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“More, fewer, less, the most, the fewest, the least”

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More, fewer, less, the most, the fewest, the least

Сыныбы: 5«Ә»

Өткізген: Р.С.Хусаинова

2010-2011 о.ж.

Theme: more, fewer, less, most, fewest, least

Aim: consolidation of grammar


1) to practice more, fewer, less, most, fewest, less in statements and questions

2) to develop pupils’ skills in speaking and listening

3) to bring up the feeling of love towards the foreign language

Methods: pair work, group work, game

Form: traditional

Visual aids: CD-ROM, pictures

The procedure of the lesson:

1. Organization moment.

Greeting. Declaration of the objectives of the lesson.

2. Warm-up. Listen and sing. ‘Moving on’

3. Checking home task. WB Ex.5 p.80. (Write answers.)

4. Play the drawing game.

Write the word food on the board in large letters. Ask a child to think of a food and

come up and draw it on the board. While s/he is drawing, the rest of the class tries

to guess what it is. Is it an ice cream? Is it bread? How many words for food does

the class already know?

PB Page 75

5. Comparing nouns. (Look at this!)

Focus attention on the grammar gang in the book. Children look at how countable

and uncountable nouns are compared using more, fewer, less and the most, the

fewest, the least.


Fewer + countable nouns

The most

The fewest


Less + uncountable nouns

The most

The least

6. Reading

Ask children to look at the pictures. Ask Who has the most pink sand?

Who has the least pink sand? Who has the more nuts, Jill or Emma?

Children read the sentences and tick or put crosses in the boxes.

7. Speaking (Ask and answer)

Children work in pairs. They look at the pictures in activity 2 and ask and answer the questions.

WB Page 83

8.Words and pictures (Read and write the names)

Children red the short texts and write the correct name on the labels on the table.

9. Writing (Answer the questions)

Children use the picture at the top of the page to answer the questions.

10. Home task: Ex.1 p.85 (Read and draw)



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