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Олимпиадные задания для 9 класса по английскому языку


Олимпиада 9 класс

Part 1

Choose the correct item

1. Make sure you include ……. in your daily diet.

A too protein B protein enough C enough protein

2. Sue asked the police officer where ……. her stolen car.

A they had found B did they find C had they found

3. Tom is really afraid of dogs, and every time he sees one he just ….. .

A freezes B embarrasses C teases

4. Don’t forget to call Mr. Smithers when you ….. to the office.

A get B will get C are getting

5. After Barney …. his chores, he had some rest.

A had been doing B was doing C had done

6. If only I …… so much homework to do! I’d love to go out with my friends.

A wouldn’t have B hadn’t had C didn’t have

7. Since there is ….. gravity in space, astronauts have to strap everything down so it doesn’t float away.

A vacuum B airless C zero

8. Do you think that robots will ever be able to …. more complicated tasks such as driving or flying a plane?

A exist B overcome C perform

9. By the time Linda gets there, we ……. for her for more than an hour.

A have been waiting B will have been waiting C are going to wait

10. Sally is …… person I’ve ever met; she hardly talks to anyone.

A a most shy B the shyer C the shyest

Part 2 Reading

Read the story about two friends and their camping trip and mark the sentences T(true), F(false) or NS (not stated)

Alexander Vereinov

History has proven time and time again that there are people who can rise above difficulties and face great challenges in a way that is inspiring to all. Many people with serious disabilities often manage to not only look past their condition, but even go on to achieve greatness. Two shining examples of this are Ludwig van Beethoven and Helen Keller.

Another brilliant case is that of Alexander Vereinov, a famous Russian artist. Born in 1956, Vereinov suffers from cerebral palsy, a condition which seriously affects body and muscle movement. His first attempts at painting began at a special hospital for children suffering from cerebral palsy, where he spent his childhood. Since he had no control of his hands, Verienov used his mouth to hold his pain brushes. The problem was that the people at the hospital were afraid he would hurt himself, so he wasn’t allowed to paint; which is why he did all his work of art at night, in a secret.

Today, Alexander Verienov is an internationally recognized mouth artist, who has produced many stunning originals as well as reproductions of other well-known paintings are nearly impossible to tell from the original.

However, Verienov’c activity does not end here. Together with Maxim Goubanov, a Russian philanthropist, he works towards raising money for Alexander Verienov Disabled Russian Citizens Fund. This is an organization that aims to provide wheelchairs, medicine, food and other necessities to disabled people who do not have enough means to support themselves. Indeed, Alexander Vereinov is an inspirational example of being able to use your inner strength and determination to become successful and then use this success to help others.

1. Beethoven and Keller were born disabled. …….

2. Vereinov started painted at an early age. …….

3. Vereinov only painted at night because they didn’t let him paint

during the day …….

4. Vereinov’s copies of famous works of art are extremely accurate. ……

5. Vereinov gives part of his money to charities for the disabled

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