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Монологическое высказывание по теме "Shopping: The world of money" УМК Афанасьевой, Михеевой "English 8"

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1. It is impossible to imagine that long time ago people could live without money.

2. Money has become a natural part of our life.

3. Nowadays a lot of people go to the bank to borrow money.

4. Very often people put their money in the bank to save it and to get interest.

5. Probably the best way to spend money is to go shopping.

6. It is a part of everyday life.

7. For some people it is a pleasant pastime, for others it is an everyday routine.

8. In big cities and small towns there are all kinds of shops, department stores, supermarkets and shopping centres.

9. You can buy there ready-made clothes, footwear, jewellery, home furnishings, food and drinks, cosmetics and perfume, stationery, books, hi-fi, tableware, gifts and souvenirs.

10. As for me, I like to go shopping.

11. My favourite shops are … .

12. I usually buy there…

13. The word “money” sounds pleasant for most people.

14. It means “happy life” to them.

15. Money can buy free time, different entertainments, expensive clothes and tasty food.

16. It can buy comfort.

17. Money helps people get a good education, a well-paid job and be healthier and more beautiful.

18. Many people think it’s enough to be happy.

19. But money can’t buy you love, true friendship and other true feelings.

20. It can make people miserable, dependent and less sensitive.

21. That’s why people should remember that “money makes the world go round”, but it is “the root of all evil”.

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