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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Обобщающий урок по теме "Здоровье" 5 класс


План- конспект открытого урока по английскому языку на темуHealth and Body Care

к учебнику И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой “EnglishV

Тип урока: урок обобщения и систематизации знаний.

Цели урока: обобщить и систематизировать знания учащихся по теме «Здоровье»

Задачи урока:

образовательные: развитие коммуникативных навыков учащихся по теме “Health and body care”, развитие навыков аудирования, употребления модального глагола should.

воспитательные: воспитание здоровых привычек и культуры здорового образа жизни, умения работать в парах, самостоятельно.

развивающие: развитие межпредметных связей, развитие внимания, памяти, интеллекта.

сопутствующая задача: скрытый контроль уровня развития речевых умений учащихся.

Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор

раздаточный материал, задание по аудированию,

докторский халат и принадлежности.

Ход урока:

I.Организационный момент. Цели и задачи урока

T: Good morning, girls and boys! Today we have a lot of guests. Turn around and greet them, please. Now I want you to look at the screen and think about the subject of our lesson. What will it be? Идет подборка слайдов по теме «Здоровье» P: How to keep fit? How to be healthy? Health and body care. And you are absolutely right. We shall speak about our health, about what should we do to keep fit and about doctors, because they help us to be healthy. You will have some listening, reading and a lot of speaking.

II. Речевая зарядка.

T: Now, let’s revise English proverbs and sayings about health.

P.1: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

P.2: Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

P.3: A sound mind in a sound body.

P.4: Good health is above wealth.

P.5: After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

P.6: A change of activity is the best rest.

P.7: Eat with pleasure, drink with measure.

Well done. You know a lot of proverbs and I hope you will follow them.

III. Активизация лексики.

A.T: And it’s high time to repeat the words. Let’s cope with the crossword. Give it a name:


1. To look at something closely and carefully in order to find out something. (to examine)

2. That is what the doctor usually does after he examines the patient. (to prescribe)

3. To force air from the lungs with a sudden sound. (to cough)

4. It is what one usually eats and drinks. (diet)

5. When one gets a cold, he coughs and sneezes.


6. A thing you take to recover. (medicine)

7. When people get older they have it low or high. (blood pressure)

8. A feeling of being hurt. (pain)

9. A state of being well. (health)

10. To get well after an illness. (recover)

B. Am I right? Agree or disagree:

At the lessons of The World around us you’ve learnt a lot about yourselves. And this knowledge will be of great help now.

1) If you have a sore throat, you should go for a walk.

2) When you cough, you should stay at home.

3) You should eat the right food.

4) If the doctor prescribes a medicine for you, you shouldn’t take it regularly.

5) If you are not well, you should consult a doctor.

6) If you want to keep fit, you should keep to a diet.

7) You should spend much time outdoors.

8) You shouldn’t go in for sports to keep fit.

9) People shouldn’t smoke and drink alcohol.

10) You should consult the doctor if you fall ill.

C. You are good experts! Answer my questions, please.

1) When should you get up and go to bed to keep fit?

2) What healthy food should you eat?

3) How many times a day should you clean your teeth?

4) What should you do before eating?

5) What shouldn’t you do to be healthy?

6) How often should you visit a doctor?

7) Should you follow the doctor’s advice?

8) You should go in for sports, shouldn’t you?

9) How long should you watch TV and work on your computer?

D. Song “I have a headache”. Let’s sing a song “I have a headache” and remind the way we shouldn’t do if we are ill.

E. It Mum right that she takes her kid to the doctor? P; Yes. Complain about any problem and we shall tell you what you should do.

P.1. I have a headache. What should I do?

P.2. I have a cold. What should I do?

P.3. I have a toothache. What should I do?

P.4. I have a stomachache. What should I do?

Thanks for your advice.

So I see you know a lot how to cure all these illnesses, that’s very good.

V.Диалоги. Despite our knowledge of the things we should and shouldn’t do people unfortunately fall ill and they have to consult the doctor. Now we shall visit the doctor’s room and see what is happening there.

1.Учащиеся воспроизводят диалог, подготовленный дома на основе упражнения 21 стр.208

What was the real patient’s trouble? Did he care about it? What did he come about?

-The patient wasn’t very careful about his heath. He had a bad cough but he didn’t care about it. He bought new shoes two weeks ago and his legs hurt every time he walked.

2.Учащиеся составляют свои диалоги на основе изученной лексики и грамматических структур.Everyone can fall ill and will have to go to the doctor. Let’s imagine what you will do in different situations. You have 2-3 minutes to make up dialogues. Listen to the dialogues and find out what were the causes of the troubles.

1. The patient has a sore throat and it is difficult for him to swallow and to breathe. What was the cause of the trouble?

2. The patient has a splitting headache and high blood pressure. What did the patient come about?

3. The patient was going home, fell down and hurt his knee. It hurts awfully. T. Was the leg broken? P: No, it was hurt.

4. The patient is sore all over. He feels pain in his chest, back and his right side. He is sneezing and coughing and has a running nose. What is the patient’s diagnose?

  1. A young woman comes to the Chemist’s to buy some medicine to become slimmer. The chemist gives her the right advice

Физкультминутка. ‘Hokey pokey”

VI. Аудирование. “A healthy Lifestyle”

T: What should we have to avoid illnesses? P. We should have healthy lifestyle.

Listen to the conversation between a husband and a wife, do the tasks in your papers and be ready to discuss it.

Have a look at the words:

a heart attack- догадка

a physical – an exercise designed to strengthen your muscles

cut back on - make it less

take up weight –put on weight

cardiovascular- сердечно-сосудистый

abandon the idea – stop having the idea



Text “A healthy lifestyle”

Listen to the dialogue and fill in the gaps.

Задание к тексту:

Man: Honey, the basketball game is about to start. And could you bring some (1)_____________ and a bowl of ice cream? And . . . uh . . . a slice of (2)_________ from the fridge.

Woman: Anything else?

Man: No, that's all for now. Hey, Honey, you know, they're organizing a company (3)_______________ team, and I'm thinking about joining. What do you think?

Woman: Humph. . .

Man: "Humph"…What do you mean "Humph." I was the star player in high school.

Woman: Yeah, 25 years ago. Look, I just don't want you having a heart attack running up and down the court.

Man: So, what are you suggesting? Shall I just abandon the idea? I am not that oldship!

Woman: Well… You ought to at least have a physical before you begin! I mean, it HAS been at least five years since you played at all.

Man: Well, okay, but . . .

Woman: And you need to watch your (4)____________ and cut back on the fatty foods, like ice cream. And you should try eating more fresh (5) ______________and vegetables.

Man: Yeah, you're probably right.

Woman: And you should take up a little weight training to strengthen your muscles or perhaps try cycling to build up your cardiovascular system. Oh, and you need to go to (6)_____________ early instead of watching TV half the night.

Man: Hey, you're starting to sound like my personal (7)___________ instructor!

Woman: No, I just love you, and I want you to be around for a long, long time.

Let’s check it up.

Ключ: 1 – chips 4 – diet 7 - fitness

2 – pizza 5 – fruits

3 – basketball 6 – bed

How many mistakes have you got? Listen to the dialogue once more and choose the right variant.

1) What does the man want to do?

a) to play basketball with his friends

d) to play baseball

c) to watch TV

2) When was the man the star player in high school?

a) 5 years ago

b) 25 years ago

c) 10 years ago

3) What should the man eat more?

a) chips and ice-cream

b) fat food

c) fruit and vegetables

4) What should he do instead of watching TV half the night?

a) to go to bed early

b) to train

c) to have a physical

5) What does the woman sound like?

a) like a doctor

b) like a basketball player

c) like a fitness instructor

Let’s check.

T. What do you think about the man’s lifestyle? P. It is unhealthy.

T. Why? P. Because He eats unhealthy food like Pizza and ice cream and doesn’t go in for sports. P. He also goes to bed late and and watches TV too long.

T. What advice did his wife give him? Was she right? Did the man know about healthy habits? P. No. And you? P. Yes!

What healthy habits do you know?

VII. Монологи учащихся.

P.1 Healthy habit number one: eat breakfast every morning. Eating breakfast can help people feel better through the day. And, children who eat breakfast usually do better at school! A good breakfast includes fruits, vegetables, and grains.

P.2.Healthy habit number two: eat fish. The American Health Association suggests eating fish two times each week.

P.3 Healthy habit number three: sleep enough. Poor sleep quality can affect our memory and learning. Experts advise getting at least seven hours of sleep a night

P.3 Healthy habit number four: make social connections. Spending time with other people can also improve help. An active mind is a healthy mind!

P.4 Healthy habit number five: exercise. Exercise is very important for good health. It helps control a person’s body weight. Exercising also helps grow healthy muscles, bones, and joints. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Exercising reduces the risk of death from heart diseas. Exercise helps people to think and move better. It helps manage stress, improves emotions, and gives people lots of energy!

P.5 Healthy habit number six: care for your teeth. Research shows that taking care of your teeth

can add over six years to your life! So remember to wash, brush and clean between your teeth!

P.6 Healthy habit number seven: have a hobby. A hobby is something that you enjoy doing. It could be running, reading or making something with your hands. Hobbies help people to relax and rest. Hobbies bring us joy.

P.7 Healthy habit number eight: protect your skin. The sun produces ultraviolet, or UV rays. These rays can harm our skin.

P.8 Healthy habit number nine: eat healthy between meals. Eating between meals is called snacking. Many people snack on unhealthy foods - foods that are high in sugar, salt or fat. Fruits and vegetables are a better choice. Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

P.9 Healthy habit number ten: drink water. Our bodies are made of mostly water. In fact, our bodies are sixty to seventy percent water! Water helps our bodies work right. Water helps to clear our bodies of harmful waste materials. Eight glasses of water a day does a body good!

Healthy habit number eleven: drink tea.

P.10 Healthy habit number twelve: take a walk every day.

Healthy habit number thirteen: have a plan. So, the best way to be healthy is to make a plan.

VIII. Анкетирование учащихся и гостей.

T: Do you know if you are really healthy?

To help you to learn if it is so, answer this questionnaire.

Tick “Yes” or “No”

Count your points. One point for each answer “Yes”.

6-7 points: You are quite healthy. Well done!

3–5 points: Not bad, but be attentive to your health. Do more exercises and eat healthy food!

0–2 points: Oh, dear! Change your lifestyle. You should think about your future! No sweets, chips and cola! Only healthy food, good sleep and physical activity

X. Подведение итогов. Выставление оценок.

XI. Home task. Write down an essay “How to keep fit”?’

So, what have you learnt at the lesson? P: How to be healthy.

Do you really think it is helpful? P: Yes.

How do you fell? P: Great.

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