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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиРабочие программыJobs of the future

Jobs of the future



Aims : Describing jobs

*Talking about jobs

*Making predictions

*develop pupils speaking

* bring up to interest in learning English , and pupil’s feeling of international friendship

* visual aids: interactive board, picture ,cards.

Procedure of the lesson


Children standing on the table and select images from their profession.The profession is divided into three group. The first group is “well-paid”, “average wages”, “low-paid”.

T.Goodmorning ,pupils.

P.Good morning, teacher.

T.Sitdown ,please.

T.Who is on duty today ?

P.I’am on duty today.

T.Who is absent today?

P. is \are absent

T. What date is it today?

P.Todayis the ………….

T.What day is it day?

P. Friday

T.Thankyou , sit down.

2.Phonetic drill: T: Ok , pupils. Look at the interactivdeck. We have phonetic drill. Sing song

3.Checking the home task:

T: I’ll check your home work . What was your home work for today?

P: Our home work was ……

T: Who is ready?

P: May I ? T:Begin ,please

IV. New words.

Today we have new words as usual. Look at the blackboard. I’ll read it then repeat. Doctor

Docter [`dɔktə] Дәрігер

Teacher [ti:tʃə] Мұғалім

Nurse [nə:s] Медбике

Interpreter [in`tə:pritə] аудармашы

Reporter [ri`pᴐ:tə] баяндамашы,репортер

Photographer [fə`tɔgrəfə] фотограф

Engineer [,enʤi`nə] инженер

Builder [bildə] құрлысшы

Architect [a:kitekt] сәулетші

Gardener [ga:dnə] бақшы

Realtor [`riəltə] саудаагенті

Journalist [`ʤə:nəlist] журналист

Driver [`draivə] жүргізуші

Secretary [`sekrətri] хатшы

Lawyer [`lᴐ:jə] заңгер

Pilot [`pailət] ұшқыш

Writer [rai:tə] жазушы

accountant [ə`kauntənt] бугалтер

T: Ok ,children. Look at the interactivdeck. About a profession of the future

4 .New theme :Jobs of the Future

T:Now pupils Read the text and translate .Do you like the job?

The Modern Servant –The Nurse .

Nursing is something I’ve always wanted to do .I left school at 16 and did a re –nursing course . I chose Brighton because it was near my home town of Guildford and I knew it was a Lively place and I’d heard the nursing school was good.

Training is practically good.Once we’ d done six weeks in the classrooms at the Brighton School of Nursing ,It was straight out into the wards – very scary! We‘re called “ student” nurses but I don’t feel there’s much time for “studying”- we just get right on with nursing.

I work in shifts .An “early” is from 7.45 a.m to 4.30 p.m. and a “late” is 12.30 in afternoon to 9.30 p.m. I work nights sometimes ,too .We should get one weekend off in three but it’s not always possible. My work interferes with my social life.

I arrive at 7.45 a.m. and listen to reports from the night staff.

I will have three and seven patients of whom I have total care .I’ll start by helping them wash ,then serve and clear away breakfast. Next I take their temperatures , feel their pulses and blood pressure . Perhaps some patients will need help with getting out of bed and walking around .Then it’s around lunchtime .In between there’s always plenty of work to do and beds to tidy .I like to spend a lot of time with patients ,talking and reassuring .But there isn’t always enough time , we ‘re so busy doing other things .Nurses shouldn’t really do domestic jobs like serving meals but we do.

T:Next task are following sentences true or false.

a. The nurse’s home is very strict.____F____

b. Nurses do not talk to patients.___F____

c. Penny works in shifts._____T___

e. Nurses shouldn’t do domestic jobs.___T_______

Make poster: What do you want to be ?about a profession of the future.

I want to be


doctor worker

driver cook artist

T:Next task ,Ex6 p101.Read the text again

Which of the following words can you find in the text?

Afford vмүмкіншілік

Share, v бөлу

Serve , vҚызмет ету

Clear away ,vжинау

Reassure, vЖұбату тыныштандыру

Interfere with , vараласу

be able to provide

divide or distribute portions to take care of ; to

wait on ;to

prepare and supply ; to complete a term of duty

to take away ; to clean ;tidy ; put away

to help feel safe and comfortable

to prevent someone from doing what he wants t; to get in the way

T: Ex7p101.Match the words from two circles and find them in the text.









T:A guessing game. What profession is it?


5.Giving the hometask. T: Open your diaries and write down your homework.

Ex 13 p 102 .

Nurses of my city hospital.


T: Today you were so active and I ‘ll put your marks.

7.Reflection. The effect of taking lessons.Have you understood the lesson?

8 . Ok, pupil’s . Stand up the lesson is over, Good- bye .

The sсhool №8 Kashagan Kurzhimanuly

The Theme : Jobs of the future

Form “9 б

Teacher :Alimkulova N.E

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