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Олимпиадные задания для 5-6 кл.

Выберите документ из архива для просмотра:

Выбранный для просмотра документ Listening Script 5-6.doc



Girl: Hi, Tom! Where are you going? Are you going to the park to play football?

Tom: No! Not now. I am going to the shops. It’s my fater’s birthday and I haven’t got a present for him.

Girl: My dad is 43. How old is your dad?

Tom: He is 34 on Sunday.

Girl: What are you going to give him?

Tom: I don’t know. It’s difficult.

Girl: What does he like?

Tom: Oh, he likes music, fishing, watching TV and reading.

Girl: Why don’t you buy him CD?

Tom: I can’t, because my sister is giving him CD.

Girl: A book?

Tom: Hmm! I know! I can give him a fishing book! Thanks! Can you come to town with me?

Girl: Sorry, I can’t. Mum and dad are going to aunt Sally’s house. Her cat has got four kittens and she says I can have one. I know the one I want. It’s white with black ears and a long tail.

Tom: OK! See you soon! Bye!

Girl: Bye!

Выбранный для просмотра документ Задания 5-6 кл..docx


Олимпиадные задания для школьного этапа Всероссийской олимпиады

школьников по английскому языку для учащихся 5-6 классов 2015г.


(20 points)

Time: 15 minutes

Task 1. Listen to the dialogue and find the correct answers. You will have 2 points for each correct answer.

1. Tom is going to do … .

A) the cleaning B) the cooking C) the shopping

2. He needs a present for his … birthday.

A) grandfather’s B) father’s C) friend’s

3. Tom’s father is … Tom’s friend’s father.

A) older than

B) younger than

C) of the same age as

4. Tom’s father likes … .

A) music, fishing, watching TV and reading

B) music, reading and swimming

C) music, swimming and watching TV

5. … is giving a CD as a present.

A) Tom’s sister B) Nobody C) Tom

6. Tom thinks a … will be a good present.

A) cookery book B) DVD C) fishing book

7. Tom’s friend … to town with him.

A) doesn’t go B) goes C) drives

8. Aunt Sally’s cat has got … kittens.

A) five B) four C) fourteen

9. Tom’s friend wants to take a … kitten.

A) white B) black C) grey

10. The kitten’s ears are … .

A) white B) black C) grey

                                     Transfer your answers into the answer sheet!

                                                     PART 2

                                                   READING(20 points)

                                             TIME: 20 minutes


Read some short texts about holidays in Great Britain. Guess what holiday is described in each text.

   Christmas, Hallowe'en, Mother's Day, St.Valentine's Day, New Year's Day

1. On this day people visit their mothers and give them flowers and small presents. Husbands and children help with the meals and washing up.

2. On this day people usually visit their friends. They try to be the first person to wish good luck to their friends in the new year. There is a lot of dancing and eating. At midnight everybody joins hands and sings a special song.

3. On this day people send cards to their friends, parents and relatives. People put trees in their rooms and decorate them with toys and coloured lights. On this day children get up early in the morning. They want to see a stocking full of small presents on their beds. A traditional dinner on this holiday is roast turkey, roast potatoes and pudding.

4. People send special cards to people they love. They shouldn't write their names on the cards. The person who gets the card must guess who sent it.

5. On this day they say ghosts and witches come out. Children make lanterns out of pumpkins. Some people have parties and dress as witches and ghosts. It is celebrated on the 31st of October. Children walk from house to house and ask "Trick or treat?"              

                             Transfer your answers into the answer sheet!

Task 2

Read the text.

                                               Food from around the world

       We eat a lot of different kinds of food today. Before the 16 th century, people in Europe didn't have a lot of the things that we can eat and drink every day.

     At the end of the 15 th century, people from Europe started to travel to other parts of the world. They went to America, Africa and Asia. They brought back a lot of new kinds of food.

       Chocolate came from Mexico. The Aztecs there drank chocolate with pepper! The Spanish brought chocolate to Europe and they were first to put sugar in it. Until the 1870s, chocolate was only a drink. The Swiss made the first bar of chocolate in 1876.

     Tomatoes, peppers and avocados all came from Mexico, too. The Spanish took seeds back to Spain and started to grow the plants there. Soon they spread to other countries in Europe and then to other parts of the world. The words tomato, chocolate and avocado all come from the old Aztec language.

         Potatoes came from South America. Potatoes like cold, wet weather. They grew in the mountains of Peru. Coffee came from Africa. The Turks took it to Turkey and then to Europe. Tea came from China in the 17 th century. At first it was very expensive and only rich people drank it, but in the 19 th century the British started to grow tea in India. They produced a lot, so it was cheap and everybody could drink it.

Choose the correct answer and write the correct letter(a,b,c) in your answer sheet.

6. Aztecs drank chocolate with…….

a) pepper

b) sugar

c) milk.

7. At the end of the 15 th century, people from Europe started to travel……

a) to America, Canada and Africa

b) to America, England and Asia

c) to America, Africa and Asia

8. ……….. came from Mexico.

a) coffee

b) chocolate

c) potatoes.

9. The Turks brought ……………….to Europe.

a) turkeys

b) tea

c) coffee

10. ………… were first to put sugar into chocolate.

a) the Spanish

b) the English

c) the French


Task 3

Now read the text again and decide whether the information in the sentences is right(A) or wrong (B).Write the correct letter (A or B) in your answer sheet.


11. Chocolate came from America.

A Right     B Wrong


12. Tomatoes, peppers and avocados all came from Mexico.

A Right     B Wrong


13.The Aztecs drank coffee with pepper.

A Right     B Wrong


14. Tea came from China in the 18 th century.

A Right     B Wrong


           15.The words chocolate and avocado come from the old Aztec language.

A Right     B Wrong


16. The Swiss made the first bar of chocolate.

             A Right     B Wrong


           17.The Spanish brought coffee to Europe.

             A Right     B Wrong


                                         PART 3


                               USE OF ENGLISH(20 points)


                               TIME: 20 minutes


Circle the odd word in each group.

1.table                         chair                  window             bed                    stool

2. bear                         funny                          fox                              elephant                      tiger

3. hot                          cold                            blue                             sad                              tired

4. chicken                   eat                               duck                           parrot                          penguin

5. TV                          computer                    video player                mobile phone              CD

Task 2.

Match the definitions to the words.

6. get on a bus here                     a) cinema

                        7. play sports here                       b) bank

you can           8. buy things here                        c) leisure centre

                        9. watch films here                      d) bus station

                        10. get money here                      e) shops


Task 3.

Underline the correct word.

11. It’s very hot today. Where’s my T-shirt/jacket?

12. Linda’s cold. She’s looking for her scarf/dress.

13. Let’s play volleyball. I’ve got my shoes/trainers here.

14. My mum’s eyes are fair/grey.

15. My brother’s hair is reddish-brown/tall.

16. How tall are you? I’m of medium length/medium height.

17. It’s a cold day. Where are you trousers/shorts?

18. I’m going to the beach. I need my baseball cap/socks.

19. Sarah’s hair is very tall/long.

20. Anne’s hair is quite shorts/fair.

                      Transfer your answers into the answer sheet !

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