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Олимпиада по английскому языку для 10-11 классов.


Олимпиада по английскому языку для 10-11 классов.

  1. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

Inside your head is a remarkable organ, the brain. You use it to understand and remember things that 1 ______ (happen) around you.

The brain is soft and spongy. It 2_____ (make) of billions of tiny parts called cells. Three coats or membranes 3_____ (cover) the brain.

The brain sometimes 4_______ (call) the busiest communication centre in the world. The brain 5 ______ (control) your body functions and keeps all parts of your body working together. Thousands of messages from all parts of the body 6_____ (send) to and from the brain. Messages 7______ (carry) to the brain by sensory nerves. Special places, or centres, on the brain receive sensory messages from all parts of the body. When messages 8______ (receive) by centres, the brain 9_______ (interpret) them.

All day long your muscles and your brain 10_______ (work). By the end of the day they 11_____ (be tired). Then your brain and your muscles 12 ______ (start) to relax. Before long, you go to sleep. As you see, the big muscles in your body relax.

  1. Supply the articles if necessary.

  1. On ___ Saturday last, as is his usual custom, Mr. Davenheim took ___ 12.40 train from Victoria to ___ Chingside where ___ Cedars live.

  2. After ___ lunch, he strolled round ___ grounds, and gave various directions to ___ gardeners.

  3. After tea he put his head into his wife’s boudoir, saying that he was going to stroll down ___ village and post some letters.

  4. He added that he was expecting Mr. Lowen on ___ business.

  5. If he should come before he himself returned, he was to be shown into ___ study and asked to wait.

  6. Mr. Davenhein then left ___ house by ___ front door, passed leisurely down ___ drive, and out at ___ gate, and ___ was never seen again.

  1. Put the questions to the following sentences.

  1. Suddenly he wanted his handkerchief.

  2. The driver took the writer from the station to the hotel.

  3. The driver was going in his car at a great speed through the country road.

  4. Once he was taken by a local man to the hills.

  5. At ten o’clock the teacher collected the papers.

  1. Complete the sentences with the correct words.

  1. They fell in love at first ______.

A glimpse B look

C sight D viewing

  1. Could you give me ___ money? I want to buy that nice hat.

A few B a few

C little D a little

  1. I ____ leave if you are going to speak to me like this.

A would better B would rather

C had rather D had better

  1. Have you got all ___ you will need in your trip?

A what B that

C which D whose

  1. Because of the bad weather we had to ___our picnic.

A put aside B put out

C put up D put off

  1. He speaks as if he ___ him well though he has never seen him.

A is known B knew

C knows D had known

  1. Please ___ more slowly. I can’t understand your speech quite well.

A speak B say

C tell D told

  1. I ___ home when I met my parents.

A was walking

B had been walking

C am walking

  1. He and I both ran inside to find out what ____.

A had happened

B was happening

C is happened

  1. They ____ the road by the next year.

A will have built up

B will have been building

C will be building up

  1. Match the English words and word combinations with their Russian equivalents.

1 doorman a) бирка с номером

2 key rack b) пробка от шампанского

3 letter rack с) посыльный

4 chief receptionist d) отдел для белья

5 register е) швейцар

6 number tag f) стойка для ключей

7 porter g) двуспальная кровать

8 pageboy h) люстра

9 chandelier I) стойка для писем

10 service bell panel j) панель для вызова служб

11 double bed k) ведерко для шампанского

12 clothes compartment l) журнал для регистрации

13 linen compartment m) отдел для одежды

14 speaker proposing a toast n) тамада

15 champagne cork о) главный администратор

16 champagne bucket р) носильщик

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