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Разработка урока по теме "Необычные виды спорта", 8 класс

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Комплект заданий для учащихся 5-6 классов



Time: 20 minutes

Task 1

Make one text putting the paragraphs A – E into the correct order from 11 – 15 in your answer sheet.

Robbie’s first business


One day, grandmother told him her secret way of making jam. Robbie made too much for the family to eat so he took it to other people in his street. He made more and more jam. It tasted so good that his parents’ friends started buying it from him. Robbie added all his costs together then decided on a price.


Robbie enjoyed art most at school. He liked maths and music too, but because it was hard for Robbie to spell words correctly or to understand texts, he didn’t enjoy being at school. In English, he had lots of problems.


Then he made a business plan on the computer with help from his dad. Now people can buy his jam at a weekly market. It tastes wonderful and it’s healthy because Robbie uses grape juice, not sugar, to make it.


I’m still only 14 but I’m already a businessman!” Robbie laughs. “Last week I earned 93 euro because 87 different people bought 58 kilos of my jam, and a supermarket wants to sell it too. My career is in jam-making, I think!”


So, when Robbie was 12, his parents decided he should leave school and study at home. There, he learnt about business and working on computers, and spent more time happily studying art, exercising and practicing on his violin. Robbie’s grandmother started teaching him to cook too. Like his mother and aunt he really enjoyed doing it.

Task 2

Now read the text again. For items 16 – 20 match the ending of each sentence (A - F) to its beginning. There is one extra ending you do not need to use.

  1. After he left school, Robbie had more time to play

  2. After he was 12 Robbie studied

  3. People can buy Robbie’s jam

  4. Robbie had problems in his English lessons because

  5. Robbie’s grandmother told him

  1. the secret way to make jam.

  2. at the market.

  3. an instrument.

  4. he couldn’t spell very well.

  5. different sports.

  6. in his own home.

Task 3

For questions 21 – 27 read the text My trip to Canada by Tessa Watts and decide whether the information in the sentences is right (A) or wrong (B). Write the correct letter (A or B) in your answer sheet.

MY TRIP TO CANADA by Tessa Watts

I had a great time on my adventure trip to Canada. I went with two teachers and all my classmates. I missed my family at first but by the end of the holiday, I didn’t want to go home!

On my favourite day, we went on a really long walk in the mountains. We had to carry all our things in bags on our backs which was hard work but we never got bored because we all chatted the whole time. We had a rock climbing lesson just before our picnic lunch and later that afternoon we arrived at a lake where we camped for the night. Three of my classmates tried to fish, without success! I helped build the fire. The teachers and two of the older students made supper, then we sat in our blankets around the fire and sang songs and made wishes in the dark.

We decided not to sleep inside the tents, but outdoors because we wanted to look at the stars. Some of the boys made “bear” noises trying to make us afraid, but we were still laughing at midnight because we were having so much fun. I’ll never forget that day.


0 Tessa travelled to Canada on her trip

A Right B Wrong

  1. Tessa felt happy on the first day because she was with her family.

    1. Right B Wrong

  2. Tessa talked a lot with other people on the walk.

    1. Right B Wrong

  3. After the picnic lunch, the group had a lesson in rock climbing.

    1. Right B Wrong

  4. The students caught three fish in the lake.

    1. Right B Wrong

  1. The older students helped the teachers make supper.

    1. Right B Wrong

  2. The students didn’t sing songs because they left the guitar at home.

    1. Right B Wrong

  1. The group slept outside so they could look up at the sky.

    1. Right B Wrong



Time: 15 minutes

Task 1

For questions 28 – 37 read the text below and decide which word (A or B) fits the space best. There is an example (0) done for you.


The coldest walk in the (0)__A__ is probably the one Alan Chambers and Charlie Paton did a few years (28)_____ when they walked to the North Pole. To prepare for the trip they (29) _____ a day in a freezer at a temperature of – 30 ° C. But they were more comfortable there than at the North Pole (30)_____ they weren’t tired or hungry.

They began their 1,126 km walk (31) _____ 8 March 2000 and (32)_____ at the North Pole 70 days later. A plane took them straight home from there.

Charlie had his 30th (33) ____ during the trip and he was surprised when Alan gave him (34)_____ small cake with a candle on it. Alan said the (35)_____ moment for him was Charlie’s face when he (36)_____ that cake.

The strange thing is that more men (37)_____ walked on the moon than on the North Pole.

0 A world B planet

  1. A ago B since

  2. A passed B spent

  3. A because B but

  4. A at B on

  5. A reached B arrived

  6. A celebration B birthday

  7. A the B a

  8. A best B better

  9. A saw B watched

  10. A did B have


For each sentence 38 – 40 find a notice (A - E). There are 2 extra notices you do not need to use. There is an example (0) done for you.

0 People with bicycle problems may get some help quickly here.

  1. You should not drive fast here because people like to cycle in this place.

  2. Do not leave your suitcases or bags anywhere while you wait for your flight.

  3. You won’t have to wait longer than three quarters of an hour to go on this.

Example: 0 C

  1. Coach station

City tour leaves from this stop every 45 minutes


Keep your luggage with you at all times


Tyres or brakes repaired while you wait!


Keep your return tickets in a safe place


Drive slowly! Cyclists use this pass



Time: 15 minutes

Imagine that you are going to visit a shopping center soon. Write an e-mail to your friend and ask her/him to join you.

Do not forget to write about: the date and the name of the place you

are going to visit

why you want to go there

the programme of your visit.

You should write about 50-60 words.





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  1. Комплект заданий для учащихся 7-8 классов



Time: 20 minutes

Task 1

Read the article and choose the missing sentences (A-F). There is one sentence which you do not need to use.


Works of art by apes have been displayed in art galleries around the world since the 1950’s. It’s not a joke. Apes are natural artists and ape art is becoming big business.

Ape art did not use to have any form. In fact, paintings by chimps were nothing more than paint thrown onto a canvas, and it was impossible to tell what the pictures were meant to show. (15)_____. They can even use sign language to give their paintings titles.

Koko and Michael live in California and they have been painters since they were very young. (16)______. At first she was shy, and did not want to show anyone her pictures, but now Koko’s and Michael’s art work is displayed in exhibitions and they have many fans. Unfortunately, not all of their paintings survive, as they often eat their work as soon as it is finished.

Sadly, there is bad news for these recently discovered artists. (17)______.

There are only 600 gorillas and a few thousand lowland gorillas left in the world.

The work of Koko and Michael is being used to help raise money to save the world’s gorillas.

Some people might laugh and say that these paintings are not art, but who really knows what art is? (18)______. Although you cannot buy Koko’s and

Michael’s original paintings, many people are prepared to pay a great deal of money to buy high quality copies of the originals. (19)______. Not only will you receive a colourful picture or T-shirt, but you will also be helping to save one of the world’s most intelligent species. Is there a better way to spend money?

  1. Koko learnt to draw when she was just three years old.

  2. The truth is, there has been a great deal of commercial interest in gorilla art in all its forms.

  3. They even buy T-shirts printed with their pictures.

  4. No one wants to buy gorilla paintings.

  5. Gorillas are an endangered species.

  6. Today, however some gorillas, like Michael and Koko, are able to paint quite realistic pictures of the objects around them.

Task 2

Read the text and the questions below. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D.


Essay by Jessica Bourne, aged 14

I’m a big fan of films featuring the spy James Bond. I`ve got most of them on DVD. We’ve recently bought Quantum of Solace, in which Daniel Craig plays the part of Bond. I don`t know why the film’s got that name – but it’s a great movie, anyway.

All the actors who’ve played James Bond have been great, but Daniel Craig, who’s made lots of other films, plays the part better than any of them. Even though he doesn’t talk very much, I think he’s the most perfect actor for the role. He even does a few of the more dangerous things in the film himself, instead of getting someone else to do them. I did wonder sometimes whether he’d be clever enough to defeat the bad people – but I’m not going to tell you the ending. The actress who stars with Craig gives a fantastic performance too – I loved all the glamorous clothes she wore!

The director probably had a hard job making this Bond film as full of action as earlier ones. But the excitement starts right at the beginning here, with a car chase along a mountain road, and plenty of other thrilling scenes, too – Bond leaping off tall buildings and so on. Unfortunately I found the story difficult to follow in places, and it also seemed to be over very quickly – it lasted under two hours. I also felt there weren’t as many jokes as in the old Bond films. And where was all the ridiculous Bond equipment – the underwater car or exploding watch that everyone laughed at?

This is more serious, darker Bond film, but I still really enjoyed it.

20. What is Jessica trying to do in her essay?

  1. explain what first attracted her to Bond films

  2. tell readers about the Bond DVDs she owns

  3. give a balanced view of a Bond film she has seen

  4. describe how Daniel Craig got the part of James Bond

21. What can a reader find out from Jessica’s essay?

  1. whether Quantum of Solace is her favourite Bond film

  2. what other films Daniel Craig has made

  3. which other actors have played James Bond

  4. whether she thinks Daniel Craig is the best James Bond

22. What does Jessica tell us about Craig in the new Bond film?

  1. He performs some of the action scenes.

  2. He wears some stylish clothes.

  3. He is given a lot of lines to say.

  4. He looks strong and fit enough to fight the criminals.

23. What is one problem with the film, according to Jessica?

  1. It seems a bit too long.

  2. It’s sometimes hard to understand what’s happening. C It has too much silly technology in it.

D It has jokes that aren’t very funny.

24. Which of these might appear in a magazine review of the new Bond film?

  1. It’s full of excitement, with Bond jumping across rooftops, so don’t be disappointed by the slow start.

  2. The director wanted to move away from the last Bond film and include a bit less action.

  3. I’m not sure the title tells you much …but be prepared to watch a rather different kind of Bond movie.

  4. Daniel Craig performed well as James Bond, but the main female star was disappointing.



Time: 5 minutes

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D.

Number (0) has been done for you.


Film-maker David Breashears (0)…A…… already climbed Mount Everest three times when he decided to make a film, so that audiences could share his (25)______.

He set off on this nine-week adventure the following spring, with his photographic equipment and with six climbers from (26)____ the world. Although the conditions were hard and dangerous, with temperatures of - 40 C, the climbers made good (27)_____. Then, when they were just one thousand metres from their goal, there was a terrible (28)_____. The team didn’t give (29) _____, however. They hid in a tent on the mountainside until it passed. Thirteen days later they reached the top.

I was so tired that it was impossible to enjoy our success at first”, said David. “Climbing Everest is difficult enough but filming made it (30)_____ harder. I am really proud we did it in the end!”

0 A had B has C was D did

  1. A acts B events C occupations D experiences

  2. A along B above C about D around

  3. A improvement B progress C increase D development

  4. A climate B storm C weather D air

  5. A out B back C away D up

  6. A ever B more C even D as



Time: 20 minutes

Imagine that you cannot come to your friend’s New Year’s party. Write him/her an e-mail with apologies.

Do not forget to:

  • send your wishes;

  • name the reasons why you cannot come.

You should write about 90 -100 words.




Название документа 9-11.docx

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Комплект заданий для учащихся 9-11 классов



Time: 20 minutes

Task 1

Read the text and questions 1-5 below. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D.

MY HOME IS A WINDMILL by Josh Summers, aged 14

My home’s different from where my friends live because I live in a19th century windmill! My parents saw it one day, and bought it. It was in poor condition, but it was repaired and now it’s fantastic!

The windmill was once used to make flour from corn. The corn store used to be downstairs, where our kitchen is now, and horses came there to deliver the corn. The enormous 20-metre sails are still on the front, but they don’t turn in the wind like they used to because it’s too dangerous, so birds live in them instead. There’s always a ladder up the side of the windmill so that dad can paint it and keep it a nice cream colour. He also cleans the windows, although a company comes to do the top ones as the ladder’s too short.

Inside it’s like a tent with six sides, and it becomes more pointed towards the top, so the rooms get smaller. My room’s under the roof and I get a fantastic view – it’s like looking out of an airplane window. There are some other houses around now, and a new main road, but I can relax and make a noise when I play my guitar up there and no one can hear me! I can hear everything, though, like the birds when it’s quiet, which is really calming, or the very loud storms, which I can see coming towards us. And I actually find it easier to concentrate on my school work up there, as my brothers and sisters don’t want to climb up all the stairs, so they don’t disturb me! I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

1. What is Josh trying to do in the text?

  1. compare his home with his friends’ homes

  2. explain why his family chose to live in their current home

  3. tell readers about advantages of living where he does

  4. suggest how his home could be improved

2. What does Josh say about the outside of the windmill?

  1. Wild creatures have made their homes there.

  2. It’s covered in dark paint.

  3. There’s a ladder that goes right to the top.

  4. The windows frequently need cleaning.

3. Josh says that his room

  1. is a bit like an aeroplane inside.

  2. is a good place for practicing a musical instrument.

  3. is the largest one in the windmill.

  4. is better for relaxing in than doing school work.

4. What does Josh say about the different sounds he hears in the windmill?

  1. He dislikes the noise of the sails in the wind.

  2. He enjoys listening to all the birds.

  3. He feels nervous when a loud storm comes along. D He’s pleased that he’s not disturbed by any noise.

5. What would a visitor from the 19th century say if they saw the windmill now?

  1. It’s great that they’ve kept the corn store as it was. The horses used to love coming there.

  2. The sails are a lot smaller than they used to be. I suppose that’s for safety reasons.

  3. It’s still in the same condition as before. The owners never looked after it then, either.

  4. You can still see the windmill from miles away. Of course, there weren’t all these buildings around it then, as a busy road going past.

Task 2

Read the text and mark statements 6-12 below as T (true) or F (false).

On 2 November 1982, the British public turned on their television sets for the arrival of the nation’s fourth TV station, called Channel 4. They were greeted by the smiling face of local TV news presenter Richard Whiteley, who welcomed them with the words: ‘As the countdown to a new channel ends, a brand new countdown begins.’ And with this sentence, the words and numbers game show ‘Countdown’ was launched.

The rules of this new game show were as follows: two contestants faced each other over several rounds of games with letters and with numbers. Finally, there was the Conundrum round, where contestants had to work out the nine-letter anagram. At the end of the show, the contestant with the highest score won and was invited back the next day to face a new challenger.

However, despite the simplicity of the rules, those who watched the early editions of the 30-minute show, which was on five days a week, could hardly have imagined that it would last any longer than the original seven weeks that had been planned for it. The first contestants and guests were not exactly the most exciting people on television.

But luckily for ‘Countdown’, there were enough old people, university students and other people with nothing much to do each afternoon to keep the show alive. When the show began, Carol Vorderman won over fans with her amazing mathematical abilities. ’Countdown’ made a celebrity out of Carol, and these days she’s a familiar face on British TV. Despite her fame, Carol still loyally turned up on ‘Countdown’ each day to turn over the letters and show the contestants how to solve the numbers game until she retired in 2008.

Yes, that is correct – nearly 30 years since it began, ‘Countdown’ continues to keep its audience’s brains working every afternoon. In fact, on 3 January 2006, it celebrated its 4,000th show. Other signs of its success include the increase in the length of each programme to 45 minutes, the addition of a show on Saturdays and the number of British celebrities who have made an appearance.

  1. Countdown’ was the first programme ever shown on Channel 4.

  2. Every day two new contestants compete to become ‘Countdown’ champion.

  3. Originally only 35 programmes of ‘Countdown’ were planned.

  4. The early shows were popular with working people.

  5. Carol Vorderman is no longer involved with the show.

  6. These days ‘Countdown’ is on for four and a half hours every week.

  7. More and more famous people like turning up on the programme.

Task 3

Read the text and match sentences 13-20 below with paragraphs A-F of the text.

The History of BMX Biking

  1. BMX biking began in the late 1960s in southern California. It’s based on the sport of motocross, which dates back to 1924 and involves racing motorbikes across rough tracks. It started when children began to copy motocross riders by racing their bikes on tracks which they built themselves. This new form of bike racing was named bicycle motocross, or BMX.

  2. In July 1971, a movie about motocross called ‘On Any Sunday’ came out. At the start of the film a group of kids from California are shown riding their bicycles as if they were riding motorbikes. This helped to make BMX biking more popular. Soon BMX races attracted hundreds of riders.

  3. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the most famous BMX bike was the Schwinn Sting-Ray; this was the bike every young rider wanted to own. At this time 70 per cent of all bicycle sales in the USA were either the Sting-Ray or similar models. By the mid 1970s BMX design had improved a lot and there were many new models to choose from. But the bikes all had the same sized wheels and usually only one brake.

  4. In 1977, the American Bicycle Association was formed to organize the competitions and to make the rules. The sport was also becoming popular in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe. The first BMX world championship was held in Indianapolis, USA, in 1978. Most of the 165 competitors were teenagers, but there were also children competing in special races for the under 8s and under 12s. There were separate races for boys and girls. There weren’t many nationalities present at this competition; apart from Americans there were only a few riders from Australia, Japan and Venezuela.

  5. Since that time the number of races for adults has grown very quickly, but BMX racing didn’t become a full Olympic sport until the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Maris Stromberg from Latvia won the first ever Olympic men’s gold medal for BMX racing and Anne-Caroline Chausson from France became the first women’s champion.

  6. As the popularity of BMX grew, riders were constantly testing the limits of their bikes. BMX wasn’t just about racing any more. Riders began to take their bikes to skateboard parks and started performing tricks and jumps. This became known as ‘freestyle’ and riders soon began to practice this as much as racing.

  1. There were races for different age groups at the first BMX world championships.

  2. BMX freestyle started because BMX riders wanted new challenges.

  3. BMX biking was invented by children.

  4. The Schwinn Sting-Ray was the favourite model of BMX riders to begin with.

  5. More BMX bikes were sold than any other type of bike in the USA in the early 1970s.

  6. Many people learned about BMX biking from a film.

  7. BMX biking appeared more than 40 years after its prototype – motocross.

  8. Some riders from Asia and Latin America took part in the first BMX world championship.


Time: 10 minutes

Task 1

Match sentences 1-10 with the way (a-k) each person is travelling in Great Britain. There is one extra means of travelling.

  1. I am often called to rescue people, because I can take off and land in difficult places.

  2. When the traffic lights turned green, my dad drove away.

  3. I got a flat tyre as I was on my way to school.

  4. We had to wait for ages on the platform.

  5. You get a seat upstairs and I’ll buy a ticket from the driver.

  6. The waves are coming right over the side, so we’re all getting wet!

  7. The driver will take us to our door, and we’ll pay when we get there.

  8. I go very fast when I’m riding this, so it’s dangerous not to wear a helmet.

  9. After we’d all got in, the door shut and we dived down under the water.

  10. We climbed into the basket and took off from a field – it was really quiet!

A)motorcycle b)boat

c) train d)helicopter e)submarine

f) hot air balloon

g) bus


i) bicycle

j) taxi

k) airplane

Task 2

For questions 1-10, read the text below and choose A, B, C or D to fill in the gaps.

J.K. Rowling is the author of a successful series of books. She uses the initials J.K. because her publishers thought that a book by a woman might not appeal _________ (11) boys.

Rowling was born in 1965 and brought up in England and South Wales. After she finished university, she got a job in London.

In 1990, while she was traveling from Manchester to London, her train was held _________ (12) and during the four-hour delay she got the idea of writing about a young wizard. In 1991 she ________ (13) to Portugal, where she had a job teaching English, and she ___________ (14) the manuscript for the first Harry Potter book with her. She returned to Britain in 1993 and carried _______ (15) writing it.

Rowling completed Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone in 1995. Twelve publishers turned _________ (16) before Bloomsbury agreed to publish it. The decision was apparently ________ (17) by the young daughter of the company’s chairman, who loved the first chapter of the book.

In 1995 Bloomsbury advised Rowling that she had little chance _________ (18) making money writing children’s books. Today she has a fortune of around $ 1 billion. Rowling believes that people who have a lot of money should ________ (19) sure they use it responsibly. For this reason, she has given ________(20) millions of dollars to charitable causes.

  1. A for B of C on D to

  2. A up B on C in D back

  3. A arrived B left C reached D went

  4. A brought B fetched C came D took

  5. A off B on C over D through

  6. A it down B down it C it up D up it

  7. A had B done C given D made

  8. A to B for C of D about

  1. A do B make C have D get

  2. A away B back C in D out



Comment on the following statement.

Some people think that computer games are better than life.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?

Write 100 -120 words.

Remember to

  • make an introduction

  • express your personal opinion and give reasons for your opinion

  • make a conclusion.



Task 1 1C 2A 3B 4B 5D

Task 2 6 T 7 F 8 T 9 F 10 T 11 T 12 T

Task 3 13 D 14 F 15 A 16 C 17 C 18 B 19 A 20 D


Task 1 1d 2h 3i 4c 5g 6b 7j 8a 9e


Task 2 11 D 12 A 13 D 14 D 15 B 16 A 17 D 18 C 19 B 20 A

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