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Олимпиада для 5 класса


Олимпиада по английскому языку для 5 класса

Match the definitions to the words.

6. get on a bus here                    a) cinema

7. play sports here                          b) bank

8. buy things here                           c) leisure centre

9. watch films here                         d) bus station

10. get money here                         e) shops

Underline the correct word.

11. It’s very hot today. Where’s my T-shirt/jacket?

12. Linda’s cold. She’s looking for her scarf/dress.

13. Let’s play volleyball. I’ve got my shoes/trainers here.

14. My mum’s eyes are fair/grey.

15. My brother’s hair is reddish-brown/tall.

16. How tall are you? I’m of medium length/medium height.

17. It’s a cold day. Where are you trousers/shorts?

18. I’m going to the beach. I need my baseball cap/socks.

19. Sarah’s hair is very tall/long.

20. Anne’s hair is quite shorts/fair.

Write the questions in the interview with a pop star.

21. A) ……….

    B) I usually get up at seven o’clock

22. A)

    B) I always have an apple for breakfast

23. A) ……….

    B) No, I don’t. I never drink coffee

24. A)

    B) Well, now I'm drinking water. It’s very good for you

25. A) ……….

    B) My favourite food is fruit

26. A)

    B) No, I don’t like chocolate!

27. A) ……….

    B) Yes, I can. I like to cook when I'm not working

28. A) ……….

    B) Yes, I have. I’ve got two cats

29. A) ……….

    B) The cats’ names are Wiffy and Scrunch

30. A) ……….

      B) Yes, I like them

Read the text. Choose the right words to fill in the gaps.

Books aren't only for learning at school, but you know that!
How do you choose a book? (1) ……………........... you look at the pictures? Some people do. Some are exciting, some we find boring and stop reading. Many books are very old. Some fat ones (2) ………………........... long stories or many short stories in (3) ………………........... .
Lots (4) ………………........... us like reading in bed, warm under the blankets, but it is nice on the beach too. Many grown-ups take their books on trains to read (5) ………………........... they're going to work. Choose well what you read and where you read so you can enjoy it!


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 

Choose the right word for each sentence. 

“This new mall is huge”, said Anna. ”Yes”, said Aunt Jemma. “It’s (1)__________ than the old mall and it’s nicer, too. (2)__________ are four escalators and a lift. It opened yesterday. It’s very exciting”.
“I need a new computer disc”, said Uncle Bob. “Stay  (3)__________ Aunt Jemma, Anna. We mustn’t lose you”. He (4)__________ into the computer shop.
Anna looked around. There (5)__________ lots of people. She looked  on the floor. Suddenly she saw a small grey ring. She picked up the ring and put it in her pocket.
When Uncle Bob came back they went to the clothes shop. Aunt Jemma looked in the mirror. “Oh no!” she said. “My earring is missing. We (6)__________ go back to the computer shop”.
They looked on the floor outside the shop. Then Anna heard a sob. (7)__________ to her was a small boy. “Oh, dear. What’s the matter?” asked Anna. “I dropped my new car”, said the boy. “I lost a piece and now it doesn’t go”. He (8)__________.
“Did you lose the ring?” Anna asked. “Yes”, said the boy. “I found this on the floor but it isn’t mine”. The boy had a shiny silver ring in his hand.
“That’s Aunt Jemma’s earring!” Anna took out the grey metal ring. “Is this (9)__________?” she asked. “Yes, thank you”, he said.
Aunt Jemma was very happy. “Now let’s have a nice cup of tea in the café”, she said. “Just a minute”, said Uncle Bob. ”My new disc. It’s in the clothes shop”.
“Oh, no!“ said Anna. “Everyone is (10)__________ things today!”


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 


Выберите ответ: 

Read the text and choose the best answer. 

Fred is talking to his friend Sue.
  Fred: Do you want to go to the cinema after?

Выберите ответ: 
 No, I’m not hungry now.
 Yes, let’s.
 No, we haven’t.

Fred: Would you like to see the new Red Rabbit film?

Выберите ответ: 
 Yes, I do.
 Yes, I did thank you.
 No, sorry. I saw it last Friday.

Fred: Did you enjoy the film?

Выберите ответ: 
 So did I.
 Yes, the actors were funny.
 I hope I do.

Fred: Let’s not go to the cinema then. I’d like to play a game.

Выберите ответ: 
 Me too.
 I can’t kick the ball.
 Yes, I can.

Fred: How about playing a computer game after our snack?

Выберите ответ: 
 OK, good idea.
 I love snacks.
 Yes, I can.

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