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Олимпиада 8класс по английскому языку

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Всероссийская  олимпиада  школьников. Школьный этап 2015-2016 уч.год

Английский язык. Задания для 8 класса

Общее время выполнения работы – 60 минут

Максимальное количество баллов – 45

LISTENING (10 points)


Listen to the dialogue and find

the correct answers

1. Jill and Mark are going to have some ... .

A)juice B)tea C)hot chocolate

2. Jill’s got ... homework to do this weekend.

A)no B)a little C)a good deal of

3. Mark asks his sister to help him on ... .

A)Friday B)Saturday C)Sunday

4. Mark says he can’t ... when the teacher explains.

A)make his head work B)understand anything C)listen

5. Mark is bad at ... .

A)Mathematics B)Physics C)History

6. Mark feels ... to ask his teacher for help.

A)happy B)ashamed C)angry

7. Mark’s sister helps him ... .

A)with pleasure B)willingly C)unwillingly

8. Jill wants Mark to ... .

A)do homework by himself B)do her a favour C)be punished

9. Mark will have to improve his Maths as ... .

A)he wants to be the best in class

B)he finds it very interesting C)it may be useful for his future job

10. Jill is planning to finish her homework on ... evening.

A)Friday B)Saturday C)Sunday

READING (6 points)


Read the article about the history of coffee drinking and circle the correct answer, a, b or c.

                                                 Time for coffee

The story of coffee drinking is one of the greatest and most fascinating in history. Millions of coffee drinkers worldwide cannot imagine life without a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning. Coffee is a natural stimulant which makes us feel more awake, alert and ready to concentrate.

The qualities of mocca, as coffee was once known, were first discovered in Ethiopia more than one thousand years ago. However, it was not Africans but Turks and Arabs who actively encouraged coffee drinking. The habit of coffee drinking quickly spread throughout the Arab world, where coffee won a reputation as the wine of Islam.

Coffee was first grown in Yemen. It was popular with Turks who served the drink to visiting Italian merchants. In 1615 traders from Venice brought coffee to Europe, where it was originally sold as a medicine. By the end of the sixteenth century coffee was drunk in major European cities from Paris to London. Now, around the world there are different methods of preparing coffee, for example, in Turkey coffee is traditionally boiled three times while Italians are the inventors of espresso and cappuccino.

We drink coffee because of its aroma, taste and stimulating effect. However, extensive consumption of coffee may be harmful to our health, for instance, it may increase one’s blood pressure or make one’s heart beat irregularly. Fortunately, new brands of coffee have been appearing on the market recently. As they do not contain substances harmful to health, many people will not have to give up their coffee-drinking habits.

  1 Coffee was discovered

a in Europe.

b in Africa.

c in Asia.

2 Coffee drinking was  popularized  by

a the Ethiopians.

b the Italians.

c the Turks.

3 Coffee was first grown

a in Italy.

b in Turkey.

c in Yemen.

4 In Europe, coffee was popular as

a a medicine.

b the wine of Islam.

c a natural stimulant.

5 By the end of the sixteenth century people drank coffee

a in northern Europe.

b in the most important European cities.

c in Paris and London only.

6 New brands of coffee

a are as harmful as the original mocca.

b are less harmful than regular coffee.

c may influence our concentration ability.

TASK 3 USE OF ENGLISH (19 points)

Select the word closest in meaning

to the one underlined

1. Tim failed to accomplish the task.

A) to fulfil B)to enlist C)to designate

2. Is he good at solving problems?

A)dealing with B)deciding C)coping

3. We’ve bought a new stove recently.

A)cook B)cooker C)plant

4. I’ll give you some useful advice.

A)tips B)sentences C)orders

5. She was vague about her plans.

A)definite B)plain C)uncertain

6. The kids seemed to be sleeping.A)emerged B)appeared C)thought

7. John is a real underdog.

A)winner B)failure C)pet

8. The journey was very tiring.

A)exhausted B)exasperating C)exhausting

9. He couldn’t put up with it any longer.

A)remember B)bear C)explain

10. The criminal was sent to prison.

A)janitor B)jail C)jet

Task 4

Choose the right variant

1.  I __________ 50 years old in 2030.

A is                       B am               C will be         D am being

2 There aren’t __________ students in the class today.

A much     B some            C many           D none

3 Excuse me? Can I buy __________ green apples please?

A a few     B less              C a bit                        D a little

4 Sorry, we have __________ green apples.

A no                     B none            C any              D nothing

5 Sorry, I __________ here on Thursday. I have to go to the dentist.

A is                       B ’m                C ’ll be            D won’t be

6 __________ my brothers live in the U.S.A.

A Neither B Both            C Any                        D None

7 When it rains we __________ inside.

A go                     B went            C are going     D goes

8 What __________ you do if there is a blackout?

A shall      B will              C are                           D have

9 If you throw a stone into the water, it __________.

A sinks      B sank             C sunk                        D is sinking 

TASK 4 WRITING (10points )

You have received a letter from your English–speaking pen friend, Ben.

Most of my classmates like summer. But I like winter holidays. I’m keen on skating, and in winter I’ve got lots of opportunities to do my hobby.

When do you have your school holidays in Russia? Which holidays are the shortest? Which holidays are your favourite and why? …

Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions.

Write 100–120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

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