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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Олимпиада по английскому языку 2015 для студентов НПО и СПО
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  • Иностранные языки

Олимпиада по английскому языку 2015 для студентов НПО и СПО


Olympiad of English and Economics – 2015

College and university students are welcome.

  1. Underline the correct forms of the words in italics.

My name is Alexander Herrbach, I'm a 27-year-old mechanical engineer and at the moment 11 am working / have worked for a company in the South of Germany where I 2 am / have been since I 3 have left / left France last July. Actually I have 4 already / recently spent most of my life here in Germany because that is where I 5 complete / completed my secondary and university education. Before I 6 have graduated / graduated I went on a European study programme in 7 Britain I British for one year. After university I 8 join /joined an American company in Berlin and subsequently I 9 moved / have moved to France when the headquarters were transferred there. In my present job my duties 10 are including / include supervising our activities in what we call 'the rest of the world'. Basically this 11 means / is meaning that I'm responsible for giving our representatives there our commercial and technical support. However, there are many new things that I'm still not12 used to do / used to doing.

At present our company 13 is expanding / has expanded its activities outside of its main market, which is Europe, and we 14 develop / are developing our network of agents, particularly in South Africa and Brazil. I 15 used to think / am used to thinking that it was enough to speak two foreign languages but I now realize that the more languages you speak the better you communicate. That is why I 16 always / sometimes take every opportunity to develop my language skills. In order to prepare for my future as a manager I 17 intend / have Intended to study for an MBA. In fact my boss 18 has agreed / agrees to give me one day a week off work for this.

  1. Read the following sentences and circle the right variant.

1. Every successful business is dependent on good ___________.

a) manages b) management c) managerial d) manager

2. It is said that good management has always been the invisible ingredient of __________.

a) successfully b) succeed c) successful d) success

3. Peter Drucker is the management guru who ___________ the notion of ‘management by objectives'.

a) inventor b) inventive c) invention d) invented

4. The Bank of England was _________ in 1694 on Threadneedle Street in London.

a) establishment b) started c) established d) launched

5. Banks frequently _________ international trade.

a) finance b) financial c) pay for d) buy

6. If you want to borrow a large amount of money you usually have to provide some sort of

_________ - often your house.

a) security b) guarantee c) promise d) precaution

7. An arrangement for a deferred payment of a loan or purchase is known as _________.

a) monetary b) credit c) debit d) co-operative

8. Since the introduction of a single _________, doing business in Europe has been much


a) coin b) currency c) money d) dollar

9. Do you think ___________ of people visit BBC Learning English from home, school or work?

a) most b) the most c) majority d) the majority

10. The government is going to __________ a law which will punish people who drink and drive more severely.

a) bring in b) take in c) bring out d) take out

  1. Write these abbreviations in full.

  1. job titles: CEO, CFO, MP;

  2. organizations: EMU, EU, WTO;

  3. companies: BMW, IBM, BA.

  1. Read the story. Think of the possible solving of this problem and write it down.

In a small town in the north of England there was a big library with a lot of interesting books in it. People in the town could take the books home for four weeks and read them. They could have as many as four books each time - different books about animals, boats, cooking and holidays or love stories, and then they had to take them back to the library.

Every year the library bought more and more books and soon the building was too small for all the books. One morning in early autumn the boss said, 'November 28th is a big day for us - we're going to move to a new library building. lt's a much bigger and better building but there! One difficult problem . . . It`s going to be very expensive to move all our books to the new building. 'Where are we going to find the money and the time?' the boss asked.

The people in the library thought about this problem. One evening five week before November 28th a young woman thought of a good plan. She went and talked to the boss about it.

  1. Write an essay “Why I want to be a …”.


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