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Наша страна - наше наследие

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«Наша страна - наше наследие

Slavgorod is situated in Kulundinskaya steppe. It was founded in 1910 by Arkadi Stolypin. This town is unique, because its streets are quite straight. From the flight of a bird it looks like a notebook page. It’s too difficult to grow vegetables, flowers and trees here. There no nature forests near Slavgorod. “The rose of winds” is blowing all year round. But all citizens of the town do their best growing different flowers and trees on the streets and in the house gardens.

We are proud of our Historical museum because the history of our town is full of events. During the Great Patriotic war two plants of heavy industry were evacuated to our town and produced war equipment. Some war hospitals functioned during the war and long after it. In 2010 Slavgorod celebrated the 100th anniversary of its birth. The monument to Stolypin, the founder of the town, was set up in the square. There are many old buildings in our town and they create unique atmosphere of the nicest home town for people who live here.

Slavnyi”, provincial, lovely town.

Look around! There’s steppe

And one river on the map. It is

Very difficult to plant “green crown”

Growing hardly unique trees –

Oak, acacia, birch and larch.

Really, we are proud of our “native” much.

Oh, it’s theirs, hers and his,

Dear small town Slavgorod is!

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