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ОГЭ 2016

Задание С1

You have 30 minutes to do this task. You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Andrew.


...I feel very angry and upset as we've just lost the baseball game 4:1. Though we lost, my dad said that it was a great game anyway. He likes baseball, just like me. This sport is really popular in my country — children and adults love it!

..And what sports and games are popular in your country? Do you prefer watching sports on TV or at the stadium? Who's your favourite sports celebrity and why?...


Write her a letter and answer her 3 questions. Write 100–120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

St. Petersburg, Russia

November, 30

Dear Andrew,

It's nice to hear from you. I'm so sorry you lost the game but I'm sure you'll win it next time. No one can win every time.

I've never played baseball — it's not very popular here but we have other games with a ball — football, volleyball, basketball. Football, I think, is the most popular. Lots of people play it and watch it. I usually watch football matches on TV, but being at the stadium is certainly better and much more exciting. My favourite sports celebrity is Andrei Arshavin — the captain of the Russian national football team. He's a very talented footballer and he seems to be a very nice person.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Best wishes,


Задание С2

Task 1


Give a talk about your home town (city or village).

Remember to say:

- about the general description of the place (size, age, location);

- what makes it interesting or / and important (historical facts, architecture, industries, etc);

- what you like about it most (nature, people, lifestyle, particular streets or places).

You have to talk for 1.5−2 minutes. The examiner will listen until you have finished. Then she / he will ask you some questions.



My home town is A. It's a little town in the central part of Russia. Historians say that it was founded more than 500 years ago. It was a little settlement but now about 400,000 people live here.

The town is famous for its electrical power station that supplies the whole region. There is also an agricultural factory that produces different milk products and lots of other businesses. The architecture of the centre of the town is not interesting, in my opinion — you can see the same style in most towns and cities. However there are several streets where you can still see old wooden and stone houses — people built such houses here almost a century ago but they look very attractive to me.

I love my town because it's my home — my family and friends live here. In the summer we spend lots of time outdoors — swim in the river, go to the parks, cycle and explore the surroundings. In winter there are lots of places to go too — there is a skating rink, cinemas and computer clubs. My favourite place is the central park — there are huge, old trees there. We often go there to skateboard, roller-skate and cycle.

I think that my town is a nice place to live in and it's getting better every year.

1. I think our town is the most beautiful in summer. It's very green and there are lots of flowers everywhere. And people in the streets smile more often in the summer.

2. I would prefer to live in a big city because I think life is more intense there. There are more exhibitions, concerts and different shows. There are more opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

Задание С3 Task 2 (2−3 minutes)


Your acquaintance Martine / Michelle is an exchange student who's come to Russia for one academic term to learn Russian. You usually see him / her in the gym, but he / she hasn't been there for a couple of weeks. At last Martine / Michelle comes to the gym again.

- Find out why your acquaintance missed the training sessions.

- Find out why he / she is learning Russian and answer his / her questions about your reasons for learning English.

- Tell him / her about your possible career plans.

- Offer Martine / Michelle your help with the Russian language.

You begin the conversation. The examiner will play the part of your airportn acquaintance.

Remember to:

- introduce yourself;

- answer the questions;

- make a suggestion;

- be polite.


Student: Hi, Martine / Michelle. I haven't seen you for ages! Is everything all right?

Interlocutor: Hi! Yes, everything's fine. I've just been very busy with my Russian Grammar Course. Your grammar is so difficult!

Student: Yes, it really is. Why did you decide to learn such a difficult language by the way?

Interlocutor: There are several reasons: my ancestors are actually from Russia, and I think Russian will be useful if I want to do business with Russian partners in the future.

Student: Right.

Interlocutor: And why are you learning English?

Student: Because I think it's very important to speak English. It's necessary for travelling and studying. There's lots of literature in English. And lots of information on the Internet is in English, too!

Interlocutor: That's true. Are you going to use it for your future job? What kind of career are you thinking about?

Student: I haven't chosen a career yet. There are lots of options. My parents want me to be an engineer but I want to work with people. I think a job of a teacher or a manager is just right for me. But English will be useful whatever I choose — engineering, teaching or tourism...

Interlocutor: I absolutely agree with that.

Student: If you need any help with Russian grammar again, call me anytime — I'll be glad to help.

Interlocutor: Thank you very much. And I can help you with your English in return.

Student: That will be lovely, thanks. Sorry, but I should be off now.

Interlocutor: See you here next time.

Student: See you.

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