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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Jobs of future поурочный план
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Jobs of future поурочный план


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Адрес: БҚО, Теректі ауданы, Подстепный ауылы.

Мектебі: Теректі аудандық лингвистикалық гимназиясы


Theme of the lesson: Jobs of future

Aim of the lesson: to enrich pupil’s knowledge about jobs, to develop logical and critical thinking and creation.

Aspect of lesson: Individual, pair, group work

Method of the lesson: Critical thinking, dialogue, IT,

Connection with other subjects: Kazakh, Russian languages

Expecting result: Pupil will be able to speak about jobs. They can use new vocabulary in their speech.

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear boys and girls. I'm very glad to see you. How are you? Well, let's begin our lesson. Today we will speak about the world of professions. We shall learn the names of the professions and the adjectives to describe them.

II. Brainstorming

Warm-up activity:


Betty Baughter bought some butter,

But she said: “My butter is bitter!

But a bit of better butter

Will make my butter better!

So she bought a bit of butter

Better than the bitter butter

And that made her butter better!

2.Answer the following questions:

What are you going to be after you leave school?

What professions do you consider the most important in our life? Why?

What did you want to be when you were a child? Did you change your mind?

III. The main stage

Teacher: Ok, guys, now we are going to watch presentation about different professions, listen and repeat after her.


Teacher: Ex 1, The first task for you is to complete the sentences with the words on the cards. You will have 10 sentences and 5 minutes to complete them with the following words.

 successful, occupation, career, creative, architect, vet, responsible, noble, prestigious, librarian, fireman

Complete the sentences with the following words:

  1. A profession of photographer is very....

  2. My sister says that teaching is a ... profession.

  3. We have always thought that any job in the hospital is ....

  4. Careers of computer programmer are very ... nowadays.

  5. My cousin wants to be an ....

  6. Will you write your... on this form?

  7. A ... is a person who works in the library and helps people to choose books and magazines to read.

  8. I am sure that the profession of a ... is rather dangerous.

  9. His ... as a driver came to an end after a bad road accident.

  10. I am going to be a ... because I like animals and birds.


1) creative; 2) noble; 3) responsible; 4) successful; 5) architect; 6) occupation; 7) librarian; 8) fireman; 9) career; 10) vet.

Teacher: Ex 2, So, the task is the following: I'll give you some words and you should make up other words with the same root with the help of suffixes -er, -or, -ist.

То teach

То work



To drive

To build

To save

То direct

То act


To report

To design

To write



Keys: teacher, worker, economist, footballer/football player, driver, builder, saver, director, actor/actress, banker, reporter, designer, writer, lawyer, scientist.


Ex 3, Read the text “The most extraordinary job”

The most extraordinary job

Laughter therapist

They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. If that’s true then a career as a laughter therapist should be an easy ride. In this job a laughter therapist must do their best to make people laugh their way to a better life. Perfect for any budding clowns out there!

Paint Watcher

You may have heard some people say they’d “rather watch paint dry” than do something they don’t want to do. Well, if they really mean it the opportunity is there – studying the drying time and effects of paint as a full-time job for a paint manufacturer

Dice inspector

In the gambling world, millions can be lost at the roll of a faulty dice. With that in mind, the job of a dice inspector is an important one, making sure each die is in proportion, with all the right angles and blemish free.

Snake Milker

Snake venom is powerful stuff. It can be turned into drugs to treat all kinds of conditions, including a poisonous snake bite. But some brave soul needs to collect that venom by hand. They gently expose the snake's fang and squeeze out the deadly juices. "The only difference between me and any other company in the world that produces something is that the means of production here can kill you...and wants to," Alabama snake milker Ken Darnell says.

Post reading task

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which job did you find the most extraordinary/usual/exciting/boring/useful?

  2. What other extraordinary jobs have you heard of?

  3. What kind of person would do things like that for a living?

  4. What qualities are required for each of these jobs?

  5. Which of these jobs would you be able to do? Why?

  6. Which of them you would never agree to even if offered lots of money? Why?

Lexical tasks

Teacher: Ex 4, Well, now I'll give you some other professions and the descriptions of them. Your task is to match the description and the profession. Is it clear?

  1. This is a person who treats people from different diseases. (Doctor)

  2. This is a person who catches criminals and keeps his/her eye on observing the law. (Policeman)

  3. This is a person who does sport. (Sportsman)

  4. This is a man who prevents fire and saves people from fire (Fireman)

  5. This is a person who works in a firm and deals with money. (Book-keeper)

  6. This is a person who works in a shop. (Shop assistant)

  7. This is a person who works with little kids or a person who works in a hospital and helps the doctor. (Nurse)

  8. This is a person who treats our teeth. (Dentist)

  9. This is a person who delivers letters. (Postman)

  10. This is a person who steers a plane. (Pilot)

  11. This is a person who creates buildings before the construction.

Ex 5, Complete the crossword and find 7 words of profession

C:\Users\умит\Desktop\Безымянный - копия.png

Ex 6, match the words with pictures


Summing up

Teacher: Ex 7. Well, now I'll give you some cards of professions and the descriptions of them. Your task is to find and to match them


Teaches others


Builds houses


Drives planes


Plays a musical instrument


Drives a vehicle


Works on a farm


Cooks food in a restaurant


Works with wood


Puts out fires


Paints buildings

Train driver

Drives trains

Dress maker

Makes clothes


Installs electric


Delivers post

T: Pupils, we are going to sing a song.


I see a fire-fighter fighting fires.

I see a car mechanic changing tires.

I see a pilot flying through the air

I see a barber cutting people‘s hair

I see the people in my town

And I say: Hey brother! What‘s going down?

I see a postman with the mail.

I see the police putting folk in jail

I see a lifeguard at the swimming pool.

I see the teachers in the local schools.

I see the people in my town

And I say: Hey brother! What‘s going down?

Doctors, nurses, astronauts,

judges, lawyers in the courts.

I see an actor acting on the stage.

I see a writer writing on a page.

I see a chef working in a restaurant.

And a waiter asking what you want.

I see the people in my town

And I say: Hey brother! What‘s going down?

Doctors, nurses, astronauts,

Judges, lawyers in the courts.

I see the people in my town

And I say: Hey brother! What‘s going down?

Giving home task: Write down an essay about your future profession


Teacher: Very good. You have had a very professional discussion. Well, our lesson is over. You have worked very well today and all of you get excellent marks. Thank you for the lesson. See you next time. Good-bye.

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