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Олимпиада для 5 классов по английскому языку.Углубленное изучение языка.

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Olympiads at 5 form.

Listening. (10 points)

Listen to the text “A clever answer” and do the following tasks.

  1. Answer the questions

1/ who did the American travel with?

2/What did he always do for his children?

3/why did the children frighten the animals?

4/ why did the American ask about the price of the Zoo?

5/ What did the Zookeeper answer?

B) Finish the sentences.

1/ One day the American came to ….. .

2/In the Zoo the children ……. .

3/In the evening they asked the father to ….. .

4/The American wanted to buy the Zoo for ….. .

5/ The text is called “A clever answer” because ….. .

II Use of English. (10 points)

Choose the right answer.

1/He ……. to the swimming pool every Sunday.

a) went                        b)l go                     c) goes

2/Tom usually ……… coffee, but today he ……… tea.

a) drank ….. drank      b) drinks …..is drinking           c) drinks …. drinks

3/It ………… now.

a) rain                b) isn`t raining              c) doesn`t rain

4/Look! She  …………. the same T-shirt as me.

a) wears                      b) is wearing                            c) wear

5/They ………… hard in the garden last Wednesday.

a) work                       b) are working                         c)  worked

6/I …….. you yesterday.

a)phoned              b)phone                            c) am phoning

7/Come in. We …………. Dinner at the moment.

a) have                        b) are having                            c) have

8/She ………….three  languages.

a) speaks                     b) is speaking                          c) spoke

9/She …………. to the theatre twice last week.

a)goes               b) went                                    c) is going

10/ My mum ….. a tasty chicken last weekend

a) cook b) is cooking c)cooked

III) Write the following sentences in the interrogative (?)and negative (-) forms. (8 points)

  1. Nelly lives at the seaside in summer.

  2. He is watching TV now.

  3. She  bought  vegetables in the market.

  4. There are many flowers in the vase.

  5. I helped mother  yesterday.

  6. They clean their rooms on  Saturdays.

  7. They go to Zoo every year.

  8. There is a new book on the table.

IV Reading 1 (10 points)

Read the text and do the task

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. It has a long history. It is always on the fourth Thursday of November. People have a lot to do before the holiday. Peter and his family like this day very much. Peter's father buys a big fat turkey. Mother cooks the turkey and a lot of other tasty things. Peter's mum is good at cooking. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their families because it is a family holiday. Peter's grandparents come to see them on this day. First they go to church and thank God. Then they have a traditional family dinner. They eat roast turkey with potatoes, pumpkin pie and ice-cream. Peter doesn't like pumpkin pie but he likes chocolate ice-cream.

Finish the idea according to the text. Complete the blank below the task.

  1. Thanksgiving is...

  2. It is always on the...     .

  3. Peter's father buys...

  4. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with their families because...

  5. They eat...

  6. People have a lot to do...

  7. Mother cooks...

  8. Peter's grandparents...

  9. First...

  10. Peter doesn't like...

a)      ...before the holiday.

b)      ...an American holiday.

c)      ...they go to church and thank God.

d)      ... a big fat turkey.

e)      ...the turkey and alot of other tasty things.

f)       ...a roast turkey with potatoes, pumpkin pie and ice-cream.

g)      ...it is a family holiday.

h)      ...pumpkin pie.

i)        ...come to see them on this day.

j)        ...fourth Thursday of November.






















V Reading 2 (10 points)

A problem

A man was walking in the park on a beautiful spring day and he came across a penguin. He didn’t know what to do. He took him to a policeman and said : “I’ve found this penguin, what should I do?”

The policemen replied: “Take him to the Zoo”.

The next day the policeman was walking in the park when he saw the same man with the penguin. He walked up to him and said : “Didn’t I tell you to take the penguin to the Zoo?”

“Yes’, answered the man, “that’s what I did yesterday and today I am taking him to the cinema ”.

A)Write down the following statements are true or false.

1/A man found a penguin in the park.

2/He knew what to do with it.

3/The man didn’t want to take the penguin to the Zoo.

4/They met the policeman in the cinema the next day.

5/ The man was taking the penguin to the cinema.

B)Answer the following questions

1/ Whom did the man see in park?

2/Why was the policeman surprised when he saw the man the next day?

3/Where did he meet the man?

4/Where was the man going?

5/ Why was the man taking the penguin to the cinema?

Total : 48 points.


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