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Нулевой срез 6 класс (Биболетова)

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Нулевой срез

6 класс

Complete the sentences.

  1. Bob didn’t ______ anything about his new computer game.

  1. speak b. say c. tell

  1. He _____ very slowly, so the students understood him.

  1. spoke b. said c. told

  1. Will you ______ us about your school party? – Certainly.

  1. speak b. say c. tell

  1. She ______ that she likes to read stories in English.

  1. speaks b. says c. tells

  1. Do your friends _______French or Spanish? - French.

  1. speak b. say c. tell

  1. Jess won’t _______ us her secret.

  1. speak b. say c. tell

Complete the sentences. Make a new word using –er, -man, -ist, -or, -ian and fill in the blanks.

  1. Our History ________ always tells us very interesting stories! (teach)

  2. Who is your favourite ________? (write) – I like J. Rowling.

  3. My brother likes drawing. I think he will become an _________ one day. (art)

  4. What is this film about? – A well-known ________. (sport)

  5. Yesterday I was at the concert of a young ________ (music).

  6. My brother plays in School Theatre. He wants to become a famous _________. (act)

  7. A famous _________ lived in this house. (science) Now it’s a museum.

  8. The Russian _________ took part in the concert. (sing)

Complete the sentences with the definite article the if necessary.

  1. ____Kremlin is the heart of Moscow and ____Russia.

  2. When was _____ Tower of London built?

  3. What is ____ British Museum famous for?

  4. Where are ______Houses of Parliament situated?

  5. ___Big Ben is a popular symbol of London and ____ UK.

  6. Tourists from different countries like to take photos in ______Red Square.

  7. _____Bolshoi Theatre is one of the most famous theatres of the world, isn’t it?

Complete the questions with tag endings.

  1. Ann can ski very well, ______?

  2. This boy is our new classmate, _______?

  3. You didn’t visit France last year,_______?

  4. His brother goes to Chess Club, ________?

  5. The film was great, _______?

  6. We won’t play tennis at the weekend, ________?

  7. Her friends weren’t in the zoo last month, ________?

  8. Our class will go to the museum tomorrow, __________?

  9. They spent two weeks in London, ________?

  10. The grey cat has gone into the house, ________?

  11. You don’t speak French, ________?

Complete the sentences.

  1. My mum always ________ care of all the members of our family.

  1. will take b. is taking c. takes

  1. Who are these letters from? – I don’t know. The postman _____ just ________them.

  1. is bringing b. will bring c. has brought

  1. When ____ you _____ to the library? – The day after tomorrow. I haven’t finished the book yet.

  1. will __go b. have ___gone c. did ____go

  1. What ___ you ______? – Stamps. It is my hobby.

  1. do___collect b. have_____collected c. will____collect

  1. Last year, my sister visited Moscow and ______a lot of photos.

  1. takes b. took c. take

  1. Look! They ______their bikes without using their hands!

  1. have ridden b. will ride c. are riding

  1. Ben can go home now. He ______his test.

  1. will do b. is doing c. has done

  1. The students _______to school 5 days a week. There are no lessons at weekends.

  1. go b. went c. have gone

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