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Олимпиада по английскому языку (6 класс)

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Задания для проведения школьного этапа олимпиады школьников по английскому языку для учащихся 5классов



Выберите правильный вариант:

1.I would like … a few words about myself.

a) tell you b) telling you c) to tell you

2. When my father was a child he used to eat a lot of sweets, … ?

a) doesn’t he b) wasn’t he c) didn’t he?

3. He said he … his umbrella.

a) has lost b) had lost c) lose

4. We’ll be late for the railway station, if the bus … .

a) hasn’t arrived b) won’t arrive c) doesn’t arrive

5. English children get a lot of presents …Christmas Day.

a) on b) at c) for

6. When my cousin came, we … dinner.

a) had b) having c) were having

7. Have you ever been to … Red Square?

a) - b) a c) the

8. – Where … yesterday? What happened … you?

a) have you been … to b) were you … with c) were you … to

9. Your hair … so beautiful!

a) - b) is c) are

10. There are … pupils in the class because most of them are ill.

a) little b) few c) many

11. I’m the richest man in the world, … ?

a) am I b) amn’t I c) aren’t I

12. My mother told me …

a) water the flowers b) to water the flowers c) watered the flowers

13. We … to visit the Tretyakov Gallery.

a) have always wanted b) always wanted c) always want

14. There … furniture in the sitting-room.

a) are many b) are much c) is much

15. Different languages … all over the world.

a) will spoken b) is spoken c) are spoken

Перепишите предложения, используя слова, данные в скобках так, чтобы смысл предложения сохранился (слова в скобках не изменяйте):

Nobody in our class can run as fast as Nick. ( fastest )

  1. Nick _________________________________________________ in the class.

She arrived a few minutes ago. ( just )

  1. She _________________________________________________ arrived.

This is my first visit to the USA. ( never )

  1. I _____________________________________ the USA before.

What job did she have at the time? ( working)

  1. Where _____________________________________ at the time?

I don’t believe she is from France. (can’t )

  1. She ___________________________ France.

III. Подберите синонимы к выделенным словам:

1. The cake is really delicious. I’ve already eaten three pieces & I want more.




2. There’s not much information about it in press. We can only guess at the number of

deaths the fire has caused.




3. Something is wrong with my bicycle. I think, I have to mend it.




4. He really hates this man.




5.Pushkin is a well-known writer.




IV. Завершите предложения, используя слова в рамке:

the Prime-Minister Charles eagle signs ravens

the Queen the Commonwealth England son of bagpipes

The patron saint of _________________________________ is St. George.

Many people in Scotland have the name Mc.Donald or Mc.Kenzie. “Mac”means__________________________ .

Britain used to have a lot of colonies, but in 1949 Britain & former colonies founded _____________________________________ .

The most famous symbols of the USA are the Statue of Liberty, “The Stars & Stripes” & the ____________________.

The Head of State in Britain is ___________________________________________________.

Scotland is a land of scenic beauty. This is the land of tartans & whisky, of romantic castles & the melodies of ______________________________ .

The Welsh are proud of their language, they sing songs in Welsh & you can see road ___________________________ in Welsh.

The real power in the UK belongs to _____________________________________________ .

English people keep ___________________ in the Tower of London & look after them because people believe that London will be rich while they live there.

The eldest son of the Queen Elizabeth II is Prince _______________________________

V. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание после текста

Famous Diaries

What would you do if you see a friend’s diary on the table? The wish to have a look is great, but diaries are private & only the author can read them.

A diary is a personal record of experiences & feelings. It can include (включать) anything - from what you ate for breakfast to your thoughts on a favourite new film. The brilliant thing about diaries is that there are no rules – anything goes! People have been keeping diaries for thousands of years. Some of them can give an impression of what life was like in other times.

Samuel Pepys wrote one of the most famous historical diaries. He wrote the diaries in 1660-1669. They give us information on such events as the Great Plague (чума) of 1665 & the Great Fire of London in 1666.

But, even if Pepys’ friends could have an opportunity to look into his diaries they couldn’t read them. The diaries were written in a code that wasn’t cracked (не был разгадан) for over 100 years!

Have you ever heard about the Diary of Anne Frank? The Diary of Anne Frank is the most famous diary of modern times. Anne Frank was a Jew (еврейка), living in Holland, who hid from the Nazis during World War II (2-ая мировая война). She couldn’t meet anyone from 1942 to 1944, that’s why Anne’s diary became her close friend. On the first page she wrote: “I hope you will be a source of great comfort & support”

She called her diary Kitty & it has been translated into 55 languages & has sold more than 25 million copies around the world.

Завершите предложения, используя информацию из текста:

1. Diaries are very personal & a) no one should read them

b) very interesting to read

c) everyone should read them

2. A diary can include a) only things about your food

b) thoughts on your favourite films

c) anything you want to write about

3. There are a) strict rules how to write diaries

b) no rules how to write diaries

4. Samuel’s diaries give people some information about … of London.

a) important events

b) usual events

c) merry events

5. It was … to read Samuel’s diaries because of a special code.

a) easy

b) impossible

c) careless

6. Diaries give the opportunity to know a) your friend’s secrets

b) what life was like in other times

c) what to eat for breakfast

7. Anne wrote her diary because a) she had a lot of friends

b) she met a lot of interesting people

c) she couldn’t meet people

8. Anne had a) a girlfriend called Kitty

b) a diary, which she called Kitty


6-th form (ключи)

  1. 1. – c) 11. – c)

2. – c) 12. –b)

3. – b) 13. – a)

4. – c) 14. – c)

5. – a) 15. – c)

6. – c)

7. – a)

8. – c)

9. – b)

10. –b)

II. 1. Nick is the fastest in the class.

2. She has just arrived.

3. I have never been to the USA before.

4. Where is she working at the moment?

5. She can’t be from France.

III. 1. – b)

2. – a)

3. – c)

4. – a)

5. – b)

IV. 1. England 6. bagpipes

2. son of 7. signs

3. the Commonwealth 8. the Prime-Minister

4. eagle 9. black ravens

5. the Queen 10.Charles

V. 1. – a)

2. – c)

3. – b)

4. – a)

5. – b)

6. – b)

7. – c)

8. – b)

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