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My flat ағылшын тілінен сабақ жоспары 2-сынып

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The outline of the lesson plan

Date: 11.02.2016

Subject: English

Form: 2 А

Theme: My flat

The form of the lesson: traditional lesson

The type of the lesson: new lesson

The aim of the lesson: By the end of the lesson pupils should know about they this your flat.

The objectives of the lesson:

I. Educational:

1. Vocabulary

New words on the topic of the lesson: corridor, living room, bedroom, study, rug, dining room, bathroom, toilet, plant, sofa.

2. Grammar

There is…

There isn`t…

There are…

There aren`t…

II. Developing: To develop pupils' speech habits, through reading, speaking, listening

and writing. To develop their fantasy, imagination, logical thinking.

III. Upbringing: to bring pupils up to work with their partner & in subgroup & to be a communicative.

IV. Communicative: Recycling the same language functions from the very beginning.

Inter subject connection: Kazakh.

Methods of teaching: explanation, demonstration, exercises, interaction, instruction, practice.

The equipment of the lesson:

Visual aids: new words, pictures, charts.

Technical means: board, interactive board.

Literature: English text – book for the 2th form by A.T. Ayapova

Алматы «Атамұра».

The procedure of the lesson

Stages of the lesson

Teacher activity

Pupil's activity


I. Introduction

II. Announcement of the new theme

III. Warm up

IV. Grammar presentation

V. Vocabulary presentation

V. Presentation

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Home task

IX. Evaluation


- Good afternoon boys and girls!

- How are you?

- Sit down please.

2.Talking to duty

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What date is it today?

-What day is it today?

3. Checking-up of the home task

- OK. Very nice!

- What was your home task?

- Are you ready?

- Who wants to read? Any volunteers?

The theme of our lesson for today is “My flat”. Today we shall read and introduce with new words and talk about they your flat.

Your friend is his friend,
His friend is her friend,
Her friend is your friend,
But who then is my friend?
Your friend are our friends,
Our friends are their friends,
Their friends are your friends,
They are all then my friends.
Checking home task.
Match the professions.

Read and remember!

Болымды түрі

There is (there’s)
There are (there’re)

Сұрақ түрінде

Is there?
Are there?

Болымсыз түрі

There is not (isn’t)
There are not (aren’t)

  • Ok, boys and girls. Listen to me and repeat after me all together.

Corridor – [ә ‘koridә] коридор

living room – [ә ‘liviŋ rum] қонақ бөлме

bedroom – [ә ‘bedrum] жатын бөлмесі

study – [ә ‘stʌdi] кабинет

rug –

dining room – [ә ‘dainiŋ rum] асхана

bathroom - [ә ‘ba:θrum] жуын бөлмесі

toilet – [ә ‘toilit] дәретхана

plant – [pla:nt] үйде өсетін өсімдіктер

sofa – [`sǝufǝ] диван

Kitchen – [`kitʃǝn] ас бөлмесі
Fridge – [fridʒ] тоңазытқыш
A washing machine – кір жуатын машина
a cooker – газ плита
Plates - тарелка
A dishwasher – ыдыс жуатын машина
A fire - от
Cupboards - шкаф
A stereo – магнитолла

2. Teacher reads new words again.

3. Teacher asks them to read individually.

4. Now, boys and girls open you vocabulary and write down the new words, I`ll give you 5 minutes.

  • 5 min passed. Have you finished?

Find the word.

Ex 1 p 116. Warm – up. Look at the plan. This is Omar`s flat. And match the words to the numbers.

Example: 2 – a bedroom

Ex 4 p 117. Look at the picture. Write the names of the rooms.

  1. A living room

  2. ___________

  3. ___________

  4. ___________

  5. ___________

Ex 6 p 117. Listen and repeats.

A sofa – sofas

An armchair - armchairs

A living room – living rooms

A window – windows

A clock – clocks

A book – books

A table – tables

A carpet – carpets

A plant – plants

A door – doors

A chair – chairs

A lamp – lamps

A calendar – calendars

A picture – pictures

Ex 8. Read and find the things in the picture above.

This is a living room.

There is a sofa in the living room.

There is an armchair in the living room.

There is a small table in the living room.

There is a carpet in the living room.

There is a mirror in the living room.

There is a picture in the living room.

There is a fire in the living room.

Ex 10. Listen to the questions and answers. Practice saying them.

  • Is there a table in the living room?

  • Yes, there is.

  • Is there a clock?

  • No, there isn`t.

  • Are there armchair?

  • Yes, there are.

  • Are the books in the tables?

  • No, there aren`t.

Ex 11. Look at the pictures, ask and answer.

  • Is there a television in yourliving room?

  • Yes, there is.

  • Is there a fire in your living room?

  • No, there isn`t.

  • Are there plants in your living room?

  • Yes, there are.

  • Are the pictures in your living room?

  • No, there aren`t.

Ex 12. Talk to your friend (your teacher). Speak about your interview.

There is a sofa in Omar`s living room.

There are….

There is….

Ex 13. Describe your living room.

There`s a sofa.

There is a…

There are….

Open you the diaries the write down home task: Ex 13 p119

- So, boys and girls I`ll give you marks. I want to evaluate your activities.

P1 – you are the best, who works hard today. Your English is good and I put you excellent.

P2 – you want to work industries, but you have some mistakes. I put you good mark.


-Stand up! The lesson is over!

- Good bye boys and girls!

- Good afternoon teacher!

- I`m fine. Thank you!

-I am on duty today.

-All are present.

-Today the 17th of October.

- Today it is Wednesday

Pupils listen to the teacher.

Pupils listen teacher and repeat.

Pupils look at the picture.

Pupils look at the picture and write the names of the room .

Pupils listen and repeat

Pupils listen and repeat teacher.

  • Good bye, teacher!

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