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"Мое тело" (5 класс)

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Plan of the lesson.

Subject: English

Form: 5


Theme of the lesson: My body

The aim of the lesson:

- Educational to teach pupils to talk about parts of body, to enrich their vocabulary, learn the grammar rule "Demonstrative pronouns"

- Developmental - to develop pupil` s memory, speaking and thinking abilities.

- Pedagogical - to bring up the feeling of love towards the family and to take care of their house

The type of the lesson: Combined lessons.

Methods of the lesson: illustrative, practical, oral, work with the book.

Materials: cards, books, pictures, presentation with the grammar rule

The course of the lesson

I. Warming - up

1. Greeting

- Hello, dear boys and girls. I`m very glad to see you again.

Sit down please.

- Today at the lesson we are going to speak about our body. We'll learn the names parts of body and new grammar rule "Demonstrative pronouns"

2. Speech warming-up.

  • Answer the questions.

- How are you?

- What is your name?

- How old are you?

- Where are you from?

3. Phonetic warming-up.

  • Reading of the teacher.

  • Translation.

  • Name all the words with the sound.

  • Reading in chorus of the words with the sound.

  • Reading of the whole phonetic warming-up with the teacher.

  • Reading of the pupils

This is my head

These are my arms

These are my hands

These are my feet.

II. The main part of the lesson.

1. Introduction of the new lexicon

body [bodi]

head [hed]

face [feis]

mouth [mauθ]

eye [ai]

nose [nouz]

ear [iǝ]

hair [heǝ]

arm [a:m]

hand [hænd]

leg [leg]

foot [fu:t]

curly ['kǝ:li]

straight [strait]

tall [to:l]

short [∫ot]

big [big]

small [smo:l]

blonde [blond]

dark [da:k]

to look like [luk laik]

handsome [hænsǝm]

beautiful ['bju:tǝful]

colour ['kalǝ]

2. Fixation of the lexicon

  • Find a rhyme

  • Add the picture. (parts of the body)

  • Fill in the chart





Curly, straight, short, blonde, dark

Big, small, dark

Tall, short, big, small

Big, small, straight


Head and shoulders
Knees and toes, knees and toes
Head and shoulders
Knees and toes, knees and toes
Eyes, and ears, and mouth, and nose,
Head and shoulders
Knees and toes, knees and toes.

3. Work with the text

  • Reading of the teacher.

  • Reading of the pupils.

  • Translation. Pupil who reads the sentence name the pupil who will translate it and so on.

  • Find the sentences in the text

  • Find the verbs "to be" and "to have"

Hello! My name is Kate. I am from England. I am eight. I have dark blue eyes, and beautiful brown hair. My ears are not so big and my nose is small. I am neither tall nor short. I have a big family. My father is handsome. He has dark eyes and short brown hair. My mother has blue eyes and long blonde hair. She is tall. She is beautiful.

III. The end of the lesson.

  1. The home - task: learn the words, describe your appearance

  2. Marks for the lesson

  3. The results of the lesson

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