleventh of December

8. Her birthday is on the fourth of July

9. Her birthday is on the seventeenth of November

10. His birthday is on the second of February

Who is he (she)?

C. - When is your birthday?

- It is on the ……. of …….

- When is your friend’s birthday?

- It is on the ……. of …….

Lesson 2. Preparation for Birthday Party.

C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\1-organizatsiya-dnya-rozhdeniya-veduschij-na-den.jpeg

Exercise 4. Read Mark’s e-mail.

To boys and girls of 5Bclass

Lyceum 1, Khartsyzsk, Ukraine

Dear friends,

I’m going to have a birthday party at 5 p. m. tomorrow.

There will be a lot of guests and a lot of fun. I have prepared interesting games, prizes for winners and surprises for everybody. My granny wants to cook my favorite pizza. And my mother wants to cook a chocolate cake. I’m very busy now. I have already blown up the balloons, but I haven’t written the invitations yet. The problem is I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me?

I hope everything will be wonderful. I think everybody will enjoy the party.



Exercise 5. What was he (she) doing …..?

What was

Mark’s mother

Mark’s granny

his brother

his sister

Mark’s friend

Mark’s grandpa

his cousin

Mark’s father


while Mark was writing the e-mail?




Ving ……

Lesson 3. A Birthday Party.

Exercise 6. Listen and choose the right answer.

C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\getres.jpeg

1. What time is it? 2. How old is Mark? 3. Who has made a cake?

a). nearly four o’clock a). He is eleven a). Mark’s mother

b). nearly five o’clock b). He is nine b). Mark’s granny

c). nearly three o’clock c). Mark is ten c). Mark’s granny and


4. Who came to the party? 5. Mark’s guests

a). Mark’s cousins a). sang a song

b). Mark’s friends b). recited a poet

c). Mark’s relatives c). prepared a surprise

C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\gimg2442.jpg

Exercise 7. Listen and choose the presents.

A pen, a computer, a globe, a robot, chocolates, a book, a CD, a T-shirt, a tie, a schoolbag, a telescope, aeroplane, a teddy-bear, a toy-car.

Exercise 8. Read and match.

A telescope great

A computer useful

A pen awful

An astronomy book is favourite !

A tie are nice

Chocolates lovely

A globe fantastic

A robot beautiful

An aeroplane

Exercise 8. Complete the sentences.

  1. Mark got ….. from his parents.

  2. Mark’s grandparents presented Mark with …..

  3. Mark got ….. from Angela.

  4. Uncle Fred ….. Mark with …..

  5. Mark …… …… from Susan.

  6. Tom …… Mark with ……

  7. Mark …… …… from Susan.

  8. Ann …… Mark with ……

C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\gift.jpg

Exercise 9. Complete the story, using Past Simple.

Mark’s birthday was on the …… Mark was …… His mother prepared a … cake. His friends and … came to greet him. Mark got a lot of … . He liked all his …, but he didn’t like the … from auntie Rose. Mark … everybody for the presents.

(галстук, подарки (2), поблагодарил, девятнадцатое декабря, чудесный, десять).

Exercise 9. Speak about your birthday party.

Count your score: a red apple – 3 points

Activity at the lesson


Lesson 1. Speaking

about holidays

Lesson 2. Reading and


Lesson 3. Listening

and Writing


a yellow apple – 2 points

a green apple – 1 point


C:\Documents and Settings\Katya\Рабочий стол\Новая папка\party.jpg

Выбранный для просмотра документ Supplement.docx



1. Tapescrips

Mark’s Birthday

Part 1.

  • It’s nearly 5 o’clock, Mark.

Nearly time for your party.

  • Oh, mum, what a lovely cake!

Thank you very much.

  • Is it OK?

  • It’s beautiful! Ten candles.

Oh, thank you.

  • Well, here are your friends.

  • Hello, Mark. Happy birthday!

Here are your presents!

  • Oh, thank you. What lovely presents!

Part 2.

  • Well, let’s look at all your presents. Do you like them?

  • Oh, yes. They’re all lovely!

I love the computer. It’s fantastic! Thank you so much mummy and daddy.

  • Oh, that’s all right.

  • And. Susan, the robot is fantastic.

And I really like the globe by Tom. And thank you for the pen, Angela. It’s made of silver. It’s beautiful and it’s useful. I like it very much.

  • And the tie from Auntie Rose?

  • Oh, it’s awful. But I like the book about Astronomy from Uncle Fred. It looks very interesting. The aeroplane from John is great, too.

  • Don’t forget your grandparents.

  • Oh, yes. The telescope from granddad and grandma is fantastic!

Yes, I really like that.

  • What about the chocolates from Ann?

  • They are my favourite chocolates. Really nice! Please, have one everybody.

  • Thank you. Happy birthday again!


2. Instructions

(How to make an invitation)

  1. Cut the picture.

  2. Glue the picture to the card.

  3. Make up the text.

  4. Glue the text.

  5. Decorate your card.

  • What are you doing?

  • I am cutting the picture

gluing the picture

gluing the text

decorating the card

writing (drawing)

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