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Олимпиада по английскому языку (7 класс)

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Задания для проведения школьного этапа олимпиады школьников по английскому языку для учащихся 5классов


7th form

I.Read the text & do the task below:

A company in Japan is selling a new drink. Their new drink is a powerful mixture of powered ginseng root, a fungus from the skin of caterpillars & reptile’s blood. This strange drink, people say, is helping Chinese women athletes to win gold medals at international athletics meetings. The Japanese firm says that this mixture can do wonderful things for ordinary people too.

Mr. Ma Junwen is the trainer of the Chinese women’s athletics team. He created the recipe for this peculiar cocktail of roots & fungus & blood specially for the team. His runners train in the mountains of central China. They run 30 or 40 kilometers every day, so they are all very strong runners. But they all drink

Ma’s cocktail every day too… & they are winning more medals nowadays than they did before. And Mr.Ma is trying to market his odd mixture through the company in Japan. People in Japan know about Ma’s runners & they are rushing to buy a bottle of his amazing drink.

So Mr. Ma is winning, too, not only runners. Before he invented his drink, he was not a rich man, but now he is making a lot of money from the drink, & people in Japan love it!

Write down whether the following sentences are true or false:

  1. Mr. Ma is helping Japanese sportswomen.

  2. This drink is a mixture consisting of different ingredients.

  3. Chinese sportswomen used to win few medals.

  4. This mixture was created for sale.

  5. A Japanese company is now selling the drink in China.

II.Complete the sentences with slim, curly, glasses, like & beard:

  1. She looks _________________ her mother.

  2. He wears _________________ .

  3. She’s got long, ________________ hair.

  4. He’s got a short, dark ______________ .

  5. She’s tall & ______________ .

III.Match the objects with the descriptions:

money jeans shoes knife coat

  1. There are usually two of them. You wear them. They are made of leather.

  2. You wear it when it’s cold. It’s often made of wool.

  3. It’s made of metal. You put it on the table when you have a meal. You cut things with it.

  4. You spend it. It is round & made of metal or it is rectangular & made of paper.

  5. You wear them. They are usually blue. They are made of cotton.

III.Choose the correct answer & circle them:

  1. What … nasty weather!

  1. - b) a c)an d)the

  1. Oxford is a beautiful city & … very old.

a)its b)that is c)there is d)it’s

3. I’m sorry, I … . Can you speak more slowly?

a)am not understanding b)will understand c)don’t understand d)understanding

4. It’s the most delicious cake I have ever tasted! When & where … it?

a)will you buy b)have you bought c)did you buy d)has you bought

5. The child made the dog … high.

a)jumping b)jump c)to jump d)jumped

6. Last year Tom read a lot of books … the history of Australia.

a)on b)in c)for d)at

7.Did you enjoy … the Tretyakov Gallery?

a)visited b)to visit c)have visited d)visiting

8.Little John believed that Canada … in the South of the American Continent.

a)is b)was c)has been d)to be

9. At 7 o’clock yesterday Nick … cricket & his parents … daffodils.

a)was playing, planted b)played , planted c)played, were planting d)was playing, were playing

10.My little brother began to read …

a)in the age of 4 b)at the age of 4 c)at 4 ages old d)at 4 years old

IV.How much do you know about the United Kingdom & the United States? Choose the correct answer:

1.Which of the following is not the patron saint of a UK country?

a)St.George b)St.Harry c)St.Andrew d)St.David

2.The national currency of the UK is… .

a)the euro b)the dollar c)the pound d)the rouble

3.The home of London Zoo is… .

a)Hyde Park b)Regent Park c)Green Park d)Kew Gardens

4.Who had the longest period of reign?

a)Queen Elizabeth I b)Queen Elisabeth II c)Queen Ann d)Queen Victoria

5.Every year an international festival called Eisteddfod is held in … .

a)England b)Scotland c)Wales d)Northern Ireland

6…. is known as Athens of the North.

a)Belfast b)Cardiff c)Edinburgh d)Glasgow

7.The US Congress is divided into 2 parts:

a)the House of Commons & the House of Representatives c)the Senate & the House of Lords

b)the House of Lords & the House of commons d)the House of Representatives & the Senate

8.On the 4th of July Americans celebrate…

a)Presidents’ Day b)Independence Day c)Thanksgiving Day d)Memorial Day

9.The greatest river in the USA is …

a)the Colorado b)the Niagara c)the Missouri d)the Mississippi

10.Another name for … is the Big Apple.

a)Washington DC b)Philadelphia c)New York d)Los Angeles

Form 7th


  1. 1-F





  1. 1-like





  1. 1-shoes





  1. 1-a










  1. 1-b










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