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Обращаем Ваше внимание: Министерство образования и науки рекомендует в 2017/2018 учебном году включать в программы воспитания и социализации образовательные события, приуроченные к году экологии (2017 год объявлен годом экологии и особо охраняемых природных территорий в Российской Федерации).

Учителям 1-11 классов и воспитателям дошкольных ОУ вместе с ребятами рекомендуем принять участие в международном конкурсе «Законы экологии», приуроченном к году экологии. Участники конкурса проверят свои знания правил поведения на природе, узнают интересные факты о животных и растениях, занесённых в Красную книгу России. Все ученики будут награждены красочными наградными материалами, а учителя получат бесплатные свидетельства о подготовке участников и призёров международного конкурса.


Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Who is the best


Who is the best?           

The theme: Who is the best?
The aims: To develop pupil’s logical thinking, memory, attention.

To enlarge pupils “knowledge speaking, reading and writing skills.

To develop the respect of relationship between  pupils.

Way: Competition between two teams.
Equipment: balloons, posters, pictures, cards, tape-recorder, slogan.

Preliminary work:     1. To divide into two team
                                   2. To appoint captains.
                                   3. To compose scenario.
                                   4. To draw emblems
                                   5. To make newspaper & slogan

Plans of the extra – curricular work.
1. Introduction
2. Question – answer
3. Auding
4. Parody
5. Polyglot
6. Short descriptions about texts
7. Riddles
8. Conclusion

  1. Dear teachers and guests welcome to our “Who is the best” competition. You may sing and dance together with our participants and must support them by clapping. Let me introduce our juries. We ask you, juries, not be too critical and forgive our participants mistakes they may make. Let me invite our teams.
    a) The 1st part of our competition  is introduction of teams:
    Teams introduce themselves.

  2. The 1st team is Eagle. Eagle means: the fastest, the strongest, the wisest bird & we want to be live eagle.
    The 2nd team is Tulpar. Tulpar means: Are the strongest, the cleverest, and the most generous animal. And we want to be like a Tulpar.
    II. the 2nd part of our competition is questions & answers. Your task is to answer them quickly and correctly.

  3. Questions to the 1st team:
    1. Who is the president of the USA?(B.Obama)
    2. What is the capital of the Kazakhstan?(Astana)
    3. On what river is London situated?(Thames)
    4. What is the national emblem  of Kazakhstan?(Snow Bars)
    What kind of holidays do you know in the USA?(Halloween, Christmas)

  4. Questions to the 2nd  team:
    1. Who is the president of the Kazakhstan?(Nazarbaev)
    2. What is the capital of the USA?(Washington)
    3. What is the national emblem of England?(a rose)
    4.What kind of holidays do you know in Kazakhstan?(Nauriz, New Year)
    5. What is the capital of England?(London)

  5. III. 3rd round is Auding of the text.

After listening you must answer for teacher’s questions by using grammar material which we have studied at last lessons.
IV. The 4th round is Parody.
Each team should show their Parodies and each team should guess.

  1. And next round is Polyglot.

Here I’ll tell you proverb in English and the last word is missed and you should say it in three languages correctly you will get 20 points and if 10 points, if I only 5 points.
1. Bad news travels …… (Fast –  тез – быстро)
2. First think then ……. (Speak  – сөйлеу  – говорить)
3. Tastes (differ –  ерекшелену – отличаться)
4. A good beginning makes good …… (Ending –  соңғы – конец )
5. He laughs best who laughs ……. (Last – соңғы – последний)
6. East or West, home is ….. (Best – жақсы – лучшие)
7. The books are our …… (Friends –дос – друг) 
8. No news is good ….. (News – жаңалықтар – новости)
9. Live and ……. (Learn – оқу – учиться)
10. Never put off tomorrow what you can do ….. (Today –  бүгін – завтра)
I’ll give you some texts and you must read and translate then paint about texts.

  1. Next round is guessing of riddles.

. What is that doesn’t ask questions, but must be answered? (a telephone)
2. What goes over the floor and then stands in the corner? (a broom)
3. My uncle has a brother. He is not my uncle. Who is he? (my father)
4. Two little boats without any sails, with ten passengers on board. They do not go on river or sea, but travel on dry land. (shoes)
5. What is that never uses its teeth for eating? (a comb)

6. Five cupboards, but only one door. (fridge)

VIII. The competition for captains.

Our last round is for captains. You should say your best wishes for teachers and classmates. And our juries will add your score of speech English.
Conclusion: Now, it’s time to  say results of our competition, while our juries count your scores you may show dance.

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