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Lesson plan


From: 5

Theme: My flat

The aims of the lesson:

1. to introduce and consolidate new theme, to check up pupils’ knowledge upon the previous themes

2. to form good attitude to the lesson

3. to develop pupils’ writing and oral speech skills and habits

Visual aids:  pictures, cards,

The course of the lesson

I. Organization moment.

-Good morning, pupils.

I am glad to see you.

How are you?

Who is on duty today?

What date is it today?

What day of the week is it today?

What is the weather like today?

Who is absent today?

Thank you very much.

Sit down, please.

II. Checking up of the home task.

Now pupils, what was your home task for today’s lesson?

Okay, now let’s check up your home task.

So, boys and girls your home task was ex-6 at page 124

Who wants to read and to be the first? Ok 1st sentence please__

Who wants to answer it?

Thank you, who wants to continue?

Okay, thanks. Sit down, please


There are 4 pictures on the wall

There are 2 lamps on the toilet table

There is 1 bed and 2 pictures in the room

There isn’t a carpet on the floor

III. Introduction of the new theme.

Boys and girls please write down today’s date. Open your books at page 126. Our new theme is “My room”. What rooms of a flat do you know? Please, name the rooms.

A living room

A bed room

A kitchen

A bathroom

Today we will talk about your favourite room in your flat.  It’s your own room.

  1. New words:

Also we have new words for today’s lesson. So we know that every flat has rooms, and in every room we have things, today also we will study new words about the things of the room

picture [‘piktSә]-сурет, картинка

armchair [а:m’tSEә]- кресло

clock [klok]- сағат

VCR [vi: si:a:]- бейнемагнитофон

pillow [‘pilәu]- жастық

book [buk]- кітап

hall [ho:l]- дәліз

several [‘sev(ә)rәl]- бірнеше

need [ni:d]- қажет

on the left [left]- сол жақта

on the right [rait]- оң жақта

mirror [‘mirә]- айна

enough[i’nAf] - жеткілікті

cheap [tSi:p]- арзан

expensive [ik’spensiv] - қымбат

  1. Doing exercises:


Read and translate the dialogue

Asel: Are there any pictures on the walls?

Dmitry: Yes, there are some pictures on the walls

Asel: Are there any pillows on the sofa?

Dmitry: Yes, there are some pillows on the sofa

Asel: Are there any chairs in the room?

Dmitry: No, there aren’t any chairs in the room

  1. Complete the words which you need in your room

  2. Click on the correct answer 8a

  3. Venn’s diagram

  1. Click on the correct rooms 10b

  2. Conclusion

Match the English equivalents of the words in right order

аsofa                                 сурет, картинка

аnarmchair                        орындық

аclock                               үстел

аtable                                диван

аcarpet                              сағат

аplant                                кресло

а chair                                кілем

а picture                             өсімдік

From the beginning of the lesson we were talk about our flat and rooms.  And let’s talk about our classroom. I have some questions for you, please answer for them. 1st question is  Adelia for you. Please tell me how many desks in the classroom?

2. How many chairs?

3. How many boys?

4. How many girls?

5. How many pictures?

VII.Giving the home task.

Open your diaries and write down your home task for the next lesson. It is to learn all new words and ex-4 at page 126 to draw a plan of Carol’s house.

Your marks for today’s lesson are… Fine fellow, bravo! Well done, good for you! Our lesson is over. Good bye!

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