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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Обобщающий тест по теме: А ты знаешь Великобританию хорошо?

Обобщающий тест по теме: А ты знаешь Великобританию хорошо?

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

  1. The driest state in the U.S., it also called The Silver State

A Nevada C Oregon

B Minnesota D Florida

2. The USA is washed by ………… and ……. Ocean

A. Indian and Atlantic C. Pacific and Atlantic

B. Pacific and Arctic Ocean  D. Arctic Ocean and Atlantic

3. Where can we see five largest trees in the world?

A National Reserve C. Yellowstone national park 

B National Recreation Area D. Sequoia National Park

  1. Why the War of Independence did begin?

A. British colonies wanted to enlarge their territories

B British colonies protested against being the part of the British Empire

C British colonies wanted to dethrone the British king

D British colonies didn`t want to pay taxes to the British king

  1. The first Walt Disney`s work were to……………….

  1. To sell newspapers C. to help visual assistant

  2. To wash cars D. to babysit

  1. What tornado is?

A. a light marine wind which changes its direction twice a day

B. dry hot strong wind with sand storm

C. a light slow and warm wind

D. strong, rotating wind

7. Who and when has given The Statue of Liberty ?

  1. France in 1888 С. England in 1888

  2. France in 1886 D. England 1886

  1. On which flag of American`s states you can see two women who are at the head of a horse?

  1. New Jersey C. Kansas

  2. Minnesota D. Oregon

  1. In what circumstances the American anthem appeared?

  1. When Francis Scott Key saw firing of McHenry fort by British army in 1812.

  2. Francis Scott Key created a poem under impression of war of 1812

  3.  During negotiations of Francis Scott Key with English in 1814

  4. When Francis Scott Key had come home after a long journey

  5. 10. Where can you visit the Oval office?

A. The house of Parliament

B. the White House

C. Hollywood

D. the Capitol

11. Choose the American types of houses?

A. a mobile houses and a Victorian houses

B. a detached and terraced houses

C. a thatched houses and Georgian houses

D. terraced houses and a mobile houses

12. What do we called «Great Seal of the United States»?

A. anthem

B. flag

C. coat of arms

D. sightseeing in New York

13. Which street is famous by one the tallest building in the world?

A. Lombard Street C. Olvera street

B.  Hollywood Walk of Fame D. Manhattan

14. Сколько часовых поясов на территории США6

15. How many times number you can find on the American coat of arms 8

16. Why American build fragile houses?

  1. Because of poorness

  2. Because of desire often change their design

  3. Because of Tornadoes

  4. Because of high prices of building timber

17. Who is inventor of the first American flag

A. Levi Strauss

B. Betsy Ross



18. Whose faces are emerging from Mount Rushmore in the USA?

A. American national animals

B. American presidents

C. Columbus

D. American national birds

19. The result of clash of warm wet air from Gulf of Mexico with dry air from mountains and cold air from Canada which accompanied by large rain clouds is…..

A. snowfall

B. rainfall

C. tornado

D. lightning with thunderstorm

20. The name of which island was change to Liberty Island in 1956 in the USA?

A. Virgin Islands of the United States

B. Saint Thomas Island

C. Saint John Island

D. Bedloe`s Island

21. What is the biggest city of America until 1755?

A. Chicago

B. Boston

C. Los Angeles

D. San Francisco

22. Which state is a chain over 100 islands?



C. Florida

D. Miami

23. Who was the first customer of jeans?

A. workers

B. gold minors

C. children

D. sailors

24. Does the Liberty Bell ring now?

A. Yes, it does. It rings every event oа national importance

B. No, it does not. Now the bell is on display in Independence Hall in Philadelphia

C. No, it does not. Americans doesn`t remember this tradition

D. Yes, it does. It rings only on Independence Day.

25. What was drawn on the first jeans label?

A. jeans

B. teenagers in jeans

C. two horses in jeans

D. one horse in jeans

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