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Олимпиадные задания для 7 класса.

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Олимпиада 2011-2012 по английскому языку для 7 классов

Чтение (30 баллов)

  1. Прочитайте текст. Расположите абзацы текста в логической последовательности (правильный порядок изложения). Расставьте цифры 1-8 напротив необходимого абзаца. (8 баллов)

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

a) He married very young when he was about nineteen.

b) But the best things of all in Will’s life were groups of actors who visited Stratford from time to time. He watched them and knew that he wanted to be an actor.

c) Of course, you know the name of William Shakespeare very well.

d) William Shakespeare’s four hundredth birthday was celebrated in 1964 all over the world.

e) The Stratford school was a difficult place at that time. The pupils had to be at school at six in the morning in the warm season and an hour later in winter. School days were long, and only in the holidays William Shakespeare could have a real rest. He went to the woods and to the river Avon.

f) Now Shakespeare could help his family in Stratford. He wrote thirty seven plays and some books of poems. At the end of his life he came back to Stratford and died there.

g) He was one of the world’s greatest poets dramatists. He was born in Stratford-on-Avon, a small English town. His family was large. His father, John Shakespeare, made and sold gloves.

h) When William was twenty one, he went to London. He became an actor there and later he began to write plays for the theatre. His plays were good and people liked them .

  1. Исправьте ошибки (12 баллов).

  1. John Shakespeare made clocks.

  2. William lived in Washington.

  3. William became a doctor.

  4. William began to write detective stories.

  5. W. Shakespeare wrote 27 plays.

  6. W. Shakespeare was born in the fifteenth century.

  1. Прочитайте текст и подберите заглавия a-f к параграфам текста 1-5. Один заголовок лишний. ( 10 баллов).

    1. Old and new

    2. Special celebrations

    3. Festival city

    4. The king’s lawyer

    5. City with a past

    6. City of castles

Edinburgh: a colorful city.


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Four hundred and fifty thousand people live there, and because it’s in the North the skies are often grey. But Edinburgh itself is a colorful city – it mixes modern and medieval, the traditional and the new. It’s famous for its international festivals and unusual local culture.


When you arrive, the first thing you see is Edinburgh Castle, on a hill, high above the city. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the hills in Edinburgh were volcanoes. Today the volcanoes are quiet. Over one million people visit the castle every year. Part of it is a thousand years old. Edinburgh Castle is not only the castle in Edinburgh. In fact there are many old castles and old houses.


It’s not surprising that the old city has hundreds of ghosts. Some are famous. One is the ghost of George Mackenzie. People often feel cold and hear strange noises near his grave. Mackenzie was King Charles II’s lawyer in the seventeenth century. He wasn’t a good man. He killed a lot of people. People think that his unhappy ghost walks in the graveyard o Greyfriars’ Church.


Edinburgh is a great place for a party. From 29 December – 1 January Edinburgh has a New Year festival Hogmanay. Four hundred thousand people from all over the world go to the party. There are fireworks, concerts and a huge street party with dancing in the street!


Every summer there are arts festivals in the city. They include jazz, cinema festivals and, of course, the famous International and Fringe Theatre Festivals. At these two festivals you can see everything from circus to ballets and from comedy shows to Shakespeare plays. In 2003, there were over 500 different shows and many of them were free!

Письмо (20 баллов)

Ты находишься в летнем лагере под Екатеринбургом. Напиши родителям о своем пребывании в лагере. Соблюдай правила написания открытки. Объем 20-30 слов.

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