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Олимпиада для 5 класса



Read the story. Mark the sentences as true, false.

The Elephant.

One Sunday morning Mr. Armstrong got up early to make a cup of tea. He always got up early to make tea for the family on a Sunday because he wanted them to get up and start working in the garden with him. But no one else wanted to get up. His wife sometimes stayed in bed till ten o’clock and his daughter, who was usually out late on Saturday evenings, seldom got up till it was time for lunch.

This Sunday morning Mr. Armstrong went into the kitchen and stopped suddenly. There was an elephant in the garden. It was standing on the lawn, eating the roses. An elephant! Mr. Armstrong looked and looked – and the elephant looked at him; then it went on eating the roses.

Mr. Armstrong ran upstairs to wake his wife. “Quick, wake up, there’s an elephant in the garden.” His wife opened one eye. “Don’t be funny, it’s too early.”

“But I’m not being funny. There is an elephant in the garden. Get up and look.”

His wife laughed. “No dear, I know you. You always say such silly things to get me up. Go and make some tea instead.” And she went back to sleep.

Mr. Armstrong went into his daughter’s room. “Quick, wake up, there’s an elephant in the garden.” His daughter opened one eye. “Don’t be silly, daddy”, she said.

But I’m not being silly. Come and see for yourself.

“No, go and bring the elephant up to me instead,” said his daughter and went back to sleep.

So Mr. Armstrong telephoned the police and five policeman came with some men from the zoo. They took the elephant back to the zoo with them. When Mr. Armstrong’s wife and daughter came down-much, much later-they were very angry that he had not woken them up so that they could see the elephant, too.

Mark the statements as T (true) or F (false).

  1. Mr. Armstrong makes a cup of coffee.

a) True b) false

2. He always got up later to make tea for the family on a Sunday.

a) True b) false

3. His wife sometimes stayed in bed till ten o’clock.

a) True b) false

4. There was a monkey in the garden.

a) True b) false

5. Five policeman came and took the elephant back to the zoo with them.

a) True b) false


1. Fill in the gaps, using a suitable word from a box. Use each word only once. “0” is the example for you. (5 points)

capital tourists famous beautiful city restaurants

London is the (0) capital of England. It is very big city. There are lots of things to see in London. Trafalgar Square is popular with (1) ___________. There is a statue of Lord Nelson there, and two (2) ____________fountains. Oxford Street is a very busy place. It is (3) __________ for its shops and (4)_______________.

The river Thames is in the middle of London. It is 200 miles long. Tower Bridge is over the River Thames. It’s next to the Tower of London.

Buckingham Palace is where the Queen of England lives. It is very big and beautiful.

London is a wonderful (5)__________. It is a great place for a trip.

2. Choose the right variant (10 points).

1. Tom’s flat is… than Tim’s flat.

a) big b) bigger c) the biggest

2. …new books.

a) These are b) This is c) That is

3. There were many… near the river.

a) womans b)woman c) women

4. He will come here…Monday.

a) in b) on c) at

5. Jack…the guitar very well.

a) plays b) play c) playing

6. Birds fly…the fields.

a) in b) over c) in front of

7. … is this? It’s a robot.

a) who b) where c) what

8. He ….. shopping every Sunday.

a) went b) is going c) goes

9. I … proud of my country.

a) is b) am c) are

10. I saw two…on the floor.

a) mouses b)mice c) mices


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