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Мои публикации, ч2 (приложения к аттестационным материалам)_сертификаты, работы

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4.02 МБ Проведение внеклассных мероприятий по английскому языку с применением современных образовательных технологий.docx
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Название документа Конк_работа_A padagogy of life_Pokupateleva_Edoc - копия.doc

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Международный Конкурс педагогических эссе "A Pedagogy of Life" Автор: Покупателева Е. А., учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ №6 г. Вязьмы

A Teacher to Look up to

Teach your children by what you are, not just by what you say”

Susan Norman

hello_html_7b6e1ed4.png hello_html_69d25f37.png

One can’t help admiring by people whose ideas and actions are noble, selfless and can make the world around us better. Emily Stepanovna Gaidukova, for example. She is a teacher to look up to. The way she teaches, the knowledge she shares, the care she takes, the love and activity she shows makes her the world’s best teacher. Let me introduce this unique country teacher to you.

Emily Stepanovna Gaidukova has been teaching History and Literature in Tumanovo for more than forty years. It’s impossible to forget her lessons. They were too interesting and exciting for words. She taught us to think, to be people of heart, clever and honest, supportive and hardworking. Like her numerous pupils, sister and mother I’ve also become a teacher.

Emily Stepanovna is a great patriot and a real workaholic. Since 1965 this eighty- year- old woman has been working as a permanent leader of the School Museum. Her museum is her house full of life, deity, inspiration and love. Nowadays it’s famous not only in our Smolensk Region. It contains numerous valuable museum-pieces, important information about the history of our school and village, the first revolutionaries, pioneer and komsomol groups. Both Emily Stepanovna and Red Pathfinders “The Budanovtsy” are in correspondence with war heroes, war and labour veterans, outstanding countrymen, school leavers, their relatives and friends. Not long ago they managed to set up 3 memorable signs in our countryside. They organize unforgettable holidays, parties and meetings with them at school and at the fraternal cemetery, where 1168 Russian soldiers were buried after the Great Patriotic War. They have already discovered and immortalized 828 names of the lost soldiers, defending bravely our Motherland from fascists. Every year on 9 May many people visit this sacred place, to honour the memory of the war heroes. It’s a very touching event, joy with tears. No wonder the school museum has become the center of patriotic education of young people. Some years ago the teacher wrote an interesting book “Katyusha” about Yekaterina Budanova, our famous countrywoman, the Hero of the Russian Federation. Thanks to great efforts of the teacher the book was published, one of the village streets and the school search club were named “Budanovtsy.”

We are proud and grateful to Emily Stepanovna for her noble deeds. Her life teaches us to love, serve people best and remember the past. She got many certificates, diplomas, medals and was awarded the title “Honorary Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation” for her hard work. On behalf of my classmates, colleagues and pupils I’d like to wish our dear teacher good health and thank for her titanic work and noble deeds. May people respect and always remember her, troubles neglect her, happiness, success follow her and the Angels protect her!

Emily Stepanovna Gaidukova

Tumanovo High School



Our School Museum



Fraternal Cemetery



Fraternal Cemetery. Meeting on 9 May




Meeting at the Monument to Our Countrymen, Defenders of the Countryside




Memorable Sign to Denis Davydov



Monument to our countrymen:

Sergei Sharapov (1855 – 1811), a great Russian thinker, writer and agronomist, who founded workshops in the village of Sosnovka and made different agricultural tools, the world’s best ploughs.

Vasily Ivanov (1916 – 1969), a testpilot of jet air planes, the Hero of the Great Patriotic War.

The monument is located in the village of Sosnovka near the highway Moscow – Minsk.


Yekaterina Budanova, our countrywoman - the first woman fighter pilot, the Hero of the Russian Federation

Буданова Екатерина Васильевнаhello_html_m41cfe5f8.png
7. 12. 1916 - 19. 7. 1943



Monument to Peter Alekseev, the first Russian Revolutionary

Memorable Sign to G. Shilov, a famous squadron commander



Meeting with Oleg Lobachev, one of the former pathfinders. His miniature books exhibition means “Nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten”




Sergei Korolev (on the left), one of the former pathfinders, a world champion in weightlifting. 2009


Название документа Проведение внеклассных мероприятий по английскому языку с применением современных образовательных технологий.docx

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Проведение внеклассных мероприятий по английскому языку с применением современных образовательных технологий

2011г. Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку «Happy European Day of Languagesв рамках всероссийской творческой интернет мастерской, посвященной 10 летнему юбилею празднования Дня Европейских Языков.


2012г. Неделя английского языка «Много языков - одна профессия»


2016г Неделя английского языка, посвященная творчеству великого английского поэта У. Шекспиру «Таинственный и загадочный Шекспир»



Название документа Урок ая_Использование современных образовательных технологий при проведении уроков английского языка.docx

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Использование современных образовательных технологий при проведении уроков английского языка


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