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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Олимпиада для 7 класса общеобразовательной школы по английскому языку
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  • Иностранные языки

Олимпиада для 7 класса общеобразовательной школы по английскому языку



 I.Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильной форме:

 People 1. ( BEGIN )_______to travel many ages ago. The very first travelers  2. ( BE)_________ explorers who went on trips to find wealth, fame or something else. Their journeys were very dangerous but still people keep on  going to the unknown lands.

     Nowadays it 3. ( BE) ______________not as dangerous and much more pleasant. Do you want to go somewhere? Hundreds of companies are there  

4.( HELP) ___________________you. They will take care about your tickets and do all you need. You 5.( NOT SPEAK)____________ the language of the country you go to? There are people that will help you.

     With modern services you go around the world. You can choose the the transport you like: plane, ship, train or you can travel hiking.

     Tourism6. ( BECOME)____________ a very popular business because people are ready to spend their money for the great chance to have great time7. ( LEARN) ____________about new countries, going sightseeing and enjoying  themselves.

II. Поствтье артикль a/an, the, где это необходимо:

(1)____Ted Shell is worker. He works at ( 2)___factory. It’s not in( 3)__ center of the( 4)___city. Every morning he has (5)___breakfast and(6)__ cup of (7)___ tea. Then he goes to( 8)_____work by(9)__ bus. He works till 5 o’clock in (10)____ afternoon. He has (11)____ son. His name is( 12)___ Fred. (13)__Fred goes to (14)__school. He likes ( 15)____literature. (16)____Fred is( 17)____ good pupil. He also likes(18)____ sports.

III.Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильной форме:

1.I (not use ,to watch )Mickey Mouse

2.You (use to, like) school?

3.I used to play football. These days I play basketball 

4.George (use to ,be) the best student in class, but now Lena is the best.

5.When I was a child, I (use to,not, like) vegetables.

IV. Выберите правильный вариант ответа:

  1. Robert wrote so___  letters that he's never going to write a letter again.

a)much b)many c)few d) any e) little

2. She ate so  ice cream that she's going to have a sore throat.

a)much b)many c)few d) any e) little

  1. There is____  mayonnaise in Vera's kitchen. She has to go to the supermarket and buy some.

a)much b)many c)few d) any e) little

  1. There are____ cookies in the box. I should have bought them last Monday.

a)much b)many c)few d) any e) little

  1. Does your sister read___? — Yes, she does. And your brother? — Oh, he doesn't. He has so____  books, but he reads very_____ .

a)much b)many c)few d) any e) little

Ted Shell is…worker. Ye works at…factory. It

V. Вставьте подходящий предлог, где такой необходим:

In winter I usually go … bed at ten o’clock because I go … school and have to get up early. But in summer, when I don’t go … school and live … the country, I like to go … bed late. Do you like to read … bed? I usually read …the evenings. Where is your little sister? – She is … bed. Mother always puts her … bed at eight o’clock. 6. In summer my mother does not go … work and I don’t go … school. We live … the country. My father goes … work every day, so he stays … town. But sometimes he comes … the country after work and goes back … town early in the morning, when I am still … bed.



My household duties

I live in a family, which consists of father, mother and me. Everybody in our family has duties at home. And, of course, I have my duties too. I like to help my parents, and it is not difficult for me. Every Sunday I clean my room. I begin with the cleaning of carpets. Usually I take a vacuum-cleaner and turn it on and then clean. Then it comes the turn to sweep the floor, to dust the furniture. I try to do this work in a proper way. Besides, one of my duties is to water the flowers. I do it twice a week. We have a lot of flowers in our flat and all of us like them very much.

     Besides, my duties include some kind of shopping. I usually go to the shop to buy bread, milk and some other food. It is not difficult for me because the shop is near our house.

     I think that there is nothing bad in helping parents. I understand my parents quite well, because they are too busy at work. My parents also try to understand me and allow me to go to night clubs with my friends and to invite my friends to our place. We are a happy, friendly family.

  1. Выберите правильный вариант:

А 1- The family is large.

        1)True                                 2)False                            

A 2- Not all of them have duties.

        1)True                                  2)False                          

A 3-The boy cleans his room every Sunday.

        1)True                                  2)False                          

A 4- The mother waters the flowers.

        1)True                                  2)False                          

A 5- The boy*s parents allow him to go to the cinema.

        1)True                                   2)False                          

A 6-They understand each other quite well in this family.

        1)True                                    2)False                          

A 7- It is difficult for a boy to help his parents.

        1)True                                    2)False    

  1. Выберите правильный вариант:

  1. I live in a family, which consists of…

  1. Father, mother, my sister and me.

  2. Father, mother and me.

  3. Father, mother, my brother and me.

  1. I like to…

  1. help my parents, and it is not difficult for me.

  2. help my parents, but it is difficult for me.

  3. help my friends, and it is not difficult for me.

  1. Every Sunday I…

a)…go for a walk.

b)… clean my room.

c)…clean my cat.

4. We have a lot of…

a) …pets in our flat and all of us like them very much.

b)… flowers in our flat and all of us like them very much.

c)… toys in our flat and all of us like them very much.

5.      I usually go to the shop to buy …

a) …bread, milk and some other food.

b) …cheese, milk and some other food.

c)…fruit , milk and some other food.

  1. Ответьте на вопросы:

  1. What duties does the author have?

  2. What parents allow the author?

  3. What kind of family does the author have?


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Краткое описание документа:

Олимпиада включает в себя как тест на грамматику, так и аудирование. задания посильные для учеников, соответствуют основным критериям.
Мною олимпиада была использована неоднократно, мониторинг показал, что заданий, с которыми учащиеся совершенно не справились, нет.
Учащиеся показали, что олимпиада довольно сложная, но посильная.
надеюсь,что и вам этот материал будет полезен.

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