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How do I get there?

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Date: The 17th of February, 2016

Theme of the lesson: How do I get there?

Aims of the lesson: Presentation of the new words. To introduce the directions .Explain the grammar material on I’ve got to … in the sentences. Making up sentences with this structure. The development of oral speech. To teach pupils to be active at the lesson and helpful at home.

Materials for the lesson: pictures, interactive board, textbook.

  1. Organization moment

T: Good morning, pupils! I am glad to see you! How are you today?

Good morning pupils!

How are you?

What day is it today?

What date is it today?

What is the weather like today?

Who is away not here today?

What’s the matter with him (her)?

II Phonetic drill:

Hello song

Hello, hello, hello how are you?

I’m fine , I’m fine , I hope that you are too,

Hello, hello, hello how are you?

I’m fine , I’m fine , I hope that you are too,

  1. Checking up the homework:

  1. Our theme of the lesson is “How do I get there? ”.Children, today we have unusual lesson. I’d like to invite you to the skating – rink to Aktau. I can take with me only one group. Now I’ll divide you into two groups. I’ll take that group who wins. I want to divide you according the colours of traffic lights. I’ve chosen two colours, red- stop, green –go.

Now, let’s start our lesson.

  1. New words

turn right [tǝ:n rait] - оңға бұрылу

turn left [tǝ:n left] - солға бұрылу

go straight [ gǝu streit] - тіке, бару

stop [ stɔp] - тоқтау

sleep [sli:p] - ұйықтау

tidy [taidi] - тазалау

clean [kli:n] - таза

help [help] - көмектесу

learn [ lǝ:n] - үйрену

study [ˊstɅdi] - оқу

block [blכk]- квартал


Read, translate and give a command.

hello_html_63c90dbf.png hello_html_5f75885f.png hello_html_6ceaed47.png hello_html_63275e92.png

Turn left Turn right go straight on stop


Memory game. Look at the pictures for a minute.




Make up sentences using There is / There are


hello_html_m15f8cbbd.gifhello_html_f1ef889.gifLet’s have a rest.


I’ve got to study.

I’ve got to eat.

I’ve got to tidy my room.

I’ve got to do shopping.

I’ve got to work in the garden.

Now, pupils give answer for the question below choosing one of these verbs.

  • What have you got to do every day?

  • I’ve got to … .








go to


hello_html_15dcad42.gifhello_html_m316d655c.gifReading the dialogue. Exercise 8 p 137


How do we get to Aktau? Give your opinion that come to your mind.



Ex: 13 p 138

To learn the new vocabulary.


Now, captains of each team say the marks of the pupils for the lesson.

I am proud of the way you worked today. You were very active thank you for the lesson!

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