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How many boys are there 5 класс

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hello_html_37368920.gifhello_html_4a423d87.gifOutline of the lesson.

Subject: English

Form: 5

The theme of the lesson: How many boys are there in your class?

The aims of the lesson:

a) Educational: assimilation new lexical theme “How many boys are there in your class?” and new vocabulary connected with the topic of the lesson

b) Developing: to continue to enrich the vocabulary to develop pupils speaking, reading, writing, listening habits.

c) Up-bringing: to teach pupils asking and talking about boys and girls in the classroom

d) Communicative : to teach pupil’s to make up dialogues.

The form of the lesson: traditional lesson

Inter-subject connection: Kazakh

The equipment of the lesson:

  1. Visual aids: pictures, grammar tables

  2. Literature: T.Ayapova “English” 5

The plan of lesson:

I.Organization moment:

a) greeting

b) dialogue with the duty

II. Checking up the home task:

III. New lesson:

  1. Revision

  2. To introduce the new theme

IV. Consolidating exercise

  1. Developing pupils’ habits in reading, speaking, listening

  2. Developing pupil’s habits in writing

V. Conclusion

VI. Home task

VII. Evaluation

The procedure of the lesson

Stage of the lesson

Teacher’s activity

Pupil’s activity


I. Organization moment


-Good afternoon boys and girls! Thank you, sit down please. I am glad to see you!

Dialogue with the duty.

-Who is on duty today?

-What day is it today?

-What date is it today?

-I’m on duty today.

-Today is the

Today is the ____

II. Checking-up the home task

-What was your home task?

-Are you ready?

-Open your copy book, I’ll check-up them.

-We are ready!

III. New lesson

IV. Consolidating exercise.

Developing pupils’ habits in reading, speaking , listening

Developing pupils’ habits in writing

V. Conclusion

-The theme of our lesson is “How many boys are there in your class?”

-ok. Look at the blackboard. We have some new words. Listen to me repeat after me.



Let me see

Ex 1, p 102:

-Read and translate this dialogue.

Omar: Hi, Colin.

Colin: Hi. How are you?

Omar: Not bad. How many boys are there in your class?

Colin: Let me see. Yes, there are 13 boys and only 7 girls in my class.

Omar: Are there any boys or girls from Kazakhstan?

Colin: No, there aren’t any. But there are some boys and girls from India and Japan.

Ex 2,p 102:

-Listen and repeat.

Omar: How many boys are there in your class?

Colin: There are thirteen boys.

Ex 3,p 102:

-Talk to your friends about the boys and girls in your class. Use the words in the word box. (with black hair, with blond hair, with blue eyes, with long hair, with short hair)

-How many boys with black hair are there in your class?


Ex 4,p 102:

Talk to your friends about the classroom objects.

-How many desks are there in our classroom?

Ex 6,p 102: Listen and repeat.

Ex 7,p 102:

Talk to your friend about the boys and girls from other countries, towns, area, etc.

Ex 9,p 103:

Write how many boys and girls there are in your class.

Ex 10,p 103:

Write how many boys with black and brown hair, with brown and blue eyes there are in your class.

Ex 11,p 103:

Write how many girls, with long and short hair, there are in your class.

Ex 8,p 103: count the boys and girls of your class with black, brown, blue eyes, with black, brown and blond hair, and girls with long, short hair and fill in the chart.

Омар: сәлем, Колин.

Колин: сәлем. Қалайсың?

Омар: жаман емес. Сыныбыңда қанша ұлдар бар?

Колин: ойланайын. Иә, менің сыныбымда 13ұлдар мен тек 7 қыздар бар.

Омар: Қазақстаннан келген ұлдар мен қыздар бар ма?

Колин: жоқ, ешкім жоқ. Бірақ Индия мен Жапониядан келген ұлдар мен қыздар бар.

-There are…..

V. Home task

-open your diaries and write Ex 5,p 102:

Write about the things in your bag.

VI. Evaluations

So. Guys. I’ll give you marks. I want to evaluate your activities.

P1: You are the best one who works hard today. Your English is good and I put excellent.

P2: You want to work industrious, but have some mistakes today. I put mark good.

Stand up, please!

Our lesson is over. Thanks for your attention.


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