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MY FAMILY for 4-th grade students

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4- А класс

Тема урока – My Family. What do I do to help my family?

Цели: 1. Углубить лексикологические знания учащихся по теме семья.

2. Развитие навыков чтения, говорения, письма и использования изученных грамматических правил.

3. Развить интерес учащихся и создание благоприятной дружелюбной обстановки на уроке с целью повышения интереса к изучению предмета.

4. Способствовать развитию у учащихся уверенности в своих силах и как следствие мотивации к обучению через реализацию ситуаций успеха на уроке.

Оформление доски: Дата, классная работа, тема.

Оборудование: Проектор, ноутбук, доска, карточки.

Ход урока:

  1. Оргмомент

Good morning pupils! How are you today? Oh I see toy are a bit frighten! Don’t worry and be happy everything will be on the level! So let me help you to relax. Let’s listen to the British who are greeting each other and then we will try to do our best and greet each other even better!

  1. Warming up

Let’s listen together to the audio and practice the greetings! I am absolutely sure that you will manage! Now let’s try to repeat all together this short dialog. (Repeating with the audio) As I have told you are my little champions so now let’s make this task more difficult. The first row will read the red lines, the second row – blue and the third row will be green the orange lines are going to be read by me. So, ready, steady – GO!

Jazz Chants – Hi! How are you? 

Hi! How are you? 
Fine. How are you? 
Hi! How are you? 
Fine. How are you?
Hi! How are you? 
Hi! How are you? 
Hi! How are you? 
Fine. How are you?

You are the best. I can be calm because your pronunciation is almost perfect. I think that it is high time to come to our today’s topic. It sounds like What do you do to help your family? Today during the lesson we are going to play some games, to write some sentences to read some texts and sure we are going to have fun with every single task! You remember my rule for your good answers I give you a plus and 4 pluses give you the best grade 3 pluses give you 4 and in case you have less than three pluses you can earn +1point to your next grade. (instead of pluses they can get a smile (it will be a surprise for them))

First of all I would like to revise the topical vocabulary. Let’s have a look how do you know the family’s members and to do this task I think it would be better to make a crossword.





























Questions to the crossword

  1. How do we call mother’s husband?

  2. Who is your mother’s sister for you?

  3. How do we call father’s wife?

  4. You can have either brother or whom?

  5. Who is your father’s brother for you?

Fantastic! You did this task and we have decoded the hidden word! Let’s pronounce it together! FAMILY! Yes our family plays an important role in our lives. Who knows what does the word FAMILY mean? You are so clever today and I will break the ice, have a look here but please help me!

F – ather

A – nd

M – other

I - I

L - ove

Y - ou

You can put down this abbreviation in your copybooks. I see that you are so clever and do everything to the perfection but now let me ask you the most difficult question. What our family is look like? May be we can compare it with something? Exactly! It looks like a tree. So today I have brought you a lot of trees to fill in. Have a look on my family tree I have made it in such a way (I show them my own) you can fill in the one I gave you or you can create something more interesting! I believe that you can! (Audio text) but before we are going to start filling in I want you to listen to the text about my own family and then fill in the chart.









  1. Проверка домашнего задания ( ex. 16 p. 70) For today you had to make up the sentences using the pictures. Let’s have a look how did you manage. A pupil names a number from 1 till 15 at random and according to the number I count them on whom this number will be those one gives the copybook with the home task for checking.

Oh my dear pupils! You are the best ones.

  1. Now let’s find out how do you help your parents about the house. And to do this task I will spread the handouts but you will have to match the letter with the appropriate number. Ex. Wash the dishes.

1) Wash

a) the flowers

2) Clean

b) The vase

3) Water

c) The cat

4) Break

d) The dishes

5) Go

e) The bathroom

6) Feed

f) For a walk

7) Do

g) The bad

8) Make

h) Shopping

9) Lay

i) The bike

10) Repair

J)The table

11) Take

k) The T-shirt

12) Iron

l) The dinner

13) Cook

m) The sweets

14) Eat

n)The dog for a walk

Oh I see you are good helpers! I wish I had such helpers to make my room cleaner.

  1. Practicing Grammar (Past Simple)

Let’s remember how do we form the affirmative sentences in English. I think that Nick will help me to do this because you the best in grammar rules.

________ V(ed) ….

If the verb is regular we add Egor Denisov to the end but if it is irregular we should learn all the words by heart.

But before we are going to try our hand in translating let’s make a gymnastics.

Hands up, as we are going to hang the curtains. (Perfect! We did it!) Now let’s make our room brighter one side of the curtain to the left another to the right. (Fantastic!) Now let’s try to wash the floor. (done and even better than Mr. Proper)

But now let’s practice our grammar skills. I want you to make up 5 sentences and tell us how did you help your parents last weekend.

Ex. I washed the floor last weekend.

The rule is left the same first 3 copybooks goes with the grade.

  1. Are you tired? As we still have some time let’s play a domino game. As usual you will have to match the picture with the action.



Wash the dishes


Water the flowers


Feed cats


Make bed


Lay the table


Iron the T-short


Cook the dinner


  1. Home task

Ex. 19 p. 71

  1. Evaluation

Краткое описание документа:

План-конспект открытого урока в рамках городского семинара молодых педагогов на тему "Создание ситуации успеха на уроке" 

Цели семинара:

Без ощущения успеха у ребенка пропадает интерес к школе и учебным занятиям, но достижение успеха в его учебной деятельности затруднено рядом обстоятельств, среди которых можно назвать недостаток знаний и умений, психологические и физиологические особенности развития, слабая саморегуляция и другие. Поэтому педагогически оправдано создание для школьника ситуации успеха – субъективное переживание удовлетворения от процесса и результата самостоятельно выполненной деятельности. Технологически эта помощь обеспечивается рядом операций, которые осуществляются в психологической атмосфере радости и одобрения, создаваемые вербальными (речевыми) и не вербальными (мимико-пластическими) средствами. Подбадривающие слова и мягкие интонации, мелодичность речи и корректность обращений, так же как открытая поза и доброжелательная мимика, создают в сочетании благоприятный психологический фон, помогающий ребенку справиться с поставленной перед ними задачей.

Цели урока:

1. Углубить лексикологические знания учащихся по теме семья.

2. Развивать навыки чтения, говорения, письма и использования изученных грамматических правил.

3. Развивать интерес учащихся и создавать благоприятную дружелюбную обстановку на уроке с целью повышения интереса к изучению предмета.

4. Способствовать развитию у учащихся уверенности в своих силах и как следствие мотивации к обучению через реализацию ситуаций успеха на уроке.


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